Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (2023)

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Despite all the buzz that social media has more downsides than upsides, Facebook, Instagram, Google and other social platforms have become advertising goldmines. Facebook specifically has a program that lets you not only create the ads you need, but also share them with the right people.

Below are not only tips for getting started with ad cleaning, but also some sample home cleaning ads to help you create the best ads for your business. We'll also advise you on where your cleaning service ads are most likely to get leads.

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  • Here's how to start promoting your home cleaning business.
  • Some examples of ads for cleaning services
  • The best places to promote your cleaning business

Here's how to start promoting your home cleaning business.

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (1)

Before you even think about buying a Facebook Ads Manager marketing plan, you should have your own.Target Audience, Budget, and Overall Marketing Goalslimited. The last thing you want to do is try to reach too many people and spend too much money on it.

For example, Facebook Ads Manager will ask if your marketing goal is to increase lead generation, web traffic, app installs, etc., all of which align with an overall goal. Decide whether your overall goal is to increase awareness of your site, encourage people to interact with your site, or drive purchases from your site.

The main benefit of creating Facebook Ads is that you can target a specific audience: specific gender, age group, zip code, education level, income, etc. Most cleaning companies target busy moms, wealthier neighborhoods, or commercial properties that require regular cleaning. Select the clients you most enjoy working with and customize your cleaning ad to appeal to them.

Especially when you're just starting your business, it can be tempting to reach the largest possible audience right away. If that's the case, wait until you have more experience and some repeat customers. Then you might consider expanding your customer base.

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Stick to your budget

Make sure you don't go over your budget. Depending on the marketing strategy you choose, you may need to spend more money, but $20-$25 per ad is a reasonable price for online advertising. Facebook ads tend to get old after a week or two, but how long they last depends on the ad itself and its audience. That's why you should keep testing new sample home cleaning ads and see what works best.

Whatever you do, make sure you end your campaign when you've exhausted your budget.

Prepare your resources to create ads

Once you've established your budget, audience, and marketing goals, get your assets in order. Assets are the tools you can use according to your advertising needs, for example. B. A high resolution image of your logo, some customer videos and eye-catching graphics. It's also good to have a tagline and color scheme.

The general rule with any ad is not to do too much at once. For example, you don't want your company's mission statement, a customer testimonial, and a promotion competing for attention in the same ad. You want to pick what you want customers to notice the most and then make it loud enough. Most advertisements draw attention to a discount or services offered, usually through the clever use of color or a unique graphic.

Most cleaning service ads also work best when there's an image, whether it's a drawing or a clear photo. This image doesn't have to be the center of attention, but it still helps to draw attention.

Some examples of ads for cleaning services

Once your assets are in order and your core message is boiled down to ad copy, it's time to get creative with colors, graphics, and photos. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create ads in five different styles, with most sources recommending "exclusive" and "video" to start with. Below are some home cleaning business ad ideas on how to best attract your next client.

But first, remember that nothing catches your eye faster than blurry graphics. Before creating your first cleaning ad, make sure your images, logo and fonts are of high quality.

Mindy's Cleaning Services: tempting and colorful promotions

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (2)

If you didn't catch the vivid colors of this home cleaning ad for Mindy's Cleaning Service, you should have the 15% off sale. Sometimes companies offer a discounted entry-level service as a simple trial.

Ads for cleaning services might offer other promotions if it's a holiday, but promotions like these help entice customers to come on board. Discounts also make customers feel special; Even though they are new they receive these special offers.

Also notice how the discount stands out from the rest of the ad. Yellow, blue and green take up most of the billboard, but the ads are red. As soon as the bright color catches your eye, you can find out what you can get for 15% off. All the essential information is here, but the most important is highlighted.

AZ House Cleaning - Simple promotional design

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (3)

Continuing the trend of tempting promotions, this House Cleaning Services AZ cleaning ad looks exactly like a coupon with the dashed scissor lines and tempting offer. With this seductive and familiar image, the customer is immediately captivated.

However, the focus is not only on promotion, but also on awakening the customer's emotions. Why you should take advantage of this great deal: Door handles in your home can harbor and spread harmful bacteria. With this special offer, this cleaning service can save you from dangerous germs and save you money.

Rubalcava quality rug cleaning: before and after

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (4)

Proving the quality of your business is difficult, but before and after photos can easily show the difference your cleaning practices can make.

With this Rubalcava quality carpet cleaning ad, remember that these helpful photos take center stage and take up more space. You may also notice the ads at the top of the ad, but the photos are the most eye-catching. There is a lot of other useful information about the company and the owners, but it proves its worth with the use of comparative photos.

Since this is Facebook, some emojis may also appear in the ad. The cuteness factor of some smileys, or in this case a cool smiley in sunglasses, can instantly attract a customer.

Get started with cleaning business software!

Finding time to keep your cleaning business organized can be difficult. With WorkWave home cleaning software, we help you easily manage and organize your business.


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O'Neil Carpet Cleaning: Pain Points/Technology Comparison

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (5)

Awakening belonging or empathy in the viewer is one of the most reliable tools in advertising. If there's a better and easier way to fix a problem, the ad should quickly show how that solution is better and easier.

O'Neil Carpet Cleaning's home cleaning ad shows the weaknesses of other companies' vacuum cleaners and the strengths of their own. The man using the hand vacuum looks tired and is in some pain. But the man who saw the difference between this cleaning company's hand wand and the Rotovac wand seems more than satisfied.

Not only does he bemoan the limitations of a handheld vacuum, but he also shows how the company's vacuum works: it cleans in all directions and cleans much deeper and faster than a regular vacuum cleaner, with a photo to prove it. . If this company's vacuum cleaner seems to be the best on the market, the customer shouldn't wait to use it.

TC Home Cleaning Services: Holiday Deals/FOMO

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (6)

First visit discounts are great, but they can be even more effective around holidays, like this one for TC House Cleaning Services. Most of this sample home cleaning ad states a special discount for the Easter holidays. The discount design isn't the prettiest part of the ad, but it's the first thing that catches your eye. In addition, this discount also indicates its end, which is almost more important than the discount itself.

The most effective and attractive promotions don't last long. The sooner they end, the more you'll stoke the customer's fear of missing out, making them more likely to take advantage of this before the deal ends, especially with a more substantial discount like a 40% discount.

Same Day Professional Cleaning Services - Calling for a Healthy Family

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (7)

Each of the home cleaning ad ideas we've seen so far has had a specific focus, and in the case of Professional Same Day Cleaning Service, it's all about family. The logo graphic has cute colors and an even more adorable bubbly broom graphic, but the smiling family is the highlight here.

The family photo also works as a reward for what the ad promises. Once you see the fun logo, scroll through the family's services and contact information below. The smiling family is the result of this company's hard work and promises that you will be as pleased with the result as you were with this one.

Better cleaning service: humanizing the business

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (8)

The pictures in this ad are beautiful and color matched, but the bigger and more important picture is not the shiny clean furniture, but the person doing the cleaning. We don't know if he is the owner or another employee, but he seems to be a professional and reliable person for the job, as the advertisement says.

Some examples of home cleaning ads use cute graphics that can be helpful, but seeing a real person in the ad brings with it a strong human element that we can feel we can trust. This is also because the cleaning lady is not a sophisticated model: like any of her clients, she looks like a normal person willing to do her job.

Bem Klean Residential and Commercial Cleaning - Bring a Friend

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (9)

Again, the most impressive part of this home cleaning ad example is the prominent discount in the corner. If a company doesn't attract a customer with the usual discount on the first try, it rewards those who refer a friend with discounts.

This reference is also a call to action that actively engages the viewer. In that case, the only way to get that discount is to refer the service to someone else. Other call-to-actions may prompt the viewer to like or share the ad on social media.

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The simplicity of this sample also arouses the viewer's curiosity. While the ad itself doesn't offer much, all the ways to contact the company are available for you to try.

The best places to promote your cleaning business

Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Businesses (10)

Just because you created your cleaning service ads on Facebook doesn't mean they have to stay on Facebook. Remember that Instagram or Google can also help you create a marketing campaign and these ads are just as flexible and varied. You can also look into lead generation websites or even direct mail to your customers.

lead generation websites

If you want to promote your business outside of social networks,lead generation websitescan help do the trick. Lead generation sites help contract workers find potential customers and target a specific audience with the home cleaning ad samples you share. You can use some of these sites for free, eg. B.Google My Business. But some others like Houzz, Angie's List or HomeAdvisor may require you to pay per lead or an annual subscription.

You need to choose the one that best fits your budget and the cleaning industry. For example, Porch specifically caters to domestic workers including plumbers, painters, handymen and cleaning services. Plus, you can choose which leads you want to pay for, instead of paying for each individual contact. Likewise, with BuildZoom, you only pay for a lead if that lead hires you.

Be wary of the amount of competition there may be on a given lead generation site and the type of lead relationship the site displays. Do you prefer those who respond to leads immediately? Could the site share leads with other lead generation sites? In the end, choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

direct mail

Don't forget that you can also promote your business the old-fashioned way with direct mail and flyers. Direct mail presents your customers with a tangible item with a precise message. Many vendors, such asmailchimpyPostalMania, not only do you segment your audience, but you also track the performance of your ads.

PostalMania also offers high quality postcard printing services to its target audience. They can print the home cleaning ad ideas you've already created, or they can design your ads for you based on what has worked before in your industry.

Direct mail can also include perks such as printed coupons or brochures with more information. To save money, you might consider advertising in direct mail magazines or inserts from other companies.

This method can also be more personal. You can purchase a list of potential buyers through a mailing list distributor such as the Direct Marketing Association and personally address your mailing list. People are more likely to open mail when they see your name rather than a generic title on the envelope.

But again, it all depends on where you think you can best reach potential customers.

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