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The only USDA and EU certified organic formula

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If you're breastfeeding with Bobbie and breastmilk, we know your formula needs can change from month to month. Bobbie's subscriptions are flexible and designed to support all feeding trips!

Change your shipping frequency to automatically ship every month, every other month, or just pick the date you want your next Bobbie cans to get to you. You can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

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Benefits of Bobbie's formula

  • Good oils for the brain! Our organic fat blend provides essential fatty acids and is modeled on the average fat profile of breast milk.
  • Staying true to our European-inspired approach, Bobbie meets EU babies. Nutritional standards for DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain and eye development in children).

Our grass-fed, pasture-raised milk provides the daily building blocks for brain and body growth like protein and organic lactose (a source of carbohydrates).

Designed to support your growing child, our stomach-friendly whey and casein blend mimics the proteins found in breast milk.

Support a developing immune system with essential nutrients and vitamins from breast milk, like zinc and vitamin C.

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American organic grass-fed milk

Tasty, nutritious milk comes from happy, healthy pasture-raised cows. Our Organic Valley Farms milk is rich in omega-3 fatty acids to support brain development.

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An essential mineral for healthy cells and cognitive development. High iron levels in infant formula have been linked to constipation, so we developed our formula with a lower iron level (1.2mg per 100kcal) for optimal digestion, which meets both EU regulations and FDA EU standards is equivalent to.

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Bio-expeller - blend of pressed fat

Neither whole milk nor skim cow's milk alone provides the full essential fatty acid profile babies need, so our proprietary blend of organic fats helps us adapt to mature breast milk. Our plant-based blend of sunflower/safflower, coconut and soy is expeller pressed and refined for safety without the use of chemical solvents, high temperatures or inorganic bleaches.

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The main source of carbohydrates in breast milk provides energy to fuel growth. Lactose also aids in the absorption of minerals and plays a role in shaping the positive gut microbiome by supporting the growth of good bacteria. Lactose is low-glycemic, meaning it is metabolized more slowly to stable blood sugar levels over time.

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Whey protein

One of two types of protein found in all mammalian milk! Our formula contains added whey protein to increase digestibility as whey protein stays liquid in the stomach. The addition of whey protein helps align Bobbie's whey to casein ratio (60:40) more closely with mature breast milk.

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Bobbie's offers higher levels of DHA than any other US formula (20mg per 100kcal) to meet EU standards. Research shows that DHA is an important omega-3 fatty acid found in breast milk that supports brain function and eye health. Our DHA is derived from algae and safely extracted with water in accordance with organic practices where traditional DHA is often extracted with hexane.

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Our babies made us do this

(And very proud of it). We know food is a journey because we live it.

Our history

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Dear Bobby...

Love letters from our customers

As a breast cancer survivor, I had a double mastectomy after my diagnosis and it took me a while to accept that I would never be able to breastfeed my children. I've looked everywhere for an organic baby food made in the USA and I'm so glad I found Bobbie. I would highly recommend Bobbie to any new mom looking for formula and will be back when we have our next child.


Realizing early on that I was running low on supplies, a midwife at the San Francisco Maternity Center suggested we try a combination with Bobbie. I'm really, really glad I did because you helped us get through the formula crisis. It meant everything to me not to worry about how to feed her.


We just graduated Bobbie. I had to cancel our subscription yesterday... and tears flowed... a lot! When we first started formula feeding, feeding was an opportunity for my daughter and I to really connect! Thank you for caring not only for your own family, but for everyone else's.


Thank you for giving me peace of mind that my baby would always be fed in the midst of a major bottle feeding shortage. Thank you for helping me through some of the toughest times in my life by giving me the opportunity to formula feed. Thank you for creating a product that I was happy to give to my baby.


When I found out about Bobbie, she was only 3 weeks old and in pretty bad shape. The decision to stop breastfeeding to support my mental health and my son's health was filled with guilt, uncertainty, and judgement. I found incredible comfort and support in their website, videos and startup stories. My son is developing splendidly! THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!

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We're in this together.

Bobbie feeds babies in the US. Tell us how you feed your child and we'll tell you how much you need. It is so easy.

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safety and ingredients


Our recipe is clinically proven to support the growth and development of healthy babies.


Bobbie's is made by an experienced infant formula manufacturer with facilities in Vermont and Ohio who have been making infant formulas for over 35 years. Meets USDA Organic, Kosher and FDA quality standards.


Safety and quality are key when choosing an infant formula. Each batch of Bobbie's has undergone over 2,000 quality tests to ensure it meets all necessary infant formula safety requirements.


We take extra steps to ensure that the product we manufacture is exactly the product you will receive. We track every product through manufacturing, packaging and shipping to your doorstep.


  • 2000 safety and quality controls
  • tamper evident cans
  • FDA regulated
  • product traceability
  • Clean Label purity award and pesticide-free certificate

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How much formula do I need?

food recommendations


The table below is based on WHO growth standards, the Pediatric Nutritional Care Handbook and information from Bobbie's medical advisory team.

Baby Alterdaily volumeApproximate line frequencyMonthly Pack Size (Full Formula)Monthly pack size (combination)
1-4 weeks (newborn) 6-10 bottles (3 fluid ounces) Every 2 to 3 hours or based on baby's hunger signals 8 Lecturers 4 Lecturers
1 hour 7-8 bottles (4 fluid ounces) Every 2 to 3 hours or based on baby's hunger signals 8 Lecturers 4 Lecturers
2 Sweet 5-6 bottles (5 fluid ounces) every 3-4 hours 8 Lecturers 4 Lecturers
3 Fun 5-6 bottles (7 fl oz) all 4 hours 10 Lecturers 8 Lecturers
Four months 5-6 bottles (7 fl oz) Every 4 to 5 hours 10 Lecturers 8 Lecturers
5 Fun 6-10 (7 fl oz) Carafe Every 4 to 6 hours 10 Lecturers 8 Lecturers
6 Fun 4-5 bottles (8 fluid ounces) Every 4 to 6 hours 10 Lecturers 8 Lecturers
7 to 12 months 3-4 bottles (8 fl oz) Every 4 to 6 hours 8 Lecturers 4 Lecturers

How much formula do I need?

Baby Alterdaily volumeMonthly pack size (combination)
1-4 weeks (newborn) 6-10 bottles (3 fluid ounces) 4 Lecturers
1 hour 7-8 bottles (4 fluid ounces) 4 Lecturers
2 Sweet 5-6 bottles (5 fluid ounces) 4 Lecturers
3 Fun 5-6 bottles (7 fl oz) 8 Lecturers
Four months 5-6 bottles (7 fl oz) 8 Lecturers
5 Fun 6-10 (7 fl oz) Carafe 8 Lecturers
6 Fun 4-5 bottles (8 fluid ounces) 8 Lecturers
7 to 12 months 3-4 bottles (8 fl oz) 4 Lecturers


Note: To prepare Bobbie's Formula, add 1 level scoop of bulk powder for every 2 fl. ounces of warm water (100ºF). Always add the water first, then the powder and shake well. Remember that every baby is unique. If in doubt, talk to your pediatrician.

Do you still have doubts? Click herefor Bobbie's in-depth nutrition guide.

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