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The promotion is valid from September 7th to 12th, 2015

It is of course a pity that the weather was good last weekend during the 38th World Port Days in Rotterdam. Heavy rain meant that 80,000 fewer visitors came to the city than last year (although one has to bear in mind that it was a very numerous edition). Especially on the first day, Friday, the number of visitors was quite disappointing. Nevertheless, this year 320,000 people enjoyed the motto of Rotterdam's "Droomhaven".

he has called. There were also many dry periods on Saturday and Sunday and, as every year, there were many attractions for young and old on and around the Nieuwe Maas. The spectacular fireworks on Saturday evening in particular attracted tens of thousands of people to the quay. Our photographer Arjen Stada also took a walk along the river. Among other things, a photo of this ascent was taken. Photo: Arjen Stada

Higher on World Port Days

ROTTERDAMMER OF THE WEEK Huib Lloyd from the Jarige Job Foundation even mentioned his son Maas

17 »

OPENING OF A NEW SEASON Next weekend there will be no time to sleep in the 24 hours of culture

27"Clubs are often unaware of the age limit

PRINCE ALEXANDER – Thursday, September 17 from 7.30 p.m. in the R.H.V. Leonidas information evening. Directors, coaches, bar volunteers, athletes and sports parents are invited. Sign up via[email protected]Studies show that only 8.5 percent of clubs in the Netherlands comply with the age limit, which has been raised to 18. This has to change, which is why sports associations and the sports umbrella organization NOC*NSF are working hard to promote responsible alcohol consumption in sports canteens.

Sports clubs that do not comply with the legal age limit face fines of between 1,360 and 2,720 euros. In extreme cases, even the subsidy for alcohol and food is canceled. Van der Lely: “In my practice, I see the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption by young people every day. Brain-damaged teenagers, altered behavior, but also declining mental abilities. It's not uncommon for someone to downgrade a school. Just because he drank too young and often too much.

It often turns out that under 18s can get hold of alcohol very easily in sports canteens and the bar volunteers are unaware of their age. Pediatrician Nico van der Lely travels the country to raise awareness among sports clubs about the effects of alcohol on teenage brains.

No alcohol in the canteen!


Overnight film by the sea. Have a quick look:


Go quickly to:

Contents of this newspaper This newspaper contains the following topics: - Page 3: The running group misses the idea in Nesselande - Page 5: What can be done in Alexander? - Page 7: Women's fashion at Hippe Kip - Page 9: Column teeth -ke Speksnijder: "Neighbor Piet, I've never forgotten you!" - Page 21: Sybren Blok jumps higher obstacles - Page 23: What did our readers find on Facebook?

Win a 16th Century Dinner! Rotterdam – Fancy some Italian hatred? Or would you rather enjoy a Warmoes tour? On Saturday September 12, De Tijdtrap and De Wereld van Smaak are organizing a special dinner at the Markthal: Taste the 16th century. Registration is possible via[email protected]

Havenloods can claim two seats at the table. Go to and take part in the reading campaign!

Publish it yourself on the website! Rotterdam – More and more people in Rotterdam publish their own news on You can select a news article, a calendar entry announcing an activity, or a bulletin board message.

Evenaarplein, skateplein As in previous years, the Skate Day event will take place on Sunday 20 September from 13.00 to 17.00 at the Evenaarplein in Oosterflank.

Oosterflank – The afternoon is organized by a group of active and enthusiastic young people from Oosterflank with the support of the Buurt-werk youth work. On September 20, the entire Evenaar square will be transformed into a spectacular skate park where both beginners and experienced skaters and steppers can have fun. In addition to your own entertainment, there is also the opportunity to visit the Skateland demo team. There will be two demonstrations

Opening hours are approximately 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. National talent is featured in the demo team, supported by local talent from the neighborhood. Participation in the event is open to all and free of charge. The Skate Day event is an example of what a young man can do on the street. Buurtwerk's youth work, which can be found on Facebook, helps with this: Youth Work-PA. But you can also visit Youngsters, the central youth facility for all young people in Rotterdam Prins Alexander: Ambachtsplein 141

This article was already on Anyone can easily send a message there.

Old and young join forces to kill - Old and young meet too rarely, and at the same time they can learn a lot from each other. That is why Albeda College, Buurtwerk, Dock, Humanitas, Laurens and Pluspunt, an expert center for seniors and participation, are working together on the project.

the nine The aim of the project is the joint activity of older and young people and getting to know each other. Nioren consists of six sessions. On September 29th, during Loneliness Week, elderly and young people were in the Huis van de Wijk aan de Thomas

Mannplaats eats pancakes and speed dating. The next meetings will take place on September 29th, October 13th, October 27th, November 10th, November 24th and December 8th. Registration by September 23 at the latest on 010 – 467 17 11 or[email protected]

Measure joy and sorrow in your street Rotterdam – How do the neighbors in your street interact? Do you say hello? do you know yourself Is there a helping hand (neighbors) if needed? In short: neighbors share joy and sorrow, or do they live side by side? Thanks to the Lief & Leed meter developed by Opzoomer Mee, Rotterdammers can now measure Lief & Leed

Experience the suffering in your own street. The counter not only checks, but also gives advice on what you can do to encourage the sharing of joy and sorrow on your road. Any street in Rotterdam that wants to work with joys and sorrows can take part in Love and Leeds Week, which takes place from October 24th to November 1st. In the meantime

This week, 463 streets are already participating. For example, work is organized for neighbors, lunch is served to the sick or gardens are renovated.

You can find the measure of love and suffering at and next week in this newspaper too!

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (2)

Information and reservations: Rederij Fortuna BV. Tel. 0181 - 62 61 26 or 06 - 53 36 79 13



Departure from Spikenise

Dinner in the moonlight

Package cruises €59.50 per person Sat. 19th, 26th September, 3rd, 17th, 31st October, 7th November (70s party, €69.50)

November 14, 21, December 12, January 23, February 13, March 12, 19 (Aprés Ski Gebroeders Ko € 69.50) - Fri. December 18 – Including 2x coffee with cake, warm/ cold buffet, dessert, live music and animation. including all drinks

(without foreign district). Embarkation 7:00 p.m., departure 7:30 p.m. Return around midnight.

Brunch cruises

Flat rate € 42.75 per person son. September 27, October 11, October 18, October 25, November 8, November 22, December 6 10 (New Year's Brunch), January 24, February 7, March 13

including welcome drink, soup, hot/cold buffet, dessert, live music and animation. including all drinks (except foreign spirits). Embarkation 11:30 a.m., departure 12:00 p.m. return at 4 p.m

€57.50 per person Wednesday 16 September – (the largest annual market in the Netherlands) Lunch at

Dinner: hot/cold buffet with ice cream dessert, excluding other drinks. The trip outside is by luxury bus. Meal: 08:00 AM, Departure: 08:30 AM, Return: 08:00 PM



€ 45.00 per person person son. 20 September - a unique sailing trip to Maasvlakte 2 with a guide

Opportunity to visit Futureland. Including 2 x coffee and cake, hearty lunch, excluding other drinks. Embarkation 9:30 am, departure 10:00 am. Return home around 4:30pm.

Maasvlakte 2

€52.50 per person all-in on Sunday 15th November – pick up from Bittertje captains, fish palette,

The captain's dinner: hot and cold buffet with ice cream dessert, live music and shanty choir. including all drinks (except foreign spirits). Embarkation 5:00 p.m., departure 5:30 p.m. Return 21.00



Party boat rental is possible

of course also possible

Jumbo Rush

With this postcode and house number you win the main prize of €80

Additional price (indicated in store) for all postcode customers:

street lottery

Hesseplaats 435 | 3069 EA Rotterdam | Phone 0102071100 |



Come to JUMBO Le Febre and take part in the street lottery! A spectacular promotion where you have the chance to win free groceries worth €80 every week. Note: This promotion only applies to Jumbo Le Febre.

Jumbo Rush

Hesseplaats 435 | 3069 EA Rotterdam | Phone 0102071100 |

HalloLe FebreLe Febr

Create with your zip code and house number

Chance of a full cart worth €80


• Criminal Law • Labor Law • Tenancy Law • Divorce and Maintenance • Administrative Law

Non-binding and free orientation talk by appointment. Based on assisted legal assistance by Legal Advice

Legal aid for the poor/less well off

Member of the Dutch Bar Association

Marshallweg 47 3068 JN Rotterdam – Phone: 010 – 220 57 22

For special occasions we offer a buffet

(minimum 10 people)

Everything in pureed dishes (hot dishes)

Chinese-Indonesian Restaurant Tak-LeeJacob van Campenplein 128 (next to Coop)

3067 LD Rotterdam Alexanderpolder • Tel. 010-4206265 • OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 10pm. closed on Monday

BuffetTak Lee

• Mini Spring Rolls • Cassava Shrimp Crackers • Babi Pangang • Foe Yong Hai • Chiu Yin Kai • Tipan Pork Tenderloin • Chicken Breast with Fresh

Pineapple • Satay • Fried Rice • Fried Bami

Buffet excellent

• Mini Spring Rolls • Pangsit Goreng • Cassava Krupuk • Siuw Mai • Babi Pangang • Chiu Yin Sole Fillet • Yin Yu Prawns • Tipan Fillet • Chef's Chicken Fillet

Sauce • Peking Duck • Satay • Fried Rice • Fried Bami

BuffetTak Lee Special

• Mini Spring Roll • Stegte Dumplings • Cassava Kroepoek • Pangang-svinekød • Yu Huan Chicken Fillet • Foe Yong Hai • Chiu Yin Kai • Tipan Fillet • Schezuan Yuk • Satay • Fried Rice • Fried Bami

12,50 € pro Person

18,50 € pro Person

15,50 € pro Person

Open from Monday and Tuesday evenings, September 14th and 15th, Hof Kerk Ommoord

Breathing and relaxation therapy (individual)

Info: 06-1360 2410 and

Yoga and meditation * Relaxation of body and mind * Inner peace and concentration * Let your energy flow again

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Shopping Center Binnenhof 62 • 010-4211948 • Rotterdam

Quality butchery v.d. WEKKES Filet steaks of the highest quality 500 grams 7.25 Fresh chicken fillet 500 grams 3.95 Pork

500 grams 3.95 Minced meat Cordon Bleu's 3 pieces 3.95 Meat products trio: Brabants Catenspek - Boiled liver - Salted meat 300 grams 4.50

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Party at Aja KabajapRIN'S ALEXANDER - Aja Ka-baja, one of the oldest kindergartens in Rotterdam, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. This "Ruby Jubilee" was celebrated with a festive week from August 31st to September 4th. The whole week was dedicated to the event under the motto "animals". Every day was a party. Flags and large paintings were made, water games were organized and dance and music lessons on the subject of animals were held with children. The festival week ended on Friday with a festive dinner and a big party for all the children of Aja Kabaja and their parents.

Django WagnerOMMOORD – On Sunday afternoon 13th September the LCC Romeynshof at Stresemannplaats 8 is hosting a musical afternoon starting at 14:00 with Django Wagner, the hugely popular singer who has hits like Kali and Beautiful Blue Eyes. After the break, a performance by the Rotterdam group Klezbez with Yiddish Klezmer music, music from Eastern Europe mixed with Gypsy, Turkish and Balkan music. Tickets cost €8.00 and can be purchased at the LCC Romeynshof ticket office, Strese-mannplaats 8. Reservations by calling 010-420 40 99.

Angels and Demons NESSELANDE - What exactly about angels and demons? What does the Bible say? Youth worker Jan-Peter Molenaar guides young people through the Bible on Sunday 20 September 19.30 at Brede Skole Nesse-lande, Robert van't Hoffstraat 10 to explain the subject in more detail and seek answers to these questions. The musical accompaniment is in the hands of the young racing team Re:sound.

The twentieth edition of the advanced course starts on Saturday

The running group sees itself in NesselandeLoopgroep Nesselande started last Saturday with the twentieth edition of the Step Up course, aimed at anyone who wants to learn about running responsibly. After 15 weeks of training, there is a test moment when the charges run 5 kilometers.

Annemarie van der Ploeg

NESSELANDE – Cees van Muiden founded the Loopgroep Nesselande ten years ago. “I retired early and was also a PAC athletic coach and coordinator for 20 years. I asked the municipal office if something was already being done for athletics in Nesselande. They thought my plan to start a running group was great. Last year I gifted the running group to Kees Smiles. The running group has made a name for itself in the area.” Dennis Brouwer started in January 2006. “I have led a very small group before, but I wanted to become stronger in the group and motivate each other.” He has been leading Rotter-

women marathon. “I've been running for six years and I started from scratch. I've already competed in a few competitions, but I don't have a final goal," says Mirjam Struckman. Jeroen Polder-vaart: “There is a good atmosphere

Kingdom. After all, I want to run a marathon in Rotterdam.” The participants of the advanced course explain why they are taking part in the training and the purpose of it. "I am and-"

He is enthusiastic about my children and my grandson and would like to run 5 km with me,” says Ineke Harms. Monique Rijneveld: "I already had a plan and my goal is health."

Zuidema replies: "I read about the course and saw groups coming by. It was motivating."

More information at

"Loopgroep Nesselande launched the twentieth edition of the advanced course on Saturday, aimed at anyone who wants to learn about responsible running." Annemarie van der Ploeg

Colophon A journey through the history of OMMOORD - Information boards put up at the beginning of the year highlight various aspects of the history of Ommoordse Veld. They describe what the landscape looked like centuries ago, about the inhabitants and how different the threats to this beautiful piece of nature were in each era. Anton Roeloffzen, member of the Ommoordse Veld Open & Green working group and the Neighborhood Nature team, takes the interested person on a journey through history. The hike takes place on both Saturday 12 September and Sunday 13 September. On Saturday

The hike starts at 10am and on Sunday at 1pm. The hike continues

About two hours. The start and finish point is at Kindergarten De Blijde Wei.

Anton Roeloffzen takes those interested on a walk through the history of Ommoord.

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De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (4)

Tinstraat 10 C to F – 2984 AN Ridderkerk – (Industrieterrein Donkersloot South) Tel: 0180-442322 • Out of hours we can be reached on 0800-4030200 (see opening times on our website)

More offers at www.

Open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (late shopping). Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. * Ask about our conditions in the store

Always the best price! at Budget Plan Ridderkerk!!!

219,00 €

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299,00 €399,00 €




from €809 to €349.00

A large inventory of built-in fridges ready to take away or... professionally installed in your home

ARG853A++ built-in fridge 122 cm high, 210 liter capacity and energy label A++

Built-in refrigerators 88 cm high

Built-in refrigerators 102 cm high

Built-in refrigerators 122 cm high

Built-in fridge/freezer



From €949 now for €439.00


60 cm wide Bosch induction hob with 4 cooking zones, DirectSelect touch control and timer

SN68M045EU 60 cm wide fully integrated dishwasher with A+ energy label, delayed start and Aquastop protection

€499.00 From €789.00 now for

We already have a built-in dishwasher from €349.00

A wide range of kitchen-living rooms

MODERN WOOD THEMED KITCHEN A truly modern wood kitchen with plastic worktop, stainless steel sink and integrated appliances. including dishwasher, oven/stove, fridge and designer extractor hood. The accessories shown are not included in the price.

ZERA In addition, this kitchen is equipped with a designer hood, a gas burner, a dishwasher, a microwave and a refrigerator. The price does not include visible rear walls and accessories

now for

€8,950 (incl. equipment)

SIMPLE KITCHEN WITH BUILT-IN SIEMENS Featuring a thick veneered and stained kitchen front, composite worktop with stainless steel sink, this kitchen is also fitted with luxury Siemens cabinetry including an oven, compact microwave, induction hob, fridge freezer and dishwasher. The accessories shown are not included in the price.

now for

4,975 € (incl. equipment)

now for

€1,950 (incl. equipment)


This designer kitchen has a 200 x 980 cm island with a seating area and a Corian-style worktop. The kitchen is fitted with cabinets with internal stainless steel drawers and sliding self-closing elements. A wall 180 cm wide with Boretti household appliances. Various open shelves and a 120 cm folding wardrobe. A very beautiful and luxurious 80 cm wide stainless steel sink. Everything is complemented by Boretti built-in appliances: combination microwave, oven, coffee maker, fridge, freezer, induction cooker, dishwasher. 3-in-1 boiling faucet. The price does not include the accessories shown.

now for

9,999 € (incl. equipment)

Closed on Mondays in June, July and August

[email protected]- Tel.: 0180-634828

Home Mindfulness Better management of pain and discomfort - Better sleep - Reduced stress - Less judgment Friday morning 11 September, R'dam-Hilleg'berg Saturday morning 19 September, Zevenhuizen Monday evening 28 September, Zevenhuizen Tuesday evening 29 September, Chapel a / d IJssel

Free information time, Zevenhuizen Monday evening, September 14 at 19:15 Please register in advance

Also for companies.Workshops/training courses


rr iiss mmaaaarr éééénn JJaannsseennsinds 1930


Also your furniture upholsterer, who upholsters, covers, modernizes, glues and repairs your furniture in his own workshop.

Also your furniture upholsterer in your own workshop

glue and repairs.


010 - 418 09 01

Would you like to change something?

See for more volunteer roles

bel 010 - 413 08 77.

Become a volunteer hospital guide!

They support people with a hospital visit,

general practitioner, dentist or physiotherapist.

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De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (5)

You will find us in the freshness street in the shopping center Binnenhof, Binnenhof 54 – 56

Ophthalmologists - Opticians HBO - Opticians CBR - Visual impairment - Contact lenses

It is not necessary to wear glasses for this examination. The survey and the resulting advice are completely non-binding and do not commit you to anything. HBO studies are only possible by appointment.

Make an appointment immediately: 010-456 36 11

They are now well known in the region, our oldest eye test weeks. The most comprehensive and comprehensive ophthalmological examination in the region, especially for the elderly. Check out this survey below

Our HBO optometrists will check your eye pressure, eye condition and visual acuity. If you wear glasses, check the prescription and condition of your current glasses. In addition, they check the eye for eye diseases such as

cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes.

Elderly Eye Measurement Week 2015 is back

Hippe Kip: Shop for women's fashion at home Hippe Kip is a shop for women's fashion and accessories. On October 10th, the company was based at Marinus Bolkplein 16 in the Netherlands for one year. The owners are José Hofman and her son Virgil Hofman.

Annemarie van der Ploeg

Lowland – José Hofman from Hippe Kip explains: “In addition to women's clothing, we also sell bags, jewellery, shoes and scarves. Actually the whole picture. We try to create a homely atmosphere here and have time for the customer.” “Customers can look around and like without us following them directly, and have a cup of coffee.”

A fuller woman “We also offer good service; If something goes wrong, we'll refund the money, not the voucher. If something breaks, we take it to the store next door and have it fixed. People are fed up with big business. There it is often said: "If it's not there, then."

We don't have any.” We have new items every week, including for fuller women. We keep prices as low as possible, the most expensive item costs 60 euros. The customers are delighted. They come from all over the Netherlands.

SparenHippe Kip has a savings system: for every euro spent, the customer receives 1 point, for 200 points

This captures the $10 discount. Everything is registered in the computer, so no card is required.

Peugeot DavoHofman continues: “We recently bought a new Peugeot Partner from Peugeot Davo Rotterdam Alexander at Koning-slaan 90-92. It's an easy to replace car with a nice big trunk. Is

large chicken pictured. The car had to stand out, and it does.”

October 11th at 13.00 Hippe Kip performs on "Beste Deal van Nederland" on SBS6. Visit for more information. Information about the new store website and online shop will also be available shortly.

Hippe Kip is a store that sells women's fashion and accessories. The owners are José Hofman and her son Virgil Hofman. Photo: Annemarie van der Ploeg

Boxing training for Prince Aleksander - We invite you to boxing training at CurZus&Zo on Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The boxing training is aimed at women who want to work on their condition, technique, BBB zone and immunity. In the CurZus&Zo course center you can see that boxing training is also fun for women. Boxing is a complete form of exercise that involves multiple muscle groups. With well-executed boxing techniques, you will find that your stamina, strength, flexibility, reflexes and resilience improve. Boxing training is also interesting if you want to learn an effective form of self-defense. For example, there are some useful tricks that are easy to follow and will make you feel stronger in an awkward situation. In addition, it is an ideal way to relieve stress and mentally recharge your batteries. Would you like to learn more or register? Visit or call 010-2518988. CurZus&Zo, Remmet van Milplaats 15.

Also in this newspaper? First send a message to The editors spread the news via Facebook and Twitter and are looking for space in the newspaper!

Orientation course Christian faith countries – The next alpha course will start after the holidays. In ten meetings you will learn what the Christian faith is. Ask any questions and talk to other attendees about fascinating topics. Together you will reflect on fifteen inspiring topics. The course is free and takes place on 10 evenings starting at 7:00 p.m. with warm meals. You can choose between Wednesday 16 September (de Vluchtheuvel, Kerkgang 4 in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel) or Thursday 17 September (District Center De Kris-tal, Cypruslaan 404 in Rotterdam Nesselande). More information:

Trio Sabana ommoord – On Sunday afternoon, September 13th, De Blijde Wei is putting on the last Sunday concert of the summer. This time the concert is about "Ommord ser Sara". The Latino gypsy jazz trio Sabana, consisting of guitarist Roy van der Lee, keyboardist Robert Brands and singer Carla Maljers, will perform. The concert starts at 3:00 p.m. The kindergarten can be reached by car or public transport via President Wilsonweg and Kikkerpad. Admission is free.

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Z-H Budget Funeral CareWijngaarden Funeral Care

A well organized funeral

€3,195.00 The contents of the package are in our possession

website or request a brochure

Tel.: 010-4194010

%$#"$ +****)($'(*&$*&%%$ "!

gilt Do/Sa

Standort: Raadhuisplein 47

Rotterdam: Keizerswaard 21-23

Gouda: Lekenburg 19

Had. de Scholver: Picasso passage 17

Has received. Hill: Amsteldiep 57

Nieuwerkerk: Reigerhof 117

Arranging a cremation or funeral?

Hansa Lemmersa 010 - 220 5087

Environmental approval project "Peppelweghäuser"

The Mayor and City Councils of Rotterdam announce that they intend to issue environmental permits for the construction of 63 houses on Pepelweg in the Schiebroek district (OMV.14.12.00335 and OMV.14.12.00336).

Inspection The draft decree and the accompanying documents can be inspected from Friday 11 September 2015 to Thursday 22 October 2015 at: • Stadsontwikkeling Rotterdam (by appointment on telephone 010 - 4895241). The draft decree and accompanying documents are also available on the municipality's website www. The documents can then be viewed in the right-hand line under "Plans in the extended procedure".

Views Anyone may submit Reasoned Views during the above period. Written submissions can be addressed to the Mayor and City Councils of Rotterdam, PO Box 6575, 3002 AN Rotterdam, with references OMV.14.12.00335 and OMV.14.12.00336. By telephone agreement (010 - 489 5241), statements can be made during this period, but they can also be made orally.

Rotterdam, September 9th, 2015 - The above mentioned mayor and city councilors


Around. 3000 carpet more

90% OFF! (The sales room must be empty in 3 weeks!)

Delivery time 5 min. Parking in front of the door (free)

Around. 1000 pieces of high-pile carpets from 50 euros! 1000 pieces of modern design from 100 euros! 1000 beautiful Persian carpets from 300 euros!

Design, vintage, kilim, berber and chinese carpets

10% for cash payment and without reservation! (no dealers) Woonboulevard Capelle XL, Lylantse Baan 3 (opposite Beter Bed)

Mon 1.00pm to 5.30pm Tue to Fri 10.00am to 5.30pm Friday evening to 9.00pm Saturday 10.00am to 5.00pm Sunday 12.00pm to 5.00pm


on F

family relationship

E-Mail |[email protected]

Phone| (088) 013 72 68 Internet | You can register at

Don't forget to include your full address and phone number if you have any questions.

Obituaries are also available on the website:*

* If you do not want the ad to appear on Mensenlinq, please indicate this when submitting the ad.

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Same interactive TV, but super cheap




- handle






r z


That is

the earth






also above


.nl 1707Geschäfte in Telfort

+ Internet and calls

Every month


New natural support for calm and emotional balance

A busy schedule, pressure at work, and concerns about your health or financial situation, among other things, can lead to periods of stress or tension. Then it is sometimes difficult to find the necessary calm and to maintain emotional balance. It can also lead to fatigue. Of course that is not possible


and voltage for proper operation.

A.Vogel Passiflora Soothing Emotional Balance is available in packs of 30 in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores. Orientation guide Price €11.99 Would you like to know more? Call the A.Vogel Medical Hotline 0900-2464646 or visit

relieve stress or tension. But you can take it easy.

Almost 70% of Dutch people experience stress at some point. Emotional balance is not always obvious. Lighter irritability, quick-tempered, irritable feelings: all recognizable. Fatigue and anxiety are also among the 3 most important signals for stressful situations. In this case, nature can help. A.Vogel Passiflora Soothing Emotional Balance provides calm and relaxation1, helps maintain balance in stressful situations4 and contains magnesium, which provides extra energy when tired.

Natural Support New A.Vogel Passiflora Soothing Emotional Balance is 100% natural and contains a powerful combination of herbs and minerals. Supports mood swings2,3 with inner turmoil and helps maintain balance in stressful situations4. It also contains a high-quality, easily assimilated form of magnesium, which has a positive effect on mental balance and extra energy when tired. Suitable for all-day use, keeps body and mind fresh and alert2 and won't get you used to it. So you can do that even in stressful times

"The 3 most important signs of stressful situations: 1) you get irritated easily, 2) you feel tired, 3) you feel anxious."

1 passion flower, 2 lemon balm, 3 valerian, 4 zinc

Jazz in TransitionOMMOORD – On Tuesday 15th September Brasserie de Change in Hesseplaats, Ommoord is hosting another jazz concert. This time the focus is on gypsy jazz. This form of jazz is influenced by gypsy music. At that time, gipsy jazz became known through the guitarist Django Reinhardt and the violinist Stéphane Grappelli, who played in the famous "Quin-tette du Hot Club de France". This style of music is still practiced today and enjoys great popularity. Think of the famous Trio Rosenberg. We will look after you in an informal atmosphere. At 8:00 p.m. in the Brasserie de Change you could listen to the Dutch violinist Christiaan van Hemert, who specializes in this style of music. He will be accompanied by guitarist John van Rijsdijk, bassist Dan Simon and Ruud Bergamin, who will play soprano saxophone this evening. Admission is free.

Psychometry PRINZ ALEXANDER – Would you like to learn something about your energy, your future and your desires in a special way? So book your place on Wednesday evening September 23rd

Psychometric Reading. On this evening, the medium Mrs. Wesselius will present a personal reasoning using objects or photos. These measurements are based on psychometrics (reading objects) and give you a perfect picture of your energy and the energy around you. This is an evening room for up to 12 people. Time: 7.15pm-10.30pm. Price: €12.50. Location: Kurta Callo Street 11

Job Seeker Café PRINS ALEXANDER – For everyone in Prins Alexander who is looking for a job and needs support, FNV, i.s.m. can benefit. Neighborhood work, cafe for job seekers. A day full of workshops and information about work (volunteer work). In these workshops you will receive tips for looking for a job and visiting a job fair or a speed date at the invitation of the UWV. This day can be counted as application activity for your UWV work file. It is not an obligation. There are 20 places available for non-FNV members. Registration is mandatory and can be done at Orientens Kulturcenter, Ko-behof 5, 010-4553799 or by email[email protected] Date: Tuesday 15 September. Location: Continental Art Center, Robert Kochplaats 342

Creative App PRINCE ALEXANDER – Creative App is a new workshop led by Coen van der Spek, Project Manager at Talentcoach Rotterdam, In this workshop

Be inspired by the examples and experiment with "out of the box" thinking to find a creative approach for your new app. After this workshop you will be encouraged to be creative with the application and you will be able to determine what level of creativity suits your personality and/or the position you are applying for. Thursday, September 10 from 9.30 a.m. to 11.15 a.m. in the community hall

Orient, Kobehof 5. Registration via Buurtwerk 010 – 455 37 99 or[email protected]There are no costs associated with the workshop. Register with Gonnie Sterk (010-4515955),[email protected]

Learn more about art! NESSELANDE – You learn in an art history course

more about art. Experience, hear, see and then get started yourself. This course takes you on a journey through the history of our western art. Against the background of many old and new masters, the students are made familiar with the art history rich in our western culture. The teacher Marjolein van Hal studied fine arts and design at the Willem de Kooning Academy. It shows students the way from theory to practice in an inspiring way. The course consists of 8 lessons of 2.5 hours each. Art movements are covered in the first hour of each lesson. The participants then set about creating the art history of the time on paper or canvas according to their ideas. On Thursday evening September 24th the course starts at CurZus&Zo – Het Lage Land Kursuscenter and on Tuesday October 27th the course starts at MFC De Kristal – Nesselande. Would you like to know more or register? Visit or call 010-2518988.CurZus&Zo, Remmet van Milplaats 15, Rotterdam.

Also on this page? First send a message to The editors spread the news via Facebook and Twitter and are looking for space in the newspaper!

What is there to do in Aleksandrów?

Loes is a one year old female and a very eager young lady, a true tortoiseshell kitten. She has an erratic character, tries very hard to attract attention, likes to show off and does not do so silently, you can hear her from afar. Do you need a garden for excess energy? Do you still have energy to entertain Loes? Need a good guard cat? Then Loes is a good choice. Call 088-34 37 112 or visit

Sharp lady

‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 7

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (8) | Rotterdam A20 exit 16 | easy parking

Contractors from Woonmall Alexandrium nominated 20 final papers by young furniture designers and interior designers from HMC's wood, furniture and interior design school. Projects are divided into two categories; 10 pieces of furniture and 10 furnishings. They can be seen at the Atrium Woonmall until September 27th. What design and work do you think is the best? Please cast your vote in each category on the ballot paper in the atrium. The winner of each category receives the Woonmall Audience Award 2015 and, in addition to the certificate, also receives a cash prize of €450. With your vote you have the chance to win an interior styling course offered by HMC worth €250.

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (9)




We reserve the right to price and range changes, misprints and items that are not in stock. All listings are for home use only and not for commercial use. Offers valid from Monday 7th to Sunday 13th September 2015. Week 37

Pork fillet 250 grams Special price per kg 7.96

Roman, cherry or cherry tomatoes packed in 250-500 grams

Double Frisss or Taksi 3 packs of 1500ml to choose from



50 % Rabat

Unox soup in 570 ml bag



Rotterdam Ambachtsplein 97 Mon-Thu 8-20 | once again. 8-21 | from 8-20 to 12-18

Jakub van Campenplein 182

Rotterdam tribute to the great pianist. Real enthusiasts have of course been toying with the idea of ​​restarting the Rotterdam Philharmonic Festival for a long time. Gergiev. Nonetheless, the late decision-makers of the program for the finest classical music festival in the Netherlands still have plenty to choose from.

RotteRdam – Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival starts on Thursday September 10th. For three days, De Doelen is dedicated to the great Russian composer Rachmaninoff. All of his piano concertos, all of his symphonies and much more Rachmaninoff can be heard during this festival, which runs until Saturday 12 September. Four piano concerts on Saturday are sold out. But even for those who haven't got tickets yet, there's still plenty to see: a leading conductor (Valery Gergiev), three symphonies, three orchestras, a Russian folk song, Rachmanino's Air Concerto with bassist Mikhail Petrenko, and a world premiere. Vladimir

Ternopil wrote a piece of music especially for this festival, which is based on the ringing of Russian bells and was also an important source of inspiration for Rachmaninoff. The Gergiev Festival is an annual festival centered around maestro Valery Gergiyev. The theme of each issue is a composer or an important event. The focus of this year's Gergiev Festival is the much-admired pianist and composer Rachmaninoff. The Gergiev Festival not only works with established names, but also offers plenty of space for young talent. On Friday evening, Valery Gergiev will conduct an orchestra composed of talented students from the Det Kgl

Conservatory and Codarts. There is a new Tchaikovsky winner in the Netherlands, pianist Dmitry Masleyev. Sergei Rachmaninoff (November 1873 – Beverly Hills 1943) is one of the most important pianists of the 20th century and, as a composer, a continuation of Russian Romanticism. Rach-Maninov is best known for his piano music, which is technically very difficult. However, Rachmaninoff cultivated many other genres that can also be heard at the festival.

More information on ticket sales and the full program at

RPHO led by Valery Gergiev. Photo: Hans van der Woerd

Nivon celebrates 90th birthday Nivon-Rotterdam is unpacking: on Sunday 13 September the club will be celebrating their 90th anniversary with a free festival in their own building at Dirk Smitsstraat 76.

RotteRdam – Rich program in all halls from 1 p.m. Nivon shows what it has to offer in terms of culture, nature, education and leisure. There is plenty of music, the well-known choir "Upside down" sings e.g

The salon orchestra plays an easy repertoire. Professional and amateur poets read fragments of their own works. There are painting workshops and public Dutch lessons. The nature and bird watcher Rotta gives a lecture about the "green" Rotta, followed by a short walk along the ice fields. In the courtyard, children can enjoy the Wim Noordegraaf puppet theater. Children can also have their faces painted. International snacks are offered during the festival.

The historian Dik Vuik will present a book about 90 years of history and premiere a jubilee film. Some members have organized a special exhibition of artworks that Nivon has collected and purchased over the years. The full program can be found on the website

This message is from our website. Everyone can easily send a message or an agenda message at!

"Neighbor Piet, I've never forgotten you"

I was nineteen when I moved in alone. My neighbor Piet was a retired warehouse worker

Portion. Piet always sat in front of the window. He had two hobbies, playing loud Johnny Woodhouse or James Last music and taking pictures from the TV. He spent hundreds of gold on these paintings. His camera was on a stand in front of the TV, and then Piet was beside himself. "Keep still, man, for heaven's sake, she's moving again, you're getting the fuck out of here." He preferred speakers because they kept quiet, but all beautiful women were welcome. He always bought four Wolffs for his birthday. Usually I was the only one, but you never know who would come

Masculine. Carl's girlfriend visited me and I took her to Piet's birthday. The cookies came on the table, but after sitting in the sun all day, they didn't look good. vomit, we ate them. Piet celebrated New Year's Eve with my family. Through tears, he shared that he once had a girl, but his mother didn't like it, so they broke up. 50 years later he still regretted it. Piet, old buddy, you've been gone a long time, but I've never forgotten you. Tineke Speksnijder is the owner of Café de Schouw on Witte de Withstraat and writes a fortnightly column for De Havenloods.

Spalte TiNeke bekonNijdeR

‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 9

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (10)


mit dem Namen Woonboulevard Piet Klerkx

Prof. Asserweg 1 - Also open on Sundays

MEGA-SHOP WAALWKS åbningstider



The Alivio Lady Trekking has a V-brake system and a hub dynamo. Shimano Alivio shifters

24 gear system.



City bike for women




E-BIKE TEST 2015 – ANWB CONFIRMS IT – The largest and cheapest bike shop


Via our website or

in one of ours

10 shops.

With 100% guarantee -

Free home delivery -

Free test drive -

Technical Customer Service




/ 3


MMaattrra VVooqquuee

MMaaxxii DDeelluxxee

EE – BBikee

Shimano Revoshift 6 speed with 180w motor. 24V battery

CCrroossss EE — cciittyyy

TToorrreekk SS77

EE – BBikee

City bike Electric bike with at least 7 gears. 24V and 8Ah battery.

With 36V 10A Li-Ion battery, 7 speeds and 5 pedal assistants

CCrroossss EE--TTrreennddyy

TTreekkkkiingg SS77

EE – BBikee

36V/13Ah lithium-ion battery. 5 Shimano 8-speed pedal assistant



Kleiweg 127B – ☎ 010-2180806

Open: Tuesday. to Fri 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. - Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.



CCrroossss EE--TTrreennddyy

CCiittyy NN88

EE – BBikee

Specialties from our own kitchen

Breton fish soup Richly filled with cod, mussels and prawns.

Now for only €5.99

Wraps according to your own recipe salmon, tuna or shrimp.


On Saturday during Ommoord, Sara sees many specialties to try.

VISWINKEL HESSEPLAATS W. C. Hesseplaats 11b3069 EA Rotterdam Tlf. 010 286 75 20

Opening hours Monday to Thursday 8 am - 6.30 pm Friday 8 am - 7 pm Saturday 8 am - 5 pm

Valid until Saturday 12th September 2015




For more information please call 0181 - 412 593

LEOLUX EXCHANGE OFFER Temporary trading bonus up to €300

on your old couch!

H A R T E L I J K W E L K O M !

Escudostraat 7 - Barendrecht Woonboulevard Barendrecht - 010 420 41 45

w w w. m o o i n more nlg rate s parking

At. 13.00-17.30 | From Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. | vr. 9.30am-9pm and 10am-5pm



Młyn 1, Krimpen a/d IJssel 0180 - 59 49 49 /[email protected]

lunch and dinner

culinary refreshments / dinner / lunch / afternoon tea / events and parties / lounge / bar / terrace

> Culinary delights > Lounge & Bar > Extensive menu > Nostalgic windmill > Terrace > View of

Dutch IJssel> and more..

through the water

‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 10

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (11)

MEYERe.a.autumn 2015 is here!

place in Hesse

20% off 1 item of your choice when you present this coupon with your email address. Selection: Dispatch notices: Yes/No Postal savings cheque: Yes Address:[email protected]________ kun 1 voucher per. customer

Hesseplaats 52 Rotterdam | 010 - 4550860 |

Go to the specialist in flavored fruit. You can see the quality... and taste it!!!!

This week's cool action "Murder Sarah".

A kilo of Chiquita bananas

+ Pound Box Sweet seedless blue grapes

+Sweet Galia Melon

+Kilo Triomphe Handperen


Free Sustainable Kiwi Folding Bag

The offer is valid up to and including Saturday, September 12, 2015

In October we will launch the Fruitexpress delivery service in Ommoord and Zevenkamp

Whole packs


Havenloods Gerichtsberichte

Homeless drug addict Sudhur S. (29) has been behind bars so many times that a prison sentence no longer impresses him. He needs help, possibly hospitalization, to get back to normal. but a year? Sudhur finds it way too long….

"You have to transfer 20 euros to my account now, otherwise you won't be safe on the road anymore. I also know other people who know where you live and then start hurting you. If you transfer it, I'll leave you alone for the rest.” “Your life,” threatened the homeless man from Spijkenisse, according to the victim. "That's not true." We were forced into it by others and now it's on my roof," Sudhur complained

recently in court. After being convicted of one failed home robbery and a string of successful muggings, he has spent most of the past six years in prison. When he's not behind bars, he lives on the streets

in Rotterdam. According to the correctional facility, the suspect fills his days with crime to satisfy his drug addiction. Without help and treatment, he will not recover. "It's gone too far. Life on the street has made me tough. Jail won't stop me. I do not care. I need help. Maybe going to the clinic will save me," he said previously

Seat. The parole officer believes he should be treated in a closed facility for a year in order to "normalize". "A year in the factory?" The suspect reacts angrily. "It had to be done in six months, right? Otherwise I won't start. Just give me a prison sentence. A year is really too long.” His lawyer also disagrees. "It may be a tailored punishment, but it's far too harsh for such a crime." "It's non-violent extortion," says the attorney. The prosecutor overturned his original eight-month prison sentence and suspended it for a year. The prosecutor is now demanding a conditional prison sentence of six months and a suspended sentence of 20 days. The blackmailer was also sentenced for this.

normalize N? "Surely it had to be done in six months?"

A year in the hospital is really too long

Animals cannot leave the zoo. And people can't break in. @POL_Boer tweeted on Saturday: "Report someone who climbed the @RotterdamZoo fence. No intruder found. Nice collaboration with @PolitiehondRdam's 'tracker', a modern day 'Indian' ;-)."

trackers at the zoo

A man drove into the police officers RotteRdam – On Saturday 5 September a motorist drove into the police officers in Slinge. One of the officers was injured in the hand. Officers identified him as a driver who had previously been caught driving without a license on multiple occasions. As they approached him, he rammed two officers who were standing in front of the car. Both officers jumped to the side, but one of the officers was still hit in the hand. He had to go to the hospital for treatment. Despite extensive searches in the area, the driver could not be found.

A quartet emerges from patient detective work

The sad reality is that more burglaries go unsolved than burglaries. The police have no hands and must make decisions. However, with the dozens of cases I handle every day, I regularly see ZSM doing good policing. Just like the last quartet that could be turned in through patient research on my shift, it all started after a burglar alarm. Numerous uninvited guests entered the canteen of the sports club late into the night. And then a strong hand rushed to the scene of the accident, but it turned out that the birds flew away there. After taking a large amount of money from the safe, officers immediately turned their attention to the bushes near the sports complex. Bush after bush was combed, after all it was a reward! Two men with a wad of money in their pockets could not hide in the darkness and were taken away. Officers found a large old car nearby

and checks in the police system revealed that both suspects had previously been checked there. But that was not the end of the detective's work, because the images from the cafeteria cameras showed more than two burglars. And then the abandoned rust barrel was monitored. Hours passed before... two messengers arrived who showed unusual interest in the parked vehicle. They turned and ran up and down the street. Near the car, they did a series of stretches, but mostly looked around. The air seemed clear, so they quickly started the car. I didn't know there were documents in there that linked her to the other two men. And that her clothing was visible on the surveillance video. The realization of this happened somewhere between her arrest and the time I saw the file on my shift.

Maurice van HeeMst

report it to law enforcement as soon as possible

‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 11

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (12)



SHOEMAKER Your professional shoe repair

Hesseplaats 4333069 EA Rotterdam

Hope to see you again!

Hessenplatz 64




For information only:

Barber's size

Bager Klootwijk Mike't Hart

Pearle Opticians RotterdamCarly, Frank, Hans und Faisel

This Bakker Klootwijk case is as old as Ommoord. Mike'tHart has been in this business since 2010. There is a large selection of breads and pastries here. "I'm in a shop with my wife and three ladies. I hope we can extend the fun. Kindness costs nothing. We have a catering device in our shop that is used a lot. “We have a large regular customer base, including many older people,” says 't Hart. Here customers can enjoy tea and coffee and all delicacies sold here can also be used in catering. Freshly made sandwiches are also available.” In addition to all the delicious boxes from Klootwijk, we're adding something more. We have various specialties on the public holidays, such as the oliebollen at the end of the year, which I bake myself. I recently baked fresh waffles as part of the De Strongest Man van Rotterdam event in Hesseplaats. We make many products ourselves, such as cakes, omelettes and donuts. We also dip the donuts ourselves. Cakes can be ordered in any size, even with a photo. We also deal with catering for companies. We also have many regular customers for this. Orders are processed daily until Saturday afternoon. This service covers the entire Rotterdam region to Botlek. We believe that if you can provide this service, it will be worth it.

For more information, visit

Pearle Opticiens has been based in Hesseplaats since July 2010. Only qualified opticians work here. In addition, it is a recognized training company that trains opticians. Owner Hans Kruis says: "I do."

I have been in the optics industry since 1991. Although we haven't been here that long, we've built up a large regular customer base. Next

We also sell all types of contact lenses. You can book an appointment for an eye exam or contact lens exam through the website. We also create retinal images for diabetics. A telephone agreement must always be made for this. Pearle was voted the best optical network in the Netherlands last year. “We offer great service, great eye exams, a great collection of affordable frames, competitive lens prices and lifetime service. When you buy one pair of glasses, you get the second pair of glasses for free. "We can also apply for a customer's health insurance," says Kruis. Pearle campaigns together with Veilig Verkeer Nederland. A free eye exam is performed and forms are filled out with the client. The results will be collected for a large collection A large-scale study is to find out how it was shown from the perspective of a Dutch road user that every tenth road user does not see well. “With this campaign we have an additional offer: when buying glasses, the customer gets free street glasses with street or night glasses , or prescription or additional sunglasses,” adds Kruis.

More information about Pearle can be found at

Chipbutik Foe Hing Hesseplaats


D. van Toll

A special Chinese restaurant

women fashion

Saturday, September 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PROGRAM






De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (13)



SHOEMAKER Your professional shoe repair

Hesseplaats 4333069 EA Rotterdam

Hope to see you again!

Hessenplatz 64




For information only:

Barber's size

Bager Klootwijk Mike't Hart

Pearle Opticians RotterdamCarly, Frank, Hans und Faisel

This Bakker Klootwijk case is as old as Ommoord. Mike'tHart has been in this business since 2010. There is a large selection of breads and pastries here. "I'm in a shop with my wife and three ladies. I hope we can extend the fun. Kindness costs nothing. We have a catering device in our shop that is used a lot. “We have a large regular customer base, including many older people,” says 't Hart. Here customers can enjoy tea and coffee and all delicacies sold here can also be used in catering. Freshly made sandwiches are also available.” In addition to all the delicious boxes from Klootwijk, we're adding something more. We have various specialties on the public holidays, such as the oliebollen at the end of the year, which I bake myself. I recently baked fresh waffles as part of the De Strongest Man van Rotterdam event in Hesseplaats. We make many products ourselves, such as cakes, omelettes and donuts. We also dip the donuts ourselves. Cakes can be ordered in any size, even with a photo. We also deal with catering for companies. We also have many regular customers for this. Orders are processed daily until Saturday afternoon. This service covers the entire Rotterdam region to Botlek. We believe that if you can provide this service, it will be worth it.

For more information, visit

Pearle Opticiens has been based in Hesseplaats since July 2010. Only qualified opticians work here. In addition, it is a recognized training company that trains opticians. Owner Hans Kruis says: "I do."

I have been in the optics industry since 1991. Although we haven't been here that long, we've built up a large regular customer base. Next

We also sell all types of contact lenses. You can book an appointment for an eye exam or contact lens exam through the website. We also create retinal images for diabetics. A telephone agreement must always be made for this. Pearle was voted the best optical network in the Netherlands last year. “We offer great service, great eye exams, a great collection of affordable frames, competitive lens prices and lifetime service. When you buy one pair of glasses, you get the second pair of glasses for free. "We can also apply for a customer's health insurance," says Kruis. Pearle campaigns together with Veilig Verkeer Nederland. A free eye exam is performed and forms are filled out with the client. The results will be collected for a large collection A large-scale study is to find out how it was shown from the perspective of a Dutch road user that every tenth road user does not see well. “With this campaign we have an additional offer: when buying glasses, the customer gets free street glasses with street or night glasses , or prescription or additional sunglasses,” adds Kruis.

More information about Pearle can be found at

Chipbutik Foe Hing Hesseplaats


D. van Toll

A special Chinese restaurant

women fashion

Saturday, September 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PROGRAM






De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (14)

Take advantage of these spectacular opening offers now

Thursday September 17, 2015

OTWARCIEKruidvat Binnenhof 11, Rotterdam



A spoonful of sweets


2+1 FREE*

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Kruidvat midpack diapers. Choice of all varieties. All possible combinations.

Make-up L'OréalChoose from the entire range. All possible combinations.

Kruidvat Multi A-ZComplete120 tablets A complete composition of multivitamins and minerals to supplement the daily diet.

Get a bath, shower, and deodorant. Choose from the entire range. Exclusive gift set, minis, 400ml shower and bulk packs. All possible combinations.

Elvive hair care Choose from the entire range. Exceptions are mini and multipacks. All possible combinations.








*1+1 is calculated as a 50% discount at checkout. 2+1 than 33%. The price may vary depending on the combination.

Always surprising, always affordable!

These offers are only valid at Kruidvat Binnenhof 11, Rotterdam, from Thursday 17 September to Sunday 27 September 2015.

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (15)

Coolsingel 40, 3011AD Rotterdam

Postal address: PO Box 70012, 3000KP Rotterdam

Communal Information

Rotterdam Rotterdam Municipality, LSI and FGH Bank have jointly ended their collaboration on the Schiekade block. In 2009 the municipality and LSIproject Investment N.V. signed a lease for the Weenaboulevard (Schiekade block) project in connection with credit crunch measures. This is intended to revive construction activity during the crisis, but the consequences are more

Due to deteriorating market conditions and the economic crisis, which hit the construction and real estate sectors hard, LSI was unable to further develop the Schiekade block and ran into arrears. After consultation, it was decided to end the cooperation and conclude a long-term lease. The contract concerns the land under the Schieka Deblok property and the Schie Block is now fully owned by the municipality. The operation of the Schieblokken will be continued by the municipality.

Experience and discover the port of Rotterdam, that's what PortRangers is all about. This program familiarizes elementary school students with the port and the jobs there. Five thousand Rotterdam 7th and 8th graders will attend Port Rangers next school year, up from 3,100 last school year. The first group received PortRanger certification on Friday 4 September from Education Councilor Hugo deJonge and Cees Jan Asselbergs, Deltalinq's Advisor and Chairman of the EIC Board. This proves that the students now know a lot about the port of Rotterdam.

As part of the training, learning pays off! Many schools will focus on strengthening academic skills over the next four years. This happens, among other things, through company visits and immediate internships, information about jobs and training as well as attention to technical training. Port Rangers is part of the Rotterdam approach to careers guidance in which all primary schools in Rotterdam participate.

Limited image Councilor Hugo de Jonge explains: "Young people in Rotterdam often have a limited image of the port, where there is a great need for well-trained technical and logistical staff." The port creates 7,500 jobs every year

available, with over 2,500 for MBO and HBO graduates.” Since Port Rangers' inception in 2013, the port has increasingly become an integral part of the school's curriculum. Vocational guidance becomes a structural part of education in Rotterdam. From Group 7 onwards, students receive a portfolio of digital talents who move on to higher education. The students see where their talents lie and what they still need to develop in order to realize their ambitions. "A knife cuts in both directions," emphasizes Cees Jan Asselbergs from Deltalinqs: "Students can make the right choice for further training and future employers - the port industry - can get to know future employees at an early stage."

Teaching Materials At Port Rangers, participating schools have two educational packages to choose from: Harbor Treasure Hunt or Haven TaalTrip. Schools regularly visit the EIC Mainport Rotterdam in Landtong Rozenburg. Students finish Port Rangers with an essay about the port. At World Ports Day, the creators of the best examples had the opportunity to get to know the port even better. The EIC also opened its doors to all elementary school students and their parents last weekend.

How does Rotterdam become a real cycling city? Cyclists, but of course also pedestrians and drivers (everyone really) can now think and talk about it at

On this social platform (combination of website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) local residents, organisations, tourists, employees, employers, cycling enthusiasts, cyclists and of course the cycling industry can contribute ideas and contribute to making Rotterdam the perfect cycling city. Among other things, by writing blogs, exchanging tips to make cycling even more fun, organizing activities together and thinking together with the community or other organizations at certain times. Fietsfan010 offers a stage for everyone who has something to do with cycling and Rotterdam. In the years to come, it must develop into a practical, useful, lively and, above all, attractive platform.

Promoting cycling "Cycling is healthy, good for city life, good for the economy and contributes to cleaner air," said City Councilor Pex Langenberg (Port, Sustainability, Mobility and Or-

Organization). In the "Cycling Priority" plan presented by the municipality last week, the municipality proposes thirty action points to promote and improve cycling in the city in the years to come. Think about improving bike lanes or making traffic lights green longer and more often for cyclists. The community also wants more and more attractive bicycle parking spaces, more bicycle rentals in more places and all sorts of other innovative measures, such as ramps that can be used as parking spaces for bicycles.

Until September 18, everyone can react to the community plan via the fan010 bicycle portal, e.g. via Facebook ( and Twitter ( After that, comments and suggestions will be processed and the cycling plan will be final. Until September 16, City Council Langenberg will discuss the cycling plan for Fahrradfans010 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It's happening via Twitter - with #cykelfan010.

Blok Schiekade back in the hands of the municipality

Primary schools get to know the port of Rotterdam with Port Rangers

The Oudheidliefert Onderzoek office in the municipality of Rotterdam, also known as BOOR, can now also be followed on Facebook.

For the latest archeological activity, visit

Team researching the history of Rotterdam.

Temporal steps For example, at the start of construction, the Markthal BOOR was given enough space to sink into the excavation pit. Many traces of the city from the center

Delions and even earlier. Among other things, kitchen utensils, jewelery and weapons were found, which can now be seen in the permanent exhibition De Tijdtrap in Markthal. Follow BOOR's latest news at or

Informationen: Rotterdamer Gemeinde Coolsingel 40 Postboks 70012, 3000 KP Rotterdam

Information on current permit applications and decisions in your region can be found at:

Sending an email You can send an email to the municipality using the contact form at

Responsible for the production of this website is Wegener Media.

For more up-to-date city information, go to:

City Councilor Adriaan Visser unveiled a mural of the Queen's Old Church on Slachthuiskade in Crooswijk on Friday afternoon, September 4th. The church was demolished in 1972 for a new building. "The great lady is back," beamed Anneke Stratsers from a group of residents who took the initiative for a painting by the artist Sylvie Overheul.

Photo: Sander Alblas

Rotterdam, the bicycle city: think together!

Antiquity in new media

Grande Dame Photo: Nick Boers

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (16)



bis 26,90

New York





3 Cardio/Fitness (iFit)

3 Heart rate based training

3 root technique training


3 circuit

3 free weight training


3 Training Stootzaka

3 weight training

3 Olympic Weightlifting*

* If available

fi tnesscentra

Registration and further information:

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (17)

If you choose original box spring beds, you choose Auping perfection. The perfection lies in the unique active ventilation

Support System (AVS®) that offers maximum ventilation and excellent support. Come to our store and let yourself be pampered

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News! Original Auping box spring bed with AVS®

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this week

Huib Lloyd has been calling himself "Rotterdamer of the Year" for some time now. Havenloods puts a racially determined Rotterdam native and founder of the Jarige Job Foundation to the test.

Drzwi Najat Chaatouf

where was your cradle I was born in Kralingen and grew up in Ommoord. Then I lived in Noord, at the Stadholder-dersplein and at the Mathenes-serdijk.

Are you a real Rotterdammer? Yes, I even named my eldest son Maas! I studied business administration at Erasmus University, worked for Feyenoord and also with the homeless in Rotterdam.

Are you proud of your city? Yes, of course. When you see what kind of flights Rotterdam offers, stay

as a Rotterdammer only prouder of his city. We get featured in all kinds of hardcore magazines and we're on all kinds of hipster lists, but that makes it easy for us to touch

The world outside. We already knew that Rotterdam is the most beautiful city.

Are you ever ashamed of Rotterdam? I like the "actions speak louder than words" mentality, but I'm sick of it

sometimes a short fuse. You see it a lot in traffic so I really think it's "quiet". Even when you see how many events go wrong because of arguments and fights. And when it comes to football, I sit there with my sons and then there are fans who constantly use serious illness as an adjective. I really don't get it.

What is the most beautiful place for you? Currently, together with Stichting Jarige Job, we are creating the most beautiful place in Rotterdam at our new location; A place everyone wants to visit, a place where you will be happy. Where everyone stands in solidarity with each other and does nice things for each other. I want people to come here and think: “How cool!” far beyond Rotterdam.

How people know you People know me as the founder of Jarige Jobfond, where we make sure children from poor families can celebrate their birthdays. I am currently being voted “Rotterdamer of the Year”.

What are you working on right now? We're still in the process of moving to the Van Nelle factory, but we really want to do it

Let's turn this into a kind of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where people can pack birthday packages together. Featuring plans for giant candy trees, hot dog railings, and a bookstore with chairs, tables, and bookcases. In addition, we are developing an educational program in which groups seven and eight of the elementary schools acquire knowledge about poverty in the world. Poverty is an abstract concept and poor children can become socially isolated. We

This is how children learn to talk about it and show them that it is fun to do something for someone together. It will be a new style school trip.

Who is your role model Sander de Kramer? He was editor-in-chief of the Rotterdamse Straatkrant. Thanks to him I found the opportunity to work with the homeless in Rotterdam. He has a certain enthusiasm, commitment and enthusiasm and knows how to pay attention to certain things in a positive way and with a lot of passion.

Huib Lloyd in a few words Wow, that's hard... Enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly and chaotic.

What's on your to-do list? I am going on holiday with my children who have never flown. I was once in Bali and I really liked it there. This place and these people have made me very happy. Another thing on my wish list is a week without kids, just with my wife. It doesn't matter where.

"I even named my son Maas!"

Huib Lloyd likes the Rotterdam mentality, where there are no words but deeds. "But sometimes I hate the short fuse." Photo: Najat Chaatouf

"When you see which flight the city takes, you'll only be prouder"

Name: Huib LloydAge: 38 Known as: Founder of Jarige Job, Rotterdammer of the Year Marital Status: Lives with three little Lloyds: Maas, Tijn and Kes. Social media: none. "Be a stone age boy."

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De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (18)

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (19)

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (20)

He is there! New CARL. Standard with 5 doors and 5 full seats, with many things that you would not expect in this price range. Such as cruise control, electric windows and side mirrors and the hill start assistant, which makes the hill climb a thing of the past ... all in German quality!

10,595 KARL from

235 € / MND ALL-IN

Private from rental


New KARL 5 doors, 5 seats.

The starting price includes VAT/BPM. Without road safety and public costs. Opel private leasing includes delivery costs, monthly depreciation, road tax, periodic inspections, repairs, tyres, comprehensive insurance with a small excess (€150), legal assistance insurance, passenger insurance, damage repairs, international assistance. Visit for the general terms and conditions for promotions and sales. Subject to change.

Combined fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: l/100 km 4.3; km/litre 23.3; CO2 g/km 99.

Orange Motors Eef og Huub Rotterdam Aploniastraat 14-18, 3084 CC Rotterdam Tlf.: 010 - 291 61 61

Orange Motors Eef og Huub Capelle Klaverbaan 22, 2908 KD Capelle a/d IJssel Tlf.: 010 - 442 23 88

Orange Motors PA van der Kooij Westland Klompenmakersstraat 51, 2672 GA Naaldwijk Tlf.: 0174 - 291 660

Orange Motors PA van der Kooij Schiedam's-Gravelandseweg 383, 3125 BJ SchiedamTlf.: 010 - 462 10 33

Orange Motors Eef og Huub Berkel (zuständig) Raadhuislaan 30, 2651 DB Berkel en Rodenrijs Tlf: 010 - 511 27 66

Orange Motors PA van der Kooij Spijkenisse (Miejsce świadczenia usług) Boyleweg 4, 3208 KA Spijkenisse Tlf.: 0181 - 600 888

RECORD NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS FEYENOORD FOOTBALL CAMP The Eyenoord football camps can look back on a very successful and sporting summer. A record number of over 700 boys and girls have trained with former players like Ben Wijnstekers, Dwight Blackson and Peter Barendse in recent months, in line with Feyenoord's training philosophy. In Varkenoord, of course, but also in Ouddorp, Zwijndrecht and Gravenzande, etc. The children enjoyed the football training session, but were also surprised by Colin Kazim-Richards, for example. During a Feyenoord football camp in Varkenoord, the striker stopped by to watch his nephew play football and then took his time as the other participants, aged 6 to 16, rushed to the finish line. Eljero Elia, Jens Toornstra and Miquel Nelom even invested in a children's press conference

for young players. In De Kuip, the Feyenoord 1 players answered all the questions from children who dreamed of being a professional footballer and most importantly wanted to know how they could make this dream come true. The Feyenoord football camps were full this summer, but there are still a few spots available for the next football camps in the series – during the autumn holidays in Varkenoord. Would you like to know more or register directly? Visit


CUP TOURNAMENT STARTS WITH CUPFIGHTER Feyenoord meets PEC Zwolle 10:00 CET Apotheosis in the packed Feijenoord Stadium on Thursday 24 September. After a sensational cup win in 2014 and a final defeat in 2015, Ron Jans' side will do everything in their power to be there in 2016 as the football-mad Netherlands watch as two south Rotterdam teams decide who wins the KNVB trophy will win . to the prize box. With the support of season ticket holders, who automatically have access to this first cup game, Giovanni van Bronckhorst's side must end this season's Zwolle Cup adventure early. To be there? To buy tickets, visit

NEW FANS GROUP VADDE V PEC ZWOLLEEA A new group of Feyenoord fans are looking forward to Feyenoord's league game against PEC Zwolle on Sunday 27 September (14.30). On this day, thousands of fans go to De Kuip for free to cheer on their heroes. These boys and girls enjoy the many benefits of membership in Feyenoord's junior club Kameraadjes for just €15 per year included

Annual match attendance also includes your own Kameraadjes club pass, Kameraadjes magazine on the mat five times a year, discounts at football academies and football camps, and the opportunity to accompany the player as a match mascot. What young Feyenoord fan doesn't dream of that? Would you like to know more or become a member?

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Although he lacks size on the side, the 110-meter hurdles is one of the better sections for decathlete Sybren Blok. He likes it too. But will it be? Next season, the slats will be seven centimeters higher for the seniors.

Emily Hilgers

ROTTERDAM – “I have a knack for obstacles,” says PAC's up-and-coming talent. "The difficult thing is that when you reach a new height, for example, you have to make a completely different effort." You don't jump over obstacles, you take a big step. It has to be a smooth line, it has to be precise from the first hurdle to the last.”

KogelSybren tells of a world full of numerical differences, which are greater among the seniors than among the A-Juniors. "The crochet hooks range from 99 centimeters to 1.06 meters," he explains. “The ball does not weigh 6, but 7.25 kg, the disc weighs 1.75 to 2 kg. Those are huge differences.”

The 19-year-old PAC doesn't have much time to get used to it and to train. After last year's NK junior team, we will have an important game against the PAC's top men's team on Sunday September 13th. - We can get promoted to the first division - explains Sybren. "Our experience

The running decathlete Ingmar Vos is injured. I think I could run hurdles, discus and maybe 4 x 400m.”

Papendal Sybren says he made progress in all areas during his first year training with the top national team in Papendal. “Physically, technically, mentally, nutritionally. It was a good move, but I had my doubts. I looked at a different environment. I'm a real city person and I love Rotterdam.”

Barely got a medal. He received the award last summer at the European Junior A Championships, where he placed fourth. Still, Sybren was disappointed and beautiful

emotionally. “There were only eleven points left. I wanted a medal, that was my goal from the start of the season. Some people thought it was strange for someone.”

which took fourteenth place in the European ranking. But I persevered. Then I got a lot of respect, people admitted it wasn't very ambitious anyway. And I quickly realized that there are only two juniors in the rest of the world with a better score, putting me sixth globally.

Olympic Decathlon The following goals are good results in international competitions. "Maybe it was too ambitious to compete in the 2016 European Championships in Amsterdam." But it's so close to the Olympics

Rio de Janeiro that the best players are not allowed to participate. Maybe they lower the limits...

Dafne Schippers “The 2020 Olympic decathlon is already an important goal for me. And the European Championship U-23, which Pieter Braun won this year. He is one of my training partners, as is Dafne Schippers and Nadine Visser. Nadine Did well in Beijing too. Finishing eighth in the heptathlon at the World Championships at the age of 20 is so unbelievably good, I can't even imagine it.

"Rotterdam City Boy" Sybren Blok shows the difference between an A-Junior and a senior in the hurdle race: from 99 centimeters to 1.06 meters. Photo: Rob Kamminga

"The 2020 Olympic decathlon is an important goal for me"

Sybren Blok now has to jump over higher obstacles as a senior

When asked "What was the best moment?" Bart (photo) got emotional for a moment. "Coming here with all these people and being fired: It worked!" His son asks: "How do you get home like that, Dad?" Bart: "On the bike, those few kilometers can also be added." Photo: Connie Groot

We made it!

ROTTERDAM Accessible Sports Club Grant Scheme - Recreational sports clubs that want to make their facilities more accessible to people with disabilities may be eligible for grants. mayor and board of directors

who have decided to provide a one-off grant of up to 35,000 euros for this purpose. The program has a funding ceiling of €500,000, which means valid applications can be made

will be paid as long as this maximum amount is not exceeded. More information for clubs can be obtained from the municipal subsidy office or the operator of the Rotterdam City Council Sportsupport

from the beginning of 2014 to improve the accessibility of municipal sports facilities. This applies to around twenty swimming pools, sports halls and large sports halls in Rotterdam.

Lots of emotions after a tough Tour for LifeROTTERDAM – The 134 participants in the Tour for Life met in the Zuiderpark on Sunday afternoon with loud applause, flowers and champagne. In eight days they traveled from northern Italy to Rotterdam, around 1,200 kilometers away. With their participation, the cyclists collected 500,000 euros for cancer research. After the ceremony of all participants, Mayor Aboutaleb presents the President of the C.O.A. a check for a substantial amount. Baron Schim-melpenninck van der Ooije from the Erasmus Foundation MC-Daniel den Hoed and Prof. Pieter Sonneveld, Head of Marketing

Erasmus MC Cancer Institute One of the participants to receive a medal and literally take center stage on the big stage surrounded by happy family and friends is Jan Janssen (1968 Tour de France winner). He's now a 75-year veteran, a Tour for Life ambassador and has cycled part of the way. In front of the microphone, after the mayor, the mayor thanks all participants and volunteers for their charitable commitment to sport. “It was tough, there was a lot of wind and rain, there were cobblestones and potholes

Tires. But you did it with a great sense of community, it was a big family.” Rotterdam Bart Groot (47), one of the Erasmus MC team riders, is greeted and hugged by his family and relatives on his arrival at the Zuiderpark. “It was tough,” he says, “mainly because of the changing weather conditions. In the Ardennes, the temperature did not exceed 7 degrees with showers. The stages should actually be 20 to 30 kilometers shorter. But these long distances also." lend a certain heroism."

Sport-Plus designation for the korfball club NIOROTTERDAM – The korfball association NIO can officially call itself a Sport-Plus club. The club lives up to its name because it offers more than just sports in the sports complex at Abeelweg 233. There are also social activities such as G korfball, Kombifit, puppy korfball and weight training for the little ones. Tonight (Wednesday 9th September) the board will be speaking about plusam bitities sport.

Golf Tournament at ROTTERDAM Historic Sites – Delfshaven majsmølle, Euromast and Parklaan will once again be the setting for the Rotterdam Open on Friday 11 September. The annual 18-hole golf tournament at historic sites is all about socializing, networking and having fun in a sporty day. Teams begin with breakfast and end with an awards ceremony and barbecue at Parkhaven Mini Golf. The event raises money for Maas-zicht, a shelter for the homeless and homeless youth.

School sport in Provenierswijk ROTTERDAM – Sport Councilor Adriaan Visser and team manager Marita Verkaik from Rotterdam Sportsupport today (Wednesday 9 September) gave the go-ahead for the school sport club Provenierswijk. After school, children from primary schools De Provenier and De Klimop are coached by club coaches in sports dance (Got2Groove), karate (Doku Katsu) and athletics (Rotterdam Atletik). After a few training sessions, you can become a member of the club; The training location remains in the district. Proveniers-wijk is the 25th school sports club.

Sports news welcome! Do you have news about sporting successes or events? send to[email protected]and post your own message at

ROTTERDAM Triathlon Quick Change – Competitors in the Nautilus Triathlon have twenty minutes on Saturday, September 12 to switch from rowing to cycling. This time is not added to the total time. If a shift lasts longer than 20 minutes, 10 seconds per minute are added to the end time. In previous years there was a break between rowing and cycling and they all started at the same time. The triathlon is 3 km. Rowing, 21 km. Cycling and 5 km. run. There is also a duathlon (no running) and a sprint triathlon, specifically for youth (1.5km rowing, 5km cycling and 2km running). Rowing takes place in the Willem-Alexander Baan at Nelly Gambonplein 1 in Zevenhuizen, walks and bike trips in the area. There are different categories for individual participants and teams. The first launch is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. The award ceremony will take place around 2.30 p.m. by City Councilor Adriaan Visser.

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Help us build your future!

Foundation Catholic Ashram College is a comprehensive secondary school. With branches in Alpen aan den Rijn and Nieuwkoop, our school offers VMBO, HAVO and VWO classes to around 2,350 students.

The Ashram College is looking for a new one

Member of the Board of Directors The Board of Directors monitors the policies of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors

General agenda. The person we are looking for (m/f) is socially committed and has extensive knowledge of the (political) issues that affect them

relates to youth education. The final appointment is made on the recommendation of the Ashram College Admissions Council.

Information about the school, as well as a more detailed profile and procedures for selecting and appointing the board, can be found at

The application can be submitted by e-mail by September 14 at the latest[email protected]

Rotterdam welcomes the new Telfort

Save on computer

Lijnbaan 59BC Come hurt

Telfort RotterdamLijnbaan

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Lowest Price Guarantee

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The assortment chute

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Area 200,000 m2

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Elements of country houses from snap laminate. 7mm, Class 31, V-groove, available in 14 colors.

Click laminate Millenium Oak greyMillenium Oak white Thickness 8 mm, 24 cm wide, 4x V-groove, class 32. Normal 26.95 Now from

xxlmammoth long laminate farmhouse elements, 12mm thick, class 33, available in 8 different colours. Normally 339.95 DKK Now for








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19.95 per m2 incl. VAT per m2 including other

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otherwise per m2

Lamella parquet oak rustic country house elements thickness 10 mm, 2.5 mm top coat, 15 cm wide, ready to lay, naturally oiled or white oiled. Now regular for 37.95

price guarantee

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Otherwise 25.95 per square meter

Staircase renovation, solid oak Complete steps, various colours, 13 steps incl. riser, non-slip adhesive tape, assembly adhesive and oil.

only this week

The offers are only valid in the Capelle aan den IJssel department. Cheapest in the Netherlands! Available from stock, conditions at Subject to price changes and typographical errors.

gør det selv capelle aan den IJssel Kostenlose Parkplätze www.vloerhetzelf.nllylantse Baan 3, capelle xl Residential Boulevard TLF. 010-2640110

Open every Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m

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Would you like to become a DHL parcel delivery driver? We are looking for delivery drivers (m/f) to deliver parcels to consumers in and around Rotterdam. It is independent work. You start your day at our depot in Rotterdam and then make your way to your assigned districts. After the tour, return to the warehouse to conclude the day's tour.

DHL Parcel delivers shipments from Monday to Saturday and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. As part of the weekly consultation, it is determined when you can be deployed.

What is expected of you: Of course you have your own car, you can work independently and in a customer-friendly manner and you can be deployed flexibly.

Advantage? DHL Paket pays the package price and reimburses you for using your own car. The higher the working speed, the more you can earn. We would be happy to tell you more about it in an interview.

Interest and more information For more information, see If you are interested in working for DHL Parcel, you will also find an application form here.

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H a r t e l i j k w e l k o m ! w w w. b u r k t h u y s . n l

Woonboulevard Barendrecht Escudostraat 7 | 2991 XV Barendrecht

010-456 69 99 | free parking

a beautiful life that will make you happy!

PARTICULARLY BEAUTIFUL 2.5-seater sofa in a combination of fabric and leather. Temporarily from 1,650 NOK to 1,450 NOK

CUSTOMIZED QUALITY NewSity at Burchthuys, a stylish seating collection with Dutch craftsmanship. Modern design, high quality and excellent seating comfort. Dimensions and upholstery can be customized according to your wishes.

Temporary trade-in 100.00 per seat* old seatback* per seat purchased Exclusive special offers

Cologne relax sofa A high-quality sofa, available in fabric and leather


Beautiful German corner sofa top quality! Seating comfort with internal suspension. Ask for size options. Temporarily from NOK 2,995 per piece


RotteRdam – Caro Linares posted a call for help on our website last week on behalf of Franz and his dog Robbie. Austrian Franz (57) and his dog Robbie (4) live on a street near Rotterdam Central Station. They are looking for a job but have neither a roof over their head nor an address from which to apply. "Who can give it to us?

"Help," they ask. Franz is a driver and has a driver's license that also allows him to drive large trucks and bulldozers. He hoped to find work in the port of Rotterdam or on the Maasvlakte, but this did not happen. "I can't go to an interview like this and come with Robbie (a giant Labrador)."

He has already knocked on the door of the Pauluskerk, but cannot enter because of the dog. “And I won't leave this beast to its fate,” says Franz. And so they've been wandering around Rotterdam CS lately in search of shelter, now that autumn, wind and rain are taking their toll.

See also!

Who can help Franz and Robbie?

Photogenic Welthafentage

The Saturday of the World Port Days ended with a spectacular fireworks display over the Nieuwe Maas and the panorama of Rotterdam. Photo: AS Media

RotteRdam – World Port Days are of course terribly photogenic. This can also be clearly seen on De Havenlood's Facebook page since the opening on Friday morning. Amongst others we have posted photos from AS Media from the opening show, a report from our colleague (and specialist in marine photography around the North Island) Arco van der Lee and our regular photographer Arjen Stad. We also witnessed a naval search for a body near the Koninginne Bridge. And we ended with this beautiful photo of the fireworks. You can continue to enjoy World Port Days at De Havenloods on Facebook.

What do you think? RotteRdam - A small selection of reactions to messages from visitors to De Havenloods on Facebook. Matthijs Goes: "Hehe, it just belongs in the tunnel from front to back." No more construction site infrastructure." (Rotterdam City Council votes against plans A13/A16)

Mirjam Vinken: "Bart, we saw it yesterday on the way home" (about the beautiful Saturday fireworks during the World Port Days)

Ferry van der Kaaij: "Rijnmond's animal feed bank will contact Franz and make sure his dog has enough food for as long as necessary." (Response to the call for help on our page about homeless Franz and his dog)

Marlene Zeggelink-Sickert: "No, hello... at first the farmers complained about the spring because it was too dry and now everything is rotting because of the heavy rain... maybe for a while it's "normal", "again to stay". " " (There is always something to be said about the weather

Also check out De Havenloods on Facebook!

Agenda for the next few daysRotteRdam – Everyone in Rotterdam can post their agenda activities on our website. Here is a small excerpt of what is planned for the next few days:

Thursday, September 10, 2015, 2:00 p.m. Event. Join the guild on a tour of Tuin Schoonoord. 7:00 p.m. WordPress learning workshop

Friday, September 11, 2015 10:00 A series of events with the Guild around services 15:00 Lecture / Discussion / Talks Workshops “Healthy Pregnancy” 16:00 Opening / Opening Opening of the exhibition Mentoraat w Mapie 16:00 Literary event Presentation from the book “Everything gets better! – Well, almost everything” 7:30 p.m. Lecture / discussion / conversation in the lecture (living room)

Saturday 12 September 2015 10:00 am Event open house around the church and cemetery of Hillegonda 12:00 Schiebroek skateboarding competition Saturday 12 September

Look for the full program and add your own at!


Best ReadRotteRdam – This is the most read news on last Monday.1. Irene Zorg wins the KNLTB Master Tournament2. Take a walk along the information boards about the history of Ommoordse Veld3. Remembering 50 years with Ommoord4. Schollevaar5 badminton club open in the evenings. Murder Sees Sarah Bowling Tournament

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24/7 for the attention of your customers

Your company or offer in the spotlight


Havenloods is at the heart of the community and involved 24/7

SUNDAY 20 SEPTEMBER OPEN! 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m





dethleffy | Knaus | mudguard | jam | Teun

Langeweg 1a | 3274 LZ Heinenoord (park biznesowy Heinenoord) | T 0186-60 40 00


Caravan Fendt!FendtFendt

Now I'm at Campolife:


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Nursing homes are popular with older people Research shows that older people like living in a place where safety and care come together. In many venues this is no longer regulated as the government no longer supports it. So where can you go?

Care must remain affordable. That is the government's approach. He sends it

Commitment to a nursing home does not mean changing everything so that older people can live at home as long as possible, because it is cheaper than being placed in a nursing home. This approach is at odds with the needs of older people, shows a recent Platform31 knowledge organization study in collaboration with industry organizations and care entrepreneurs.

Private facilities The survey shows that older people indicated that they would like to live in a residential facility. On the one hand for security and constant presence of care, on the other hand for sociability. The state finances this

However, he no longer has a vision, but advises staying at home as long as possible. While it may no longer be the best choice, it is no coincidence that older people are increasingly turning to private care services. It doesn't have to be as expensive as many people think, either. The results of the analysis agency Beren-schot show that there are private institutions that know very well how to provide a lot of care for little money.

can give. The quality of these objects is therefore high.

Entrepreneurship An example of such a private care organization is European CareResidences. This organization, run by husband and wife team Maria Scholts and Paul Bijleveld, has created various care centers where residents can grow old alone or together.

Here the residents can do whatever they want. Large and small care tasks are taken over by the organization, leaving the residents and their relatives time to take care of all kinds of activities. "Moving to a nursing home doesn't have to mean that everything will be different," says board member Maria Scholts. "Has anyone lived together before? Then you can do that with us. Has anyone had a pet? Then you can just go. At ECR we believe it is important that people continue to live their lives as they are used to.”

Resilience to the Life Course In addition to household support and personal care, the organization also offers 24/7 care at a fixed price. This structure is popular with the elderly. Rent is payable in public nursing homes, and the more care we provide, the higher the cost. Private care facility fees as a permanent ECR remain the same. This allows people to live in the same place even if their needs change. It ages in its own way ECR care centers are located in several places in the Netherlands. Visit for more information.

In addition to care, ECR also offers household help and body care, e.g. by a beautician.

More information or booking Visit or call +31 (0)251 - 376 161

This package is valid until arrival on March 31, 2016 (excluding public holidays and events). Stay for two people in a standard double room. The price does not include booking costs (€5 per booking), taxes and administration fees (€2 per person) and the weekend supplement for stays on Friday and/or Saturday evenings (€5 per person). In September you can book this package for €109 per person

3-day package • Welcome with coffee or tea and regional delicacies • 2 x overnight stays • 2 x extensive breakfast buffets • 1 x luxurious 3-course menu on arrival • Information package about the region, including cycling and hiking trails • Free WiFi

Breathe in the fresh air in Wijk aan Zee for 3 days

The perfect place for a nice few days

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Zeeduin **** is located on the edge of Wijk aan Zee, only 50 meters from the widest beach in the Netherlands. This cozy seaside resort offers numerous sports facilities and is ideal for a relaxing seaside holiday. Enjoy beautiful bike rides and walks in the dunes or visit historic Haarlem.

99 € pro Person

DELFT • TRUELSTRALAAN 61-63 (WC INDOOR) TEL: 015 - 2619312

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Claudia Terry Quilter velor bed sheet with an elegant fit

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View our complete Lion Beddenshop collection:

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Participate and win? Create the best school newspaper with the class!

Register now at

Sign up for Project Skolekrant, create the best school newspaper and become the leader of that newspaper for a day.

To help you and your class create the best school newspaper, you can attend a press conference as a journalist, listen to a short lecture, or enlist the help of a real journalist.

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Kuiter: simply good food If you are looking for good food without the complicated presentation of the individual dishes, you have come to the right place at Kuiter. If you decide the opening hours (Wednesday to Sunday, from 18:00), it can suddenly become your favorite restaurant. Chef Joris prepares stars from the sky in a beautiful building on the corner of Mathenesserweg. His wife

Chi Wen serves heavenly wines. We ate sour rabbit breast with roasted beetroot salad and tartare (seasoned to perfection). Favorite was the tender rib with Little Green Egg, second to none! The changing menu is a collection of beautiful dishes, cooked to perfection. Four courses cost €32, five €40. Reservation: 010-4155745.

Seemingly simple dishes are turned into a feast at Kuiter's, like this crispy bacon and poached egg salad.

Parades at Art in the Witte de Withkwartier At Art in the Witte de Withkwartier, the weekend exhibitions On the Other Side of Reality, with Marga Weimans and Mette Sterre, Janneke van der Putten: All Begins with A and Rotterdam Cultural Histories #5 by Robert de Hartogh: Summer Carnival, Early Years can be seen continuously in TELET. On Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00 the KNSTMPPN Workshop will take place, an accessible but challenging card game about Rotterdam's art in public space. “The better you look, keep up and argue, the better your chances of winning.” The End Of Normal street parade takes place at 14:00. Fourteen young people worked all summer together with the artist Mette Sterre on a competition where

Themes such as identity, masquerade and performance are taken as a starting point. The street parade across Margi Weiman's reality is at 5 p.m. With the manifestation On The Other Side Of Reality, TENT goes beyond the walls and approaches the summer carnival in Rotterdam. On Sunday, Rotterdam-based artist Janneke van der Putten will give two guided tours through his solo exhibition Everything Starts with A. At 2pm, Wouter Welling, curator of contemporary art at the African Museum in Berg en Dal, will talk to photographer Robert de Hartogh about his work. De Hartogh has been examining the development of labor migration since the early 1970s.

culture in the middle of the night

The name speaks for itself: during 24 hours of culture, visitors can literally enjoy the jewels of the new Rotterdam cultural season for 24 hours. “Have you always wanted to stay in the gallery? This is possible within 24 hours after culture. Although there is no time to sleep because the most exciting moments happen in the dark,” says the basement of 24 Hours of Culture in North Rotterdam. “In the middle of the night you will be surprised by the famous people of Rotterdam. Beds in secret locations can already be booked through

[email protected]“Parfum de BoemBoem celebrates 24 hours of culture with 24 hours of special tours. Bike and hiking tours guarantee unique encounters and live performances at famous and undiscovered locations in the city. There is also a special tour for night owls: club owner and DJ Aziz Yagoub shows where he gets his inspiration from at Night. For example, ConceptBank can be seen on the Witte de With Kwar level, where visitors not only see the work of others, but also perform the show themselves. “Visit Douglas Coupland's Bit Rot exhibition or

Take the In The Outside Art Tour, which turns the museum park into an art fair.” There will also be a workout for culture vultures with loose hips. “SoulCity at BIRD stands for a steamy club night full of soul classics from the 70s and 80s, dance boogies and swinging boss. Party at Annabel with The Million Plan: a high-end house duo with an impressive track record on the Dutch music scene. A cocktail of musical styles will take place on the GIST stage in the Zomerhof district[email protected]warm currents on Coolhaven Island

The sounds of Cape Verdean songs will take you to Cabo Verde. “Or hop from room to room in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg and experience teasers, performances, teasers and dance workshops by Conny Janssen Danst, Scapino Ballet and HipHopHuis. The KinderKnutsel culture breakfast on Sunday mornings (from 11:00 a.m.) is perfect for hangover parents with children. Mom and Dad invite you to a delicious breakfast consisting of organic scrambled eggs, jam, cheese, pancetta, yoghurt with muesli and fruit, among other things, while the children have fun at the craft table. More information and complete program: www

A cocktail of musical styles rolls across the GIST stage in Zomerho�wartier[email protected]On Coolhaveneiland, the warm sounds of Cape Verdean songs will take you to Cabo Verde.

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys From Los Angeles, Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys perform at Blues Podium L'Esprit. According to the blues scene, "one of the dirtiest blues-rock bands west of the Sunset Strip and a well-oiled rock machine that guarantees a great game of raw blues hum." Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys were formed with the late Lester Butler and compared to his Red Devils, and there's a lot to be said for these gentlemen making blues rock like the Red Devils do, which sometimes reminds me a bit of Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Hound Dog Taylor, Paul Butterfield, but especially them Red Devils. Great voice, clear harmonica and above all nice guitar work. "This is how the blues should be played: raw, worn out, heavy and passionate." The concert will take place on Saturday 12 September at 20:30 at Wendeldijk 25. The ticket costs 8.50 euros. More information at

Danspaleis will visit De Waalse Kerk in Rotterdam on Wednesday September 16th. Danspaleis is an old-fashioned cozy disco for the elderly. De PlatenDraaier (PD) pull old tenants like Johnny Hoes, Louis Prima, Doris Day and many other stars from the past out of the trunk. The afternoon dance starts at 2pm and a ticket costs €2.50 at the church on the corner of Schiedamse Vest and Pierre Baylestraat.

Pretty old fashioned

Songs, sex appeal and blues with Triggerfanger Flemish band Trigger-fanger will perform at Rotterdam's Schouwburg on Thursday 10 September. The organizers of the concert are Motel Mozaique and Rotown. Written in Mu-sic, in their review of Triggerfinger's sold-out concert at HMH in late 2014, wrote: "It's clear that Triggerfinger has grown out of smaller venues." Well, Rotown and Motel Mozaique are bringing a three-headed rock monster to Rotterdam's Schouwburg. This was recently announced by Triggerfinger on Giel Beelen's 3FM show. Ticket sales for the concert on Thursday, September 10th started immediately afterwards. "Songs, sex appeal, 70's, blues, glamour, swinging hips, hand clapping,

raucous noise and a groove that relentlessly targets the riff: 'By Absence of the Sun' is an album that takes Belgium's biggest rock group of the moment to the next level," says Rotown. "Ruben Block feels very ZZ Top in his riffs, Mario Goossens." finds the atmosphere of the album very Roxy Music, Monsieur Paul hears echoes of Robert Palmer's mocking language. All men in suits, no coincidence. Incidentally, the album was re-recorded with producer Greg Gordon, now almost the “fourth member of Triggerfinger”. The concert Triggerfi n-ger & support The Vintage Caravan starts on September 10th at 20:00. The Great Hall opens at 7:15 p.m.

De Kanjers celebrates 5th anniversary Kanjers (Dave van der Wal and Perry Zuidam) have been around for 5 years and are celebrating with a fantastic show for all their fans.

Store hits like Langs de Maas, Thep in myjn hart, CountryRoads, Que Sera and De Rotterdamse Medley come with new material

Past. The event takes place on Saturday 12 September at the Theater Zuidplein and starts at 8 p.m. Tickets on tel. 010 20 30.


De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (28)

Invisible bracket

Full click teeth.

Ordinary dentures

oral hygiene


Treatment under anesthesia. lining implant

Krone Krone

Mostly me

See you at the information day in one of our departments.

Clicking Full activates Full

Click-on-Prothese Komplett

Our LocationOmurdertake


also patients


adjust and heel.

Our LocationOmurdertake



HZU-ENT(amendment)-GV-NS-ZB R

NOTE!Come in the coming time

Visit one of our SmileClinic facilities for an information day and find out about everything without obligation

possible treatments within prostheses and implants.


Enjoy the freedom of well-fitting teeth Thanks to modern dental care and good oral hygiene, people can now enjoy their own teeth longer. But the condition of our own teeth and molars is slowly but steadily deteriorating. Restorative dentistry offers a solution in almost all cases. Veneers, crowns (on implants), bridges or other removable structures such as partial or full dentures (click) enable you to enjoy and laugh well into old age, which we will inform you about on our information day.

All about snap prostheses. Do you suffer from loose dentures every day? Then you may be entitled to dentures, which will be reimbursed by your basic insurance.

Treatment under anesthetic Are you afraid of the dentist and have neglected your teeth? Does that mean that you no longer dare to laugh freely out of shame? Then treatment under general anesthesia can be the solution.

FREE bouquet included

every guest and a cool gadget!

Crown opiplant v.a.


...and the coffee is ready


Get to know each other for FREE If you would like good, personal advice, then book a free introductory session. We will then take a closer look at your oral situation and advise you on what is best for you. We also provide a cost estimate!

FREE VALUE CHECK E50 until redeemed after until redeemed after until redeemed after until redeemed after Complete denture (click) Complete denture (click) Complete denture (click) Complete denture (click) Prosthetic treatment.

Bel. 010 - 760 5005


Lekenburg 2-012804 XC Gouda

Bloemendaal Shopping Center Next to the Health Center

Rotterdam Ommoord Niels Bohrplaats 153068 JK Rotterdam

Rotterdam IJsselmonde Keizerswaard 233078 AL Rotterdam

Vlaardingen Reigerlaan 36

3136 JKVlaardingen

Opening hours Monday to Thursday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m

The best for your teeth


Luxurious armchair Put together your own armchair. Many possibilities

luxury armchair

Sitting becomes a pleasure that you can enjoy every day! ZitWel armchairs are wonderfully comfortable armchairs.

We cordially invite you to our showroom for comprehensive tests. Large selection, fast delivery, professional advice, personal collection.

Relax armchair basalt

wide range of fabrics and leathers

from NOK 1,075 for

Made of fabric, except for the footrest


Made of fabric, except for the footrest


Unique! Armchair with a comfortable new backrest system

applause chair. Available in many fabric and wood colors

Handy armchairs in over 50 colours

Fast delivery! 1495 NOK

applause chair. Available in many fabric and wood colors

Royal Armchair Electrically adjustable standing aid included

Relaxing armchair. Adjustable backrest and legs. Many color and size options

Armchair Senator

Patented top-class transporter

sit down well

Noa swivel armchairMade of fabric or leather


NOK 695 without footrest

available with 5 engines

Danish quality... 10 year guarantee on the frame




ESCUDOSTRAAT 7 - BARENDRECHTWOonboulevard Barendrecht 010-456 72 80







3,- € RABAT

2511 8438

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De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (29)

Yolanda Mooldijk-Stuif-zand (49) has been cancer-free for five years. From the swab and the ultrasound it looks like she always has been, but she didn't dare. Dr. Kian from the gynecology department at IJsselland Hospital took my concerns seriously.

Yolanda has psychic abilities that played an important role in the discovery of her illness. When she saw her gynecologist Dr. Kian due to bleeding, the ultrasound showed no cause for concern. DR. Kian did it just to be safe

lubricate and suggested placing Mi-rena upstream. To this end, Yolanda conducted a reconnaissance operation.

Urinary incontinence has a major impact on the daily functioning of the child and family. Therefore, urinary incontinence in children is increasingly recognized as a problem.

Problems with urination in children If a child does not learn or use the bladder and/or pelvic floor muscles properly, this can lead to various problems. These can include urinary problems such as urinating too often, too little or at the wrong time (in your panties), bladder infections or bedwetting. To

For children with these problems, urotherapy may be the solution.

What is urotherapy? Since December 2014, IJsselland Hospital has employed a pediatric urologist. Urotherapy is an interdisciplinary approach to the problem: it is a combination of knowledge, physical training and behavioral insight. Urologist Suzanne Benci explains: “I monitor and train a child with urinary problems

Parents. In the talks, we enlighten parents and children and teach them how to deal with problems together.”

Referral for urotherapy Patients are referred to a urologist by a pediatrician or urologist. Referrals can also be made through the Pico Belly Clinic at IJsselland Hospital, a clinic for children with urinary and/or defecation problems and chronic abdominal pain.

Crystal Ball "I have Dr. Told Kian not to laugh at me," says Yolanda. "But my crystal ball told me I had cancer, so I wanted to talk to my gynecologist about it. Luckily she took me very seriously. On the day of the operation, the doctor could not find anything through the keyhole that would indicate cancer, and the cytological result was also good. But at the same time, she hinted that she could never completely rule it out."

Confirmation Of course, Dr. Kian undergoes a series of biopsies during keyhole surgery. That is, she removed pieces of tissue that were then taken to the lab.

Rhenium has been researched. Yolanda: “A week later she called me and shared the results with me. I felt it was wrong and right. Turns out I have cancer. And while it confirmed what I already knew, it was the worst day of my life." Now I had to break the bad news to my husband and kids, too."

Extremely professional "Dr. Kian was visibly excited during our conversation at the hospital but remained extremely professional. We discussed all the options and then she gave me an appointment for the surgery within two weeks. I have no idea about the operation

I'm worried right now. I was just glad they helped me so quickly.”

Not a number “I could always turn to the gynecological department at IJsselland Hospital with my questions and concerns,” says Yolanda. "The staff know what's going on and take their time with you." Even when I was in the hospital, all the nurses were nice, friendly and warm.

I don't really need checks anymore. Nevertheless, I can come every year. I was there two months ago and everything looked fine.

Also thanks to my gynecologist I am still here

Urotherapy in children

gynecologist dr NA Kianmanesh Rad

care and welfare advertising

The National Education Week takes place from October 5th to 11th. This year's theme is "Give me a high five!". Ahead of this week, the Youth and Family Center is offering various tips and advice for parents in this newspaper. A total of five times. For the first time we discuss the secure attachment between parent and child. This is the basis for children to develop their own identity and get along well with others.

How a Secure Attachment Forms Attachment takes place in the first few years of life. From the first moment after birth, babies seek contact, for example by crying or smiling. When father and mother react, interaction occurs. You hug your baby and comfort it when it cries. This is how children feel that they are receiving love and support. Bonding with your baby, responding to his conversations or his laughter and talking together strengthens the bond, but of course only if you pay full attention to him. The smartphone can wait a while.

Why a secure attachment is so important Children who know they can turn to their parents if they need help are more likely to make friends and get things done on their own. A child with a strong attachment feels accepted and has a higher self-esteem, which is important for a pleasant mood, for example. And when you have faith in yourself and others, it becomes easier to make and keep friends. For young people, a secure attachment is considered a good basis for building intimate relationships. It is therefore not only important in the first years of life, but also long afterwards.

Promote a secure attachment? Give me a high five! 1. Comfort your child when this happens

cry. 2. Having fun together. 3. Hug your baby

to 4. Talk to (or with) your

Child. 5. Give your child positive results


Appreciate a good foundation with your child

More Information Would you like more information about Safe Attachment?

Go to www.zoekjouwcjg.nlofbel010-2010110.

You need diagnostic tests. At DC Klinieken Rotterdam you can have various diagnostic tests carried out. Our experienced radiologists are at your disposal in a patient-friendly environment. The test takes place in a small medical center with plenty of space for personal care.

Have you been referred for an MRI, X-ray, ultrasound or EKG by your doctor or GP? You can quickly make an agreement with us. You can also come to us for a blood test on weekdays between 8.30 a.m. and 11.45 a.m. without making an appointment.

For more information or questions please visit our website: Or contact us on (010) 217 ​​69 00 or[email protected]

• No waiting time, you can leave quickly • Fast communication with your doctor • Full reimbursement by your health insurance** with no deductible. Different grants apply for MRI.

Mainland 103011 BL Rotterdamt (010) 21769 00 Rotterdam

‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 29

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (30)


On site



d, except W

add to

land now








single engine package




.Price Changes

, Occupied







possibly above


the tar








Arthur's footsteps

Vicenza RedLimitierte Edition

VicenzaStadsfi ets

New York

price changes

, Occupied







possibly above


the tar







Verona Toerfi et

ForteTransport bike

Silnik Corrado-Stillemidden

SardiniaVery low entrance






EARN 2000 €


May 2015


Yes, send me a free brochure


Postcode City



Pan Pani

1509.2-Wegener door to door Mail the voucher prepaid to Stella Cycling, Freepost 725, 8070 WB Nunspeet






Non-binding demonstration and internal service Call 0341 - 25 22 66 for a free brochure or a non-binding test drive

Now or never discounts

Request a free brochure or a non-binding test drive

0341 - 25 22 66


Electric bike late summer discount!

New showroom Oosteinderweg 90 in Nunspeet Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm Sat 9am-5pm

35% Discount!

now to

The promotion is valid until Saturday, September 19th. up to 5 years guarantee

Delivery time 5 days

Free demo and service at your home

Lowest Price Guarantee

Dutch quality product


A selection from our range

FREE Brochure

999 e-bikes temporarily



Possible change**

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (31)

Private rental amounts based on 48 months / 10,000 km per year. Mandatory one-off advance of €695 VAT included. The private lease price is in euros and includes VAT, interest, depreciation, tyres, maintenance, repairs, 24/7 roadside assistance, WA Casco, accident insurance, road tax and legal assistance. The price of private leasing does not include the cost of fuel, fines and insurance excess. Prices are in euros and include VAT/BPM. switch on and off Ask for the exact conditions or visit Models shown may vary from standard specifications. Various models are also available with an automatic transmission for an additional charge. Subject to changes, printing and typographical errors. The offer applies to production vehicles registered in May 2015. Combined fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: km/litre: 23.3–20.4; l/100km: 4.3-4.9; CO2 gr/km: from 99-115.

Regular: €14,910 Registration fee: €1,205 Ford & Ardea trade-in discount: €1,710 Advantage: €2,915 Metallic paint surcharge: €600 / 5-door surcharge: €500


11.995,- €


8.995,- €



210,- alt

(at 10,000 km/48 months) you only pay for the fuel

PRIVATE RENTAL 3 people Don't worry

249,- alt

(at 10,000 km/48 months) you only pay for the fuel

Regular: €10,995 Registration fee: €1,000 Ford and Ardea trade-in discount: €1,000 Your advantage: €2,000 Metallic paintwork surcharge: €550

Ford KaSTYLE 51 kW – 69 Stk

Equipped with air conditioning, electric front windows, side airbags on the front seats, radio/CD player with 4 speakers, Aux socket for smartphone, EPS, ABS, folding rear seat, start-stop system, height-adjustable driver's seat.

Ford FiestaSTYLE 3-DRS 48 kW - 65 stk

Well equipped with air conditioning, central locking, CD radio with steering wheel controls, 6 speakers, electric. Tilting windows, 7 airbags, el. Controllable and heated side mirrors, tinted windows.

Technology Navigation Pack with Europe 5" Navigation, SYNC Smartphone Link, Bluetooth, Text Reader, Voice Control.

€8,995 Additional charge for metallic paintwork: €550

Ford Fiesta


You can find the address and opening times at For more information please phone: Dordrecht - 078 652 1515 | Gorinchem - 0183 646 000 | North Rotterdam - 010 207 0707 | West Rotterdam - 010 2453555 | South Rotterdam - 010 492 7777 | Sliedrecht - 0184 418 088

You have the opportunity to win great prizes

Click and win!


Havenloods is at the heart of the community and involved 24/7


Our ROGAM Rotterdam, Spain polder service location has recently undergone extensive refurbishment. During the open house on Saturday 12th September you can admire the wonderful effect of this renovation. From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., visitors are guided through the renovated site and have the opportunity to see the latest Mercedes-Benz models. Thanks to the glass facade, the building has a stylish and modern look, and almost the entire interior of the workshop has been replaced with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Mercedes-Benz ROGAM dealer develops and is successful in the areas of passenger cars, vans and trucks. After the previously completed new branches in Gouda and Rotterdam Autostrada, the ROGAM branch in the Spanish polder now also had to undergo a comprehensive renovation. The building was significantly expanded on the office level, as there is a spacious reception area for the car and commercial vehicle departments.

Seats and a spacious waiting room. Thanks to the glass facade, new facade cladding and swing gates, as well as modern neon signs from Mercedes-Benz and ROGAM, the building got a stylish and modern look. Almost the entire interior of the workshop was replaced with state-of-the-art equipment. Inside the parts warehouse there is also a cabinet for electronic parts, which has significantly increased the storage capacity.

ROGAM Rotterdam Spaanse Polder is one of six ROGAM service branches around the main traffic arteries of Rotterdam and Gouda. At ROGAM Rotterdam Spaan-se Polder, customers can

for maintenance and repair work on Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Customers are also very welcome at ROGAM Spanje Polder with their Smart for maintenance and repair work, as well as for unexpected damage and replacement transport.

ROGAM Rotterdam Spaanse Polder is centrally located in the northern part of Rotterdam and is also easily accessible from Schiedam, Vlaardingen and many surrounding communities, both by car and public transport.

Open house at ROGAM Rotterdam Spaanse Polder Saturday 12 September from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Spanish Polder ROGAM Rotterdam:

Schuttevaerweg 18-20 Rotterdam


‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 31

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (32)

*The starting prices shown are indicative retail prices excluding VAT/BPM and excluding costs for technical advice, legal fees and disposal fees. The road safety costs for the Caddy are €752.25 excluding VAT and €917.25 for the Transporter. The costs are consulting costs and can vary from dealer to dealer. The car shown may contain other versions. Subject to changes, printing and typographical errors. You can find the exact conditions at up to €10,000 for 36 months with 2.99% interest or up to €10,000 for 48 months with 3.99% interest

You don't have to get back what you haven't used.

Come by and get to know the new Caddy and Transporter at a great price.

Not until September

2,99 %*


Stormpolderdijk 38, Krimpen a/d IJssel. Tlf. 0180 - 55 95 00 Wormerhoek 16, Capelle a/d IJssel. Tlf. 010 - 459 94 00 Vlambloem 40 - 48, Rotterdam Ommoord. Tlf. 010 - 420 71 11

Not until September

2,99 %*


Calculation example cash payment

Total loan amount Last installment Installment amount

Total amount to be paid by the consumer Debit interest

Duration of the effective annual interest rate

Volkswagen Caddy €13,650 €3,650 €10,000 1 €290.56 €10,461.16 2.99% 2.99% 36 months

Volkswagen Transporter €17,900 €7,900 €10,000 €1 €225.40 €10,820.00 3.99% 3.99% 48-month financing from Volkswagen Bank in Amersfoort. Registered in the commercial register under the company name Volkswagen Bank GmbH branch Netherlands under number 32099980 and with registered office in Amersfoort. Registered in the AFM register under number 12000996. Financing offer based on a non-revolving loan. Overdraft rate 7.49% Examination and registration for BKR in Tiel. Advice guide available upon request or download.

‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 32

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (33)

Last minute deals for classes

ROGAM Rotterdam Autostrada, Autolettestraat 4, Rotterdam Tel.: 010 - 45 22 322 ROGAM Gouda/Moordrecht, Grote Esch 50, Moordrecht Tel.: 0182 - 696 060 ROGAM Rotterdam Charlois, Driemanssteeweg 40, Rotterdam 02 1013 Rotterdam Tel.: 0103 Rotterdam Starszy (serwis), Schuttevaerweg 18-20, Rotterdam Tel.: 010 - 29 83 933

Combined consumption: 5.4 - 5.1 l/100 km, 18.5 - 19.6 km/l. CO2 emissions: 126 - 119 g/km. The prices shown are inclusive of BPM and VAT and do not include. Offered models from stock already registered. While stocks last. *The 5-year warranty consists of a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and a 3-year star warranty. Ask for conditions. See for costs and delivery conditions.

Normal €38,806 ROGAM registration benefit €6,056

Extensive equipment with automatic transmission, thermal air conditioning, on-board computer, light and vision package, navigation, xenon lighting, seat comfort package, cruise control, parking sensors and AMG package including 18-inch LM wheels and AMG styling.

ROGAM special price from

32.750,- €

Specially purchased with a discount of up to €6284! Specially purchased with a discount of up to €6284! 35xMercedes-Benz A-Class

A180 Automatic Ambition mit AMG-Paket 90 kW – 122 PS

Temporarily 5 years


Quecruyt and Warmoestoerte... Feel like Italian hatred? Or would you prefer to eat Warmoestoerte? On Saturday September 12, De Tijdtrap and De Wereld van Smaak are organizing a special dinner at the Markthal: Taste the 16th century.

Rotterdam - The occasion is the pop-up exhibition of the same name "At the table with Pieter Aertsen", which can be seen from 12 September as part of De Tijdtrap in Markthal. It is also a foretaste of the upcoming exhibition “Discovering everyday life – from Bosch to Bruegel”, which will be on view at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen from 10 October. Wondering how the Solaet called Pantodapum or Warmoestoerte tastes? Only two 16th-century dishes are served. With this unique three-course menu, you will taste many dishes from the Erasmus period. The dishes are based on original recipes and ingredients from the 16th century, which are also depicted in paintings from this period. Menu also suitable for vegetarians Food journalist Janny

de Moor and the curator of Museum Boijmans Van Beuning-gen, Alexandra Gaba-van Dongen, take the participants on a journey into the tastes and eating habits of Pieter Aertsen's time. During dinner you will be briefed on the dishes and ingredients, how they are prepared and your cooking and dining options.

line was used. Did you know that the fork was not used when eating in those days? Original objects can of course also be seen during a short tour of the archaeological exhibition De Tijd-trap and the pop-up exhibition. The dinner will take place on Saturday 12th September

5 p.m. at De Wereld van Smaak in the Markthal Rotterdam. The price is €39.50. Registration is possible up to and including September 10th by e-mail:[email protected]and provide your name, phone number and the number of participants. Places are limited and full


In cooperation with De Wereld van Smaak, De Havenloods can give away two seats at the table! Would you like to taste the 16th century in the Markthal on Saturday? Go to and take part in the reading campaign!

Source of inspiration for "De Tijdtrap" and "De Wereld van Taste" in the afternoon in the market hall: Pieter Aertsens male, Bondefest, 1550, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

short messages

Gold for Visgilde Kees Ditch and John Vermaasrotterdam - At the end of June both Visgilde Kees Sloot and Visgilde John Vermaas were awarded gold. They received this title by participating in the “Fish Specialist of the Year” competition. Every two years, the Spakenburgse Vishandels Vereniging organizes the Fish Specialist of the Year competition. With the support of the professional association of fishing professionals, all fishing professionals in the Netherlands can register for this competition. A jury of experts visits all participants. The jury evaluates the competitor on all elements included in the fish shop. From hygiene to purchasing, presentation, staff and communication. Only if the jury gives a shop a positive assessment in all points can this shop call itself a "goldfish specialist" for two years. "You expect that there are points that could be improved, but the jury decided otherwise," explains Kees Sloot. “And suddenly you hear that you can call yourself a goldfish specialist. According to the jury, everything is fine. This is a culmination of your work!”

‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 33

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (34)

Region dating woman looking for a man

BLIND DATE Hello, this is Annie. I am looking for a man aged 60-70 for bike rides, walks or a walk on the terrace. Will you call me? 0906-10.10.162 Box: 870123

Who wants to build a good friendship with me? I am a very loving and spontaneous woman aged 58. Are you interested? Then leave a message in my inbox no. Gr. 0906-10.10.162 Box: 176088

Hello, my name is Christina. I am a sweet and spontaneous woman 60+. I'm looking for a nice man up to 65 for a friendship. 0906-10.10.162 Box: 528416

My name is Lisanne, I'm 44 years old and I'm from West Brabant. I am looking for a nice man to build a relationship with. Do you want to know more about me? Then leave a message and call. Kiss. 0906-10.10.162 Box: 864404

Hello, this is Dineke, 63 years old and I'm looking for a nice girlfriend to spend time with. 0906-10/10/162 Box: 596549

Hello, I'm a beautiful brunette, I'm 32 years old. I am very tasty and have a craving for a lot. I'm from the Denver area. Interested? Financial support. 0906-10.10.162 Box: 156777

My name is Daphne, sweet lady for 40 years. I am looking for fun. Would you like to know more? Reply to my inbox. 0906-10.10.162 Box: 199806

I'm a beautiful blonde, I'm 21 years old. I am very shy and would like to have a nice date. Are you interested? Financial support. 0906-10.10.162 Box: 294119

GELDERLAND. Hello, my name is Chantal, I'm 36 years old. Count me in

Want to connect with a cute single through this line?

Bel 0906-10.10.16245cpm

For more cute women from your province, select 2 in the main menu.

Call now quickly on 0906-10.10.162* Do you already have your own checkout number? Dial 1* Don't have your own PO box number? . Select 2*, then select 4 from the main menu

*Now enter the box number that is *next to the ad.

Customer Service Dating Hotline: 0900-123 22 33 80 cpm



Zone 2 0900-123 8082 (10 copies per minute)

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How can I start saving?

This is how it works: You want to call a landline number in Germany (0049): 1. You call 0900-123 8081 and wait for the connection2. You enter the full number (e.g. 004930209560)3. You press the number sign (#). Now you can make very cheap calls with 123 CALL for only 5 CPM!

• No need to register, you can already save money! • Works with all suppliers. • The charges will be added to your current provider's bill.

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YVONNE Box: 3694 Clairsentient card reader. Angelic Message and/or Instructions. mental trainer. I know a lot about soul connections. Call now.

Beautiful 0909-1447 cache: 3694

FOEKJE Box: 3624 Spiritual Advisor, I am happy to help you with your questions or difficult situations. I work with tarot cards and pendulums.

Beautiful 0909-1447 cache: 3624

ANGELA Box: 3762 medium, relationship coach, energy therapist, Reiki master dead contact, HSP expert. I am here for you.

Call 0909-1447. Locker: 3762

externally internally

Therapies and WellnessMr. Oscar with. helps with all problems. Baby come back partner happiness business exam work 100% resolution. 06 - 28867691

Nani, medium He can solve all problems; Love, Business, Trial, Sickness T. 06-43110279


offered by OG

And Th. offered apartment. Alexander in Kurt Callostr. I am looking for a KANDI DATA for the house waiting list in our 55+ Polderstaete complex in Rotterdam Alexanderpolder. You have 3,000. Houses with elevator (social housing for rent) If interested call: 010-4211617 or 010-4771456.

Home & Garden

Interior design and furniture

English Chesterfields in Vlaardingen


Stair covering with carpet from 150 €. Also for vinyl. Phone 0181-403298.

Content**HOUSE SALE**Den Haan. Purchase of complete and partial furnishings, antiques, porcelain, clothing, etc. 010 - 412.57.90 / 06 - / Chamber of Commerce

HOUSE CLEANING After death, your home will be cleaned thoroughly, professionally and at an affordable price, tel. 06-46396866

HOUSE CLEANING and help for seniors

car and transportation

Wanted for sale

OCCASIONINKOP.NL We offer a good price for your car, cashless + DMV-free. Stolwijkstr 41 3079 DNRotterdam, 010-4822236.

CAR RUMMERS De Zaag asks for running, scrapped and damaged cars. From €100. Replacement Dir.RDW. Free pick up service. Tel. 010-4201897

Wanted cars, any price, RDW free. Call, come out! 06-17438876

driving schools

Driving school SEONA 15 driving lessons + 1st driving test. €595. 010-4382833

work and income

of gastronomy

The Grand Hotel Central in Rotterdam is looking for a qualified night receptionist

PT m/k, with experience for Friday and Saturday.

Requirements Customer-friendly, representative, positive and

enthusiastic performance. Hotel high school or equivalent education.

Security diploma desirable. Knowledge of at least Dutch and English

oral and written Good social and communication skills.

Flexibility: No objection to weekend shifts and shifts.

Independent work, sense of responsibility Please send your application together with your CV to:[email protected]

Your gastronomic diploma in 1 year! Host, cook and ZWK. Practice-oriented and hands-on learning Register now!


The Grand Hotel Central in Rotterdam is looking for a very customer-friendly,

motivated, flexible, honest, cleaner PT m/f, with experience

Please send your answers together with your CV to:[email protected]

DDD I am looking for staff


for various companies in day or shift work.

Own transport is an additional advantage!

Are you looking for a job quickly and are available full-time?

Bel 010 - 243 08 98

Good homework, up to €2,500! Packaging of sweets, stickers. Info: 0909-400.6000 (90 CPM)

The staff offered PAINTER 65+ for indoor and outdoor use. White and Gravy/Paperwork. 06-25510799

business and finance


NOT AVAILABLE Tax and/or accounting support Inl.: 06 - 26 01 62 27

family relationship

relationship mediation


large national member database, home interview, members 29 - 89 years 088-0542400 (local rate)

www.relationshipbase.nlBVSK lid

holidays and events

Model railway fair SPIJK-SPOOR knives and knives. sad. 12 September, 10am - 3pm at Delta Albrands-waardsedijk 74 - 3172 AAPortugal. Admission €2.50 Børn free!

Mega SNUFFEL MARKET Sun. September 13 per Bernhardlaan, center of Voorburg. Ad.10.00 hours Only used, no parties. Willy Events 06-53752741

====Loppemarked====Am 16. September. & 7. October Middenbaan Nrd RotterdamHoogvliet

====Flea Market====Sunday 20 September. Midfield N.R'dam Hoogvliet. The car behind the booth

Sunday September 13th FLEA MARKET

Olympiahal Maassluis 21:00-17:00 MDV 06 - 41 01 09 00

Shoe sale on September 12 against Adrichemweg Rotterdam v.a. 10 €. 06-53752741

Sol. 27. September Dordrecht Loppemarked, 0294-237320

Pop-up BROCANTE (flea market) 12.9. 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Threshing decision 15 Schiebroek/Rotterd.

*LOPPEMARKED* 19. September Bachplein Schiedam Indledende Informationen: 06-83036368

*LOPPEMARKED* 13. September Central lane Hoogvliet Einführungsinformationen: 06-83036368

MEGA FLEA TRICK: Saturday at 10am + Sunday 11 October, Feijenoord Stadium at 10am-4pm). 300 stands per day. 06 - 53777967

====Flea Market====Sunday 13 September. Heemraadsplein R'dam West. COMPLETE BOOK

I like that. September 13th CAUSE SHIELD Olympiahalle Maass-Luis. Package MDV06-41010900.

* MEGA FLEA MARKET * Sunday 13 September Spinozaweg (10am-4pm). 200 DKK FULL BOOKING FREE entry. 06 - 53777967

====Flea Market====Sunday 20 September. NoordpleinR'dam Nrd 06-

Kledjes/r.markt und fest.kidsKoeweide/Crooswijk 10 euro13 i 27 września 06-28270073

*FLEA MARKET* 20 September Loydplein Rotterdam. Introductory information: 06-83036368

*LOPPEMARKED* 20. September Maasboulevard Schiedam.Informationen:

*FLEA MARKET* September 19 Town Hall. Nwkerk a/d IJ. Information: 06-83036368

More staff wanted

Remote? You can quickly reach a large audience via the Internet and go to for this newspaper

Kleintjesmarkt Small print, large selection

Large reach You can quickly reach a large target group via the Internet and this newspaper. Visit

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (35)

Healthy and comfortable sleep

Superoferta: Boxspring-Premium

You can find more great offers at Limited stock gone = gone!

Does your current mattress need to be replaced?

On this comfortable innerspring mattress you can enjoy optimal sleep every night!

The medium-firm mattress offers sufficient support so that you wake up relaxed.

In addition, the special suspension with a conical shape ensures ideal weight distribution for maximum comfort.

The integrated top layer of comfort foam protects the mattress.

In short, a lot!

Extremely high discount! Complete set of springs to choose from. Wake up rested and relaxed. Integrated topper with comfort foam

Nice medium firm mattress


Available in 6 colors

Superoferta: Boxspring-Premium

Extremely high discount! Complete spring box for

order now



Choose your size

elsewhere 1145.00


NOK 432, you save NOK 713!

It's about magic. For example, Apassionata's latest play "In de Ban van de Spiegel" will be shown in Europe from November.

rotterdam – The Horse Association will of course also visit the Netherlands, on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November Ahoy Rotterdam will present three events. With over 50 horses, ponies and donkeys, mysterious wild riders performing mesmerizing acrobatics, breathtaking freestyle dressage, dazzling lighting effects, mesmerizing dances and songs, it's guaranteed to be a performance like no other. Set in spectacular and ever-changing landscapes, the story of sisters Amy and Tracy unfolds as they enter a wondrous palace of mirrors. The girl's journey leads to fantastical locations and far-off exotic lands that provide the perfect backdrop for a wonderful array of costumes and props. Thus, Amy and Tracy arrive at a raging sea where the untamed quadrille of wild horses are transformed

Docks of the sailing ship fleet. They then encounter a Chinese dragon to guide them and end up in a bustling village hosting a glittering masquerade ball. The story gets very exciting when Amy and Tracy's way is blocked by two sinister henchmen who gallop by like a whirlwind on powerful black Friesian stallions. The sisters are supported by the inhabitants of the jungle, consisting of nimble riders who perform the most daring somersaults from the saddle.

fascinating and dazzling spectacle. Qualified riders and trainers show what they have achieved with their horses. With "In de Ban van de Spiegel" Apassionata once again proves its position as the most popular and most successful family show and attracts more than 5 million viewers in Europe alone. Visiting times: Saturday, November 21 at 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Sunday 22 November at Tickets are available from €44.00 excluding service charges via or 0900 300 1250 (0.60 p/m). All-inclusive packages are also available.

Ren magi and Appassionata showet

Perform mesmerizing stunts, breathtaking liberty drills and dazzling lighting effects.

Pendrechtse Molen opens the region – On Saturday and Sunday 12 and 13 September, the Pendrechtse Molen at Charloisse Lagedijk will be open to the public as part of the Monuments Open Day from 09:00 to 05:00. When the wind is light

turn, if there is enough wind the mill grinds. Visitors can see and experience how water has been pumped away by the wind for centuries to keep feet dry and put to good use

Country. You will find Pendrechtse Molen at Charloisse Lagedijk 364 at the end of Langenhorst and Vrijenburgweg. For more information, visit or call 010 - 480.47.28.

Fitland Group has been developing for 30 years since the opening of the first department in Mill. The number of wellness centers, hotels, restaurants and sports centers is increasing every year.

Region – 19 Achmea Health Centers were acquired by Fitland Group, bringing the number of sports facilities to 39. This means almost doubling the group of sports products within the Fitland Group. This increase has many advantages, including in the shopping area. As a result, the Fit-Land Group was able to permanently reduce sports prices from September without making concessions in terms of range and quality. Unlimited sport in Fitland is now from 8.95 pers. possible, also for existing members

Take advantage of this. But sport in Fitland is not only becoming more accessible. We also invest in quality. With the launch of Real Fitness, Fitland takes a new, even revolutionary approach to free gym training. Functional training is key! Different concepts

All aim to introduce this type of training to fitness soon. Everything revolves around movements similar to everyday life such as running, pushing, pulling and jumping. It takes place in an inspiring environment. Come, discover and feel the difference!

Fitland is still growing, so prices can be reduced!

It is all about movements that are similar to everyday activities, such as running, pushing, pulling and jumping.

‹ Havenloods Alexander Wednesday 9 September 2015 35

De Havenloods Alexander Week 37 – [PDF Document] (36)



99.95*Prices and misprints reserved

From Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday from 12.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.




We treat all our customers this week

*for purchases over 200 euros

available for purchase as a DVD box set

100 years Rotterdam with 3 DVDs.



299* ONLY SATURDAY, 12 SEPTEMBER 2015 FROM 5 PM - 6 PM Item no. 492345

Reinauda Emansa

The last class on Saturday is Super Hour at Correct. At Ceintuurbaan 111 you can take advantage of a good offer every Saturday from 17:00 to 18:00.

A telephone order or order and go = go is not possible with this offer.


AKAI AL4275 SMART• 42 inch (± 107 cm) • Netflix and YouTubedirect button on the remote control

• DVB C/T tuner • Ziggo/UPC certified • Scart connection • 2x HDMI connections • USB connection • Energy class A+

• Calls. 96.5x56.8x9.8 cm799.-RIGHT PRICE Item no. 549177





HARMAN KARDON MAESTRO SMART AUDIO surface/built-in radio with CD player, USB input, AUX input, FM and DAB+ radio, two invisible speakers and subwoofer. 549522





JAMO DMR-70B RDS/DTSDVD-RECEIVER • Eingebauter DVD-Player • DTS-, Dolby Digital- und Dolby Pro Logic II-Decoder

• HDMI connection • RDS tuner preset 40 times • Dimmable. 43x5.2x36 cm JBL CS-68 SUBWOOFER SET INCLUDING subwoofer with integrated amplifier and 2 satellite speakers.

849 CORRECT SETTINGS PRICE Item no. 397139

Rona Limbergera

Emiel Ramsair

KOBO GLO HD EREADER • 6-Zoll-HD-Ink-Touchscreen

• 11 fonts • 48 font sizes • 4 GB internal memory for up to 3,000 e-books

• The battery lasts 2 months on a single charge

• Afm.11,5x15,7x0,92 cm

INCLUDED IN KOBOGLO SLEEP COVER Turns the reader on and off when the cover is opened or closed. 550924

Johana Ouwerkerka

BOSCH BGL35MOV201600 WATT Range 10 METERS • Energy consumption: D • Telescopic tube • HEPA – hygienic filtration • Auto. Cord storage • Setting the suction power 526730

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