ESO PTS 9.0.3 Patch Notes: All Buffs, Nerfs, and Bug Fixes (2023)

We bring you the latest ESO PTS patch notes with all the changes you can expect in version 9.0.3.

TheElder Scrolls onlineNew updates will be deployed on the public test server before the official release. Players can test upcoming content and provide feedback.

There will be many updates to the ESO PTS this time, so read onDescription of the changes!

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ESO PTS Patch Notes: Known Issues

ESO PTS 9.0.3 Patch Notes: All Buffs, Nerfs, and Bug Fixes (1)

As stated onForum The Elder Scrolls Online, drunkTOThe PTS patch notes are as follows.


  • Item sets and passives that activate when consuming a potion will now not activate when consuming crafted potions.
  • Bonuses that increase damage to monsters do not currently work with proc-based damage. This is not a bug and has been the default behavior since in-game introduction, but we will be monitoring and may re-evaluate this interaction.
  • Action duration counters can be incorrectly reset by secondary effects.


  • Remedy Cascade does not currently activate the Heal Mage item set.
  • The Apocryphal Gate can be used to bypass certain mechanics or push the character to places that shouldn't normally be reached.
  • Resonance Glyphs can become untraceable in trials and dungeons.
  • Grand Expedition used by Fleet Footed Gate does not currently scale with skill rank.

combat and gameplay


  • Fixed an issue where interactable monsters or objects would enter a state where they could not be attacked or interacted with.
  • Fixed an issue where certain abilities like Stampede or Runemed could cause health to go out of sync.


  • Generally
    • Updated tooltips for several arcane abilities with dynamic cost scaling to determine whether they scale from the highest or lowest max resource.
  • The Herald of the Book
    • Abyss Strike
      • Cephaliarch Cephaliarch (morph): This ability has been updated to heal your character on cast.
      • Fear of Tentacles (morph):
        • Base damage is increased by 20% for each Crux used.
        • This ability no longer increases root duration per Crux used.
    • Destinybringer: Reduced the cost of this ability to 450 magicka or 383 stamina per cross, down from 750 magicka or 638 stamina per cross.
      • Pragmatic Destinybringer (morph): This ability now grants a damage shield while channeling. Note that you are immune to interrupts while the damage shield is active.
    • Fateful Destiny (Passive): Updated the terminology used in the description.
    • Mental Damage (Passive): This passive has been updated to increase status effect chance to 75% at rank 2.
    • Imperfect Ring: This ability's cost is now based on the lowest maximum resource.
    • Unblinking Eye:
      • The cost of this skill has been reduced from 200 Ultimate to 175 Ultimate.
      • Fixed an issue where the skill VFX could prematurely disappear.
      • The Observer is now summoned over your target to increase visibility in combat, rather than your own character.
  • Apocryphal soldier
    • Aegis of the Unseen (Passive): Updated the tooltips to state that the bonus only applies while the Soldier of the Apocrypha skill is active.
    • Plapper shield
      • Gibberish Haven (morph): Fixed an issue where Gibberish Haven ally's shield was not counting as apocryphal soldier abilities.
    • Rune Strike: Increased range from 15 yards to 22 yards.
      • Rune Vulture (morph): Fixed a typo in the description of this morph.
    • Runa Eldritch Horror
      • Rune of Incredible Worship (morph): Removed trap on enchanted targets.
  • Healing Runeforms
    • Apocryphal Gate: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would not break stealth or invisibility when teleporting between portals.
    • Chakra-Schilde
      • Tidal Chakra (morph): This morph no longer reduces the cost of using Crux. Instead, it provides healing over time for the duration of the damage shield, based on remaining shield power and Crux used.
    • Countermeasure cascade:
      • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not considered healing abilities for most effects and passives.
      • Increased the width of this skill and its morphs from 3 meters to 4 meters.
        • Cascading Fortune (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph could not be interrupted.
    • End there Rune:
      • Fixed an issue where the first heal from this ability and its morphs didn't count as a single target heal.
      • Fixed a rare bug where this ability and its mods could cause health to go out of sync.
    • Vitalizing Glyph: The weapon and spell damage from this ability and its forms can now affect up to 12 targets. Note that Heal over Time still only affects up to 6 targets.
      • Glyph of the Tides (morph): This morph now grants increased protection to up to 12 targets when the glyph is at full health.

Dragon Knight

  • traction
    • Dark claws
      • Flaming Claws (morph):
        • The damage over time dealt by this morph now always affects the target, not just when they don't already have an active DoT.
        • The injuries decreased by approx. 27%, but the duration has been increased from 4 to 5 seconds.


  • Dawns Zorn
    • Knockback: This ability and its morphs now take 60% less total damage to reach their final stats.


  • Nod
    • spray drunk
      • Syrespray (Transformation):
        • The damage over time dealt by this morph now always affects the target, not just when they don't already have an active DoT.
        • The injuries decreased by approx. 27%, but the duration has been increased from 4 to 5 seconds.



  • Fixed an issue where the pet's ultimate ability was being affected by the Power Stone's passive ability.
  • rain email:
    • When Sharp uses Seetmail, it now grants an additional 20% damage reduction. Increased Resolve still applies to up to five other allies.
    • The buff reduces damage taken and the higher resolution now lasts 6 seconds.


  • Between stone and cutting stone:
    • The quest sequence of the Daedra Ruins has been optimized.
    • Updated Herkgrig's conversation so it can no longer be repeated endlessly.
  • Unknown Paths: Fixed an issue where NPCs would interfere with each other's quests.
  • The Two-Egg:
    • Updated how and when other players can see Sharps following players in Telvanni Peninsula and Gorne.
    • Fixed an issue where Harn would gesture too quickly when asked where he got the scar from.
    • Fixed an issue where the quest badge in Outlaw Necrom's Refuge was not displaying correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where an NPC accidentally entered a furnace.
  • Fate Weaver's Key: Azandar's walking animation is smoother when he's ready to enter Drift Fathoms.

Positioning and topic setting

Mythical Items

  • Esoteric Environment Counts:
    • This set now only reduces damage from direct damage, not all damage.
    • This set now only activates when you are above 50% health (from 33%).
    • Direct damage stamina increase reduced from 1567 to 968 on hit.
    • Stamina drain cooldown on hit reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.25 seconds.
  • Amulett Velothiego Ur-Maga:
    • This set's Attack Penetration has been reduced from 4968 to 1650.
    • This set now grants less Strength while worn, instead of increasing critical damage by a unique 15%.Developer Comment:Spoiler


  • determination test:
    • This set now works when you take damage below 50% of your health (from 35%).
    • Cooldown reduced from 1 minute to 45 seconds.
  • Transformative Hope: This set now treats a target below 50% health (up from 40%) to make activation a bit easier.
  • ExperienceHow to get a battle pet in ESO?

.ESO High Isle PTS-Patchnotiz

Tasks and Zones

  • Tournament of Hearts: Fixed an issue where Isobel would not spawn if her introductory mission was accepted in the Collection UI instead of naturally.

ESO Necrom PTS-Patchnotiz

ESO PTS 9.0.3 Patch Notes: All Buffs, Nerfs, and Bug Fixes (2)

art and animations

  • Adjusted animations when Meln's Ghost Sight Combat Synergy activates.


  • Pages can now be heard as prospectors leaf through books.
  • Added a large number of missing sound effects throughout the zone.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between Hermaeus Mora's text and dialogue.
  • Fixed some missing sound effects for group bosses Therime Catalogue, The Walking Nightmare and Runemaster Xiomara.
  • Fixed an issue where the Weave sounded like rain.
  • Some Dremnaken sounds in Apogee of the Tormenting Eye now correctly sound telepathic.

craft and economy

  • Added rivers and waterways to the Telvanni Peninsula Jewelry Crafting Overview.
  • Updated the Apocryphal Alchemy walkthrough report to use filled herb bags instead of typical alchemy plants.
  • Updated the Clothmaker Survey Report nodes to use torn plush instead of the typical cloth plants.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Water Nodes to spawn faster than intended on Telvanni Peninsula.

Dungeons and group content

Sanity's Edge-Testversion

  • Generally
    • Enemies in Vanton's Nightmare no longer have a chance to die instantly if placed correctly.
    • Your character no longer has a chance of getting stuck when dying in midair in Vanton's Nightmare.
    • The Terror Slayer achievement now has a proper icon.
  • Eksar Yaseyla
    • NPC crafters no longer have a chance to survive the boss encounter introductory sequence.
    • Wamasu will now target a random player due to his Rush ability.
  • Arcymag Twelvane and Chimera
    • Sparkling Orbs no longer follow companions, although companions can still take damage from them.
    • Sizzling Crater's visual indicator is now visible while active.
    • Fixed silent dialogue when meeting the Twelvene Archmage.
  • Ansuul plageånden
    • Player characters suffering from Manic Phobia no longer have a chance to hit the target poisonous spirit.
    • Lapping Wound and Ignite abilities can no longer be removed.
    • Adjusted the duration and damage of the Fear's Grasp ability.
    • Vanton's defeated character in the Torment portion of the encounter can no longer be eaten by werewolves.
    • All player characters who enter any of Vanton's Torment areas will again receive the Voice of Clarity achievement.
    • Only players affected by Vanton Attunement can remain in the Vanton Torment area.
    • Ansuul no longer has a chance to be prompted to interact in Vanton's Torment.
    • Ansuul will now always animate correctly when using Ritual Blast.

Explore and specify elements


  • Fixed an issue where it was sometimes possible to obtain duplicate Gravegriff Greaves before completing the outfit style.
  • Sanity Blade Weekly Chests now properly grant Trial Set items.
  • Fixed an issue where Necroma quest rewards were not scaling correctly to CP 160.
  • Various minor changes have been made to the locations of treasure maps and survey report acquisition nodes to reduce clipping, better conform to terrain, and look closer together.
  • Spicy as the Nightheirloom has been renamed to avoid confusion with its perks.
  • Fixed issue with Skyshard floating in the air.
  • Updated many books from Shalidor's library that did not properly disappear after reading.
  • Added several books with written lyrics for new bard songs in the zone.
  • I fixed some typos in the books.


  • Updated the Gorne Group Event achievement description to specifically identify Gatekeeper Gruzo as the enemy to defeat.
  • Defeating the All-Seeing Ky'zuu in The Underweave Public Dungeon now properly counts for the associated The Underweave Group Event achievement.

Monsters and NPCs


  • Fixed Vigil not attacking you outside of Winding Swamp.
  • Boneflayer no longer has a chance to turn invisible after exiting the Poison Pool Trap in Anchor Egg Mine.


  • Several NPC dialogue animations have been updated.

Tasks and Zones


  • Added Slaughter Fish to the waters surrounding Necrom Docks.
  • Moose removed from the Telvanni Peninsula.
  • You can now properly use the portal to the Telvanni Peninsula that appears on Balfiera Island after completing the Gates of Adamantium tutorial quest.
  • Updated the behavior of many icons on the Telvanni Peninsula map so they were not displaying correctly.
  • Updated the spawn rate of monsters and crafting resource nodes in Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.
  • Fixed the duration of dialogues in many quests.
  • Fixed some camera handle issues when talking to Quest NPCs.
  • Many dialogue animations in various quests have been updated.

main task

  • Destiny Disaster:
    • Fixed an issue where Scruut would default to position before teleporting.
    • The exit portal has been updated so that Mythos appears in the correct order.
    • Scruut now becomes physical on players and Hermaeus Mora in Mythos.
    • Fixed an issue where Leramil could walk away while talking to you.
    • Meln no longer levitates at the start of a quest after accepting it from Scruut.
    • Refined visual effects in the Mythos and Tel Baro sequences.
  • Hidden Destiny:
    • Fixed an issue where Meln the Mouthless would interrupt Leramil.
    • Tweaked the order of meeting Leramil in her office in Cipher's Midden.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Meln's Ghost Vision stacks from stacking immediately.
  • unhealthy fate:
    • Added and refined some animations to one of Scruut's sequences.
    • Fixed an issue where Meln the Mouthless would repeat dialogue and interrupt dialogue for other NPCs.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Blightcrowned to teleport to an undesired location during combat.
  • Conclave of Fate: Updated the dialogue between Master Foves and Sulis to indicate if you previously completed the In Search of Shadows quest.
  • Lost, Lost Dream: It is now easier to avoid unintentionally interacting with Scruut when following you on this quest.
  • Agent of Destiny:
    • Updated the quest to better guide you to Leramil on the Necromanic Binding Factory balcony after completing the investigation.
    • Updated some of Leramil's dialogue to better reflect the status of the three investigations he sends you on.
  • Keeper of Destiny: Keeper Cindri's appearance has been updated.
  • Spirit of Fate: Tel Rendy's map updated.
  • truer words:
    • Leramil's stance in some conversations has been changed to keep the book correct.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the NPC to incorrectly hold the trophy during the graduation ceremony.
    • I tweaked the Torvesard sequence outside of Cipher's Midden.

target missions

  • Mysterious Memory:
    • Fixed an area around the boss fight where you could end up in an unintended location.
    • Fixed an issue where a line of dialogue would not properly trigger after defeating a boss.
  • Pathetic Envoys:
    • Fixed several bugs that caused Hezekh to stick his arm and various props in his head when speaking.
    • Fixed an issue where Hezekh was not properly framed by his chat camera.
    • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to talk to Hezekh in some mission stages.
    • The quest compass and map guides have been updated to properly guide you through this quest.
    • Fixed an issue where exiting the Obscura forum during the final scene could block quest progress.
  • Forgotten Glories: Fixed an issue where Tyss would not trigger multiple different lines of dialogue when completing a quest.
  • Escape from common sense:
    • Tweaked the opening quest sequence so that Morian correctly displays the quest giver icon.
    • Updated Morian's dialogue to sound a bit distant at the end of the quest.
  • Detect Shadows: Fixed an issue where it was impossible to advance the quest when speaking to Naryu in the Kagouti Nests.
  • Thoughtful: Huzmargo's lines in the Priest's Chorus now sound appropriately telepathic.

Public dungeons and caves

  • Drift sążni
    • Fixed an issue where the conversation was previously unavailable.
  • Lara's headache
    • Edril no longer appears when talking to Balver.
    • Edril looks appropriately old now.
    • Edril's conversation options now work correctly during the quest.
  • coating
    • Fixed an issue where the Loremaster Trigon Champion would not spawn in Underweave.
    • Updated Underweave party event functionality to better support multiplayer.
    • Fixed an issue that caused multiple Guardians to clip into each other in Weave.
    • If you have met Thaddeus Cosma before, you will now be treated as such when you meet him in the Underweave.

world events

  • Fixed an issue where the optional dialogue with Guardian Tandessa could not be obtained in some Bastion Nymic journal variants.
  • Herald seekers no longer teleport when within range of the cord.

ESO Scalebreaker PTS-Patchnotiz


  • Legowisko Maarseloka
    • Generally
      • The Eyes to the Sky achievement is now awarded for defeating Maarselok without any of your party members being affected by Plague Ball or Broken Ground.
      • The Master of the Garden achievement has been changed and is now awarded for defeating the Azure Thief enraged at Maarselok's Broken Lands on Veteran difficulty.
    • Marselok in flight
      • Gadnalon now shouts less frequently.
      • Maarselok no longer shells the rendezvous and has had its flight speed increased.
      • Plague Ball's damage has been increased and is now cast more frequently.
      • Maarselok now exits the corrupted ground after bombarding the Azure Lurcher.
      • Azureblight Lurcher now spends less time idling between attacks and no longer slows down while attacking.
      • Azureblight Claw's damage has been increased.
      • Seed of Corruption damage reduced and associated visual indicators added.

ESO Shadows of the Mist PTS-Patchnotiz


  • Mazzatuna ruins
    • Guardian of the Na Kesh Trees
      • The Hist avatar now properly displays damage while wearing the Ancient Mage's Velothi Amulet.

ESO Base Game PTS Patch Note

art and animation

  • Fixed a number of animation issues that could cause problems with NPCs, including unusual cutouts, eye rolls in a person's head, sitting in mid-air, or walking on strange objects.


  • Fixed an issue where the fish filleting function at the supply stations would not make a sound while filleting.

events and celebrations

Zenit Iver

  • Honest Effort: The amount of gold required to meet the Guild Trader's trade requirements has been fixed at 10,000, which is how it should be now.

Explore and specify elements


  • Made small adjustments to the tooltips for some rare marine fish to ensure overall consistency in trophy fish descriptions.


interior design

  • Fixed incorrect apartment category assignments for several new furniture pieces.
    • Apocrypha Marble Bedside Table - Tea Tables > Bedside Tables
    • Necrom Lamp Elegant – Candles > Lamps
    • Necrom Lamp Standing - Candles > Lamps
    • Telvanni Box, Mushrooms - Case > Trinkets
    • Bedside table Telvanni, Fungal – Dressers > Bedside tables
    • Telvanni stool, mushrooms – Chairs > Stools
    • Telvanni Kettle, Mushrooms - Drinks > Kitchen Utensils
    • Wood carving, cat - Art > Jewelry
    • Wood carving, dogs - Art > Jewelry
    • Woodcarving, Kwama – Art > Jewelry
    • Woodcarving, Strider – Art > Jewelry
  • Fixed several naming issues where some furniture had multiple spaces in the name or incorrect capitalization.
  • Fixed an issue where Crown Store furniture containers could show some items with a sale price.
  • Updated the name of the ancient gear "Cliffracer Skeleton Standard" to "Cliff Strider Skeleton Stand" to correctly reflect the depicted creature.
  • Fixed an issue with the Well of the Apocrypha gear where the well's oil slicks were not displaying correctly at first.


  • Rise of Torment
    • Fixed an issue where Agony's Ascension map was temporarily overwritten by Tel Rendy's map.
  • Much luck
    • Currents previously detected in this house have been reactivated.
    • Fixed an issue on the upper deck where the grid collision was misplaced, causing your character to float on the wooden part of the deck.
    • Fixed a gap between the door and the door frame leading back to the ship deck.

Tasks and Zones


  • The Fate of Sir Hughes: Odette Jerrick no longer walks around the room, which can sometimes make her decide to smoke a cigarette and never come home. Nursing is hard work, I get that.

user interface


  • Fixed a visual issue with the Merchant Assistant's search box after searching the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over the back of the Locked Armory did not display the correct tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where some HUD screens such as B. crafting stations or the armory, the message "Ready for inspection" was not displayed.


  • Arcanists are now placed on the weekly solo leaderboards.

That's all you need to know about the newsTOPTS-Patchnotiz.

for justTO, read more The Games Cabin!

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What is pts in ESO? ›

The Public Test Server (PTS) is an open server run separately from The Elder Scrolls Online megaservers that we use to test new and upcoming content. PC/Mac players with an active ESO account can access the PTS.

What is update 35 ESO? ›

This free update is available for all ESO players, no purchase required, and includes a host of balance and bug fixes, combat changes, the introduction of special Battlegrounds weekends, and boosts to XP gains when engaging in PvP activities in general.

What is the max useful CP in ESO? ›

3600 Champion Points is the maximum that any player can get in ESO and advance that way throughout your gameplay.

How do I reset my PTS in ESO? ›

When you want to reset Skill Points, head to the Armory station (available for free in the Crown Store) at your Player Home. Load a completely blank "build" onto your character, and you'll find all of your Attributes, Champion Points, and Skill Points refunded to you.

Is ESO changing in 2023? ›

The Elder Scrolls Online is switching things up BIG TIME in 2023. Rather than do another typical year-long story as ESO has done in the past, 2023 will still include a Chapter Release but also an updated Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 release that focuses on New Systems, Quality Of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes!

What is next in ESO 2023? ›

Following shortly after the Scribes of Fate DLC is the highly anticipated Necrom chapter, releasing to PC players on June 5, 2023, and to Xbox and PlayStation players on June 20, 2023. Necrom is described as a “cosmic horror” style chapter with a focus on creepy, weird, and unexpected storylines.

What is the new area in ESO 2023? ›

Two New Zones

ESO's intrepid adventurers will get the opportunity to explore two all-new zones in the upcoming Necrom Chapter: the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.

What is the max character limit in ESO? ›

By default, you can create up to eight (8) unique characters per Megaserver. However, you can purchase additional character slots from the in-game Crown Store. The Additional Character Slot listing can found under the Upgrades category.

How many skill points does it take to max out everything in ESO? ›

494 Total Skill Points.

What is the soft CP cap ESO? ›

Note: CP soft cap at 1800. That means, before 1800 Points you will earn CP faster than after 1800 points. Therefore you will see a jump in EXP needed at 1800 CP.

What is overcharged ESO? ›

The Overcharged status can be applied by dealing Magic Damage to a character. An overcharged enemy suffers from Minor Magickasteal debuff for 4 seconds, which restores 168 magicka per second to players dealing damage to them.

Can you redo skill points in ESO? ›

You can re-allocate attribute or skill points via Skill and Attribute Respecification Scrolls in the Crown Store or by visiting Rededication Shrines in game.

How do you get free houses in ESO? ›

In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can get your first house in one of two methods. You can either select any completed or unfurnished home from the Crown Store or complete the "A Friend in Need" Homestead instructional quest to get a free inn room.

How do you use PTS? ›

To enable PTS, open the launcher, click the gear icon, and check the box next to Show Public Test Environment, and click Apply. You will then be able to download and patch the PTS client.

What is the PTS server? ›

PTS stands for Public Test Server and it is a server created by us to test and try out new features, such as new weapons, weather and so on before it goes live onto the Live server. The PTS is provided absolutely free for all players who own PUBG on PS4.

What does 160 CP mean ESO? ›

Cp 160 is the number of champ points equal to a Vet 16 character. So basically if you had a Vet 16 character when the champ point system was implemented you would have had 160 champ points.

How many skill points do you need ESO? ›

90 to 120 for Stamina Characters as you may use less of the class skills. Depends on the build. Note, I dont use Psijiic skills so that is not factored in. It takes about 130 to 135 skill points to be fully invested in crafting.


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