How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (2023)

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (1)

We live in uncertain times with unprecedented challenges in all areas of society. Many of us are trying to figure out how we can contribute to positive change. There is one simple action we can all take to make lasting change and protect our planet:reduce food wastethrough composting.Composting is a simple and straightforward techniqueWhat can we do to help the environment? By recycling organic materials, from food scraps to leaves, we can make a positive difference in our communities by reducing waste and helping the environment.

Whilecompost at homeIt has many advantages, sometimes it can be a bit smelly. So if you're wondering, "why does compost smell bad?" or more importantly, "How do I get rid of compost smell?", then you've come to the right place! Feel free to skip to the section that interests you or read the entire article once. These are some of the topics we will cover in this article:

  • take a compost?
  • Top 5 Reasons Why Your Compost Smells
  • How to Make Odorless Compost: 4 Tips for Odorless Compost
  • The 5 Best Odorless Kitchen Compost Bins for Your Home
  • The 6 most common questions about smelly compost

This article covers some fun and easy tips on how to keep a kitchen compost bin odor free.Speed ​​up the composting processand explore some of theThe best indoor compost binslavatory. So, let's get started and find out why your compost smells bad.

take a compost?

Some people are hesitant to have an indoor compost bin because they are concerned about the smell. But well-made compost doesn't smell bad. In fact, healthy compost emits a pleasant earthy smell. Smelly compost is a sign that something has gone wrong and you need to make adjustments.

If you're a beginning composer and worried about making mistakes, that's okay! soughtTake a look at some great indoor compost binsthat are odorless, easy to clean, and even fit on your countertop. One powerful product that makes waste almost a thing of the past and produces a healthy, nutrient-dense mess isIndoor compost bin called Lomi.

We'll also tell you why your compost may smell bad and what you can do about it. Your nose and the environment will thank you when you learn the tips on how to easily neutralize the smell of compost and create a more sustainable future in a convenient and convenient way.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Compost Smells

As we mentioned earlier, if your compost bin smells bad, there's a problem. These are the most common mistakes that can cause bad odors:

  1. Your compost is not getting enough oxygen:Compost heaps have a variety of natural helpers, from earthworms to aerobic organisms that work to break down organic waste. These helpers need oxygen to work, so the lack of air circulation prevents their waste from composting.
  2. They don't have a good mix of green and brown materials:It is important to have the correct ratio of nitrogen and carbon in your compost. Too many shades of green or brown can prevent the compost from breaking down properly. watch thisArticle for more details on how to get the best ratio.
  3. The compost heap is too wet:While it is important that your compost pile is moist, it will not make good soil if there is too much moisture. You should try to make your compost pile look like a fake sponge.
  4. Waste is not properly stratified:Compost layers are not always necessary, but they break down the compost faster and prevent odors from escaping. as long as there isa little more than that, you generally want a brown layer followed by a green residue and continue layering until you have a final brown section.
  5. You added stinking garbage:While virtually any food can be composted, some foods stink in the process. This includes foods such as animal products like meat or dairy. watch thisArticle for more details on what not to compost.

How to Make Odorless Compost: 4 Tips for Odorless Compost

The best way to avoid odors during composting is to make aBeginner's GuideAs close as possible. However, if you're just starting out, you're understandably still concerned about the smell. Here are some tips for you to eliminate or reduce potential odors:

1. Use an electric composter

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (2)

Electric composters for your kitchen are a great modern alternative to a big outdoor compost heap. Most electric composters have a similar process of drying, shredding, and cooling household organic waste to create a healthy mess.

An electric composter is beneficial in three ways: it doesn't smell bad, electric composting is easy, and it'smuch faster than traditional composting. With the Lomi, for example, just fill in your kitchen scraps, hit the button, and you have nutrient-rich soil in less than a day!

Do you have limited counter space and are interested in an odorless kitchen compost bin? Another fantastic benefit of electric composters is that they only take up a few feet of space, leaving you plenty of room to cook up a storm.

DICA PRO:When looking for an electric composter, remember to check the ventilation system. There must be enough space inside to turn and separate household waste. This is the hallmark of an odorless kitchen compost bin.

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (3)

(Video) THIS is Why Your Compost Smells | How to Fix Smelly Compost

2. Use a compost cup

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (4)

If electric composters are not in your budget,compost cupthey are a good second option. They don't do all the work for you and they aren't as fast, but they certainly make composting a lot easier.

Compost tumblers are essentially boxes with a handle that allows you to easily rotate the box. This makes aerating your compost pile a breeze, especially compared to turning it over by hand. The easy ventilation and fully enclosed container also help prevent unpleasant odors from entering your home.

DICA PRO:Compost tumblers are a good choice for both an outdoor and indoor bin. You can leave your cup outdoors during the warmer months and return it indoors during the cooler months for an efficient composting process.

3. Get a lot of outdoors if possible

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (5)

If you have room for onetraditional garden compost heap, which is really a great option if you are concerned about odors. Even if your pile starts to stink, those odors won't spread through your house and make everyone uncomfortable.

Of course, you still want to control the odor of your compost. If it's off, find out what the problem is and how to fix it. In the end, you still want a successful brittle mix.

DICA PRO:Outdoor compost heaps can always hold more compost than an indoor bin. If you have a large family or enjoy gardening, consider using this to create as much compost as possible.

4. Cover your pile with dry, brown materials

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (6)

Let's say you have a trash can at home and it starts to stink. Even if you discover the problem and try your best to fix it, it will take a while for the smell to go away. You can prevent odors from coming out of the trash can by piling some brown ingredients on top, such as: B. shredded newspapers or dried leaves.

DICA PRO:It may help to keep a brown trash bag next to your compost bin. You'll always have that extra waste when you need it without digging for more in an emergency.

(Video) How to Fix Composting Problems: Smelly, Slimy or Slow Compost Bins

The 5 Best Odorless Kitchen Compost Bins for Your Home

If you've decided that an indoor compost bin is right for you, great! Here are the best indoor odorless compost bins to choose from:


How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (7)

Author of the photo:For him


Type:electric composter

Preis:499 US dollar |buy is play(with payment plans available)

Lomi is by far the easiest way to compost indoors and ensure your kitchen doesn't start to stink. As an electric composter, it is quick and easy to use. Depending on the Lomi cycle you choose, your finished product can be placed in your outside container or directly in your garden to enrich your plants.

What we like

what we don't like

  • Small and elegant design that fits in any kitchen.
  • Simple operation at the touch of a button
  • May degrade approved bioplastics
  • No unpleasant odors
  • Gives you nutrient-rich dirt in less than 24 hours!
  • You may need to do a few compost cycles to accommodate large families.
  • It is important to replace activated carbon filters in a timely manner to reduce odors.
  • It sells fast every month.

2.EPICA Stainless Steel Compost Bin

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (8)

Author of the photo:amazonas

Ability:1.3 gallons

Type:filter boxes

Preis:$ 22 |buy on amazon

Easy to clean and clean, the EPICA Stainless Steel Compost Bin is the perfect size for your kitchen. Another great feature is that it is possibleretain organic household waste for up to a few days. It's virtually odorless as the replaceable activated carbon filter naturally masks bad odours.

What we like

what we don't like

  • easy to clean
  • Controls odors naturally.
  • Elegant and robust design made of stainless steel
  • Moist food residue can cause stainless steel to rust over time.
  • May let in fruit flies
  • Replaceable activated carbon filters can be hard to find and buy.

3.papelera bokashi

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (9)

(Video) How to make compost bin at home from kitchen waste without foul odor

Author of the photo:amazonas

Ability:5 gallons

Type:anaerobic waste basket

Preis:$ 63,95 |buy on amazon

Another option is the relatively new one.papelera bokashi. All you have to do to get started is buy a Bokashi Trash Can Kit and follow the instructions. All you have to do is mix the food scraps in the trash can with the bokashi bran and pumpkin to remove any air pockets. After about 2 weeks, you will have a finished compost heap, but it is important to note that the compost will be too acidic to use in your garden.

What we like

what we don't like

  • Already after two weeks you can get compost.
  • Odor is reduced with quick composting and a tight lid
  • It's a great size for your kitchen.
  • The finished compost is too acidic for plants.
  • Anaerobic composting is a different process than more common methods (worm vs. aerobic), so you may need to spend more time familiarizing yourself with it.

4.bamboo compost box

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (10)

Author of the photo:to cheat

Ability:1.25 gallons

Type:filter boxes

Preis:$ 50 |Shop at Bamboozle

The Bamboozle Food Compost Bin is the perfect combination of eco-friendly and safe. From the sleek, modern design to the strong, eco-friendly bamboo fiber material, it's sure to tick all the boxes while reducing negative environmental impact. The filter ensures that odors are reduced to a minimum and that the biodegradable material in the bamboo fibers is completely broken down.

What we like

what we don't like

  • Non-toxic eco-friendly materials.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Activated carbon filter to minimize odors.
  • Activated carbon filters should be replaced every 2 months.
  • Shelf life can be an issue if the bin is full of compost
  • Bamboo material is prone to cracking.

5.Living composter of unusual products

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (11)

Author of the photo:unusual goods


(Video) No Smell Kitchen Compost

Type:worm composter

Preis:$ 199 |Shop for rare items

The Uncommon Goods Living Compost Bin is an ideal combination of form and function. This elegantly designed compost bin doubles as a planter and worm farm in one aesthetically pleasing bin. Place organic waste in the top openings and the worms will go to work. The worms are getting amazing.Eat at least half your own weight of leftovers every day.

What we like

what we don't like

  • Fused Worms are an amazing natural fertilizer for your plants.
  • elegant and exclusive design
  • Both a worm farm and a planter.
  • Cork lids can warp with humidity and changes in temperature
  • Sawdust soil mix and worms are not included.
  • You should be comfortable with worms in your home.

The 6 most common questions about smelly compost

Careful design and maintenance of compost bins will ensure minimal odor. However, if you find your compost smells a bit, something could be out of control. You may be wondering: is compost supposed to smell like poop? And what to do if the compost smells of ammonia? Let's break down some common questions about smelly compost to learn how you can turn your green composting efforts into a treat for the nose and the earth.

1. Why does my compost smell bad?

There are a few reasons why your compost smells bad, but it all comes down to a problem with your compost's ecosystem and its ability to properly break down organic waste. Too wet or too dry, not the right combination of greens and browns, and a lack of oxygen can make your compost smell bad.

As mentioned above, certain foods, such as leftover meat and dairy, may also smell bad. The odors these foods produce can also attract unwanted pests, so it's important to be careful about what you put in your compost piles.

2. What should the compost smell like?

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (12)

The goal is an odorless compost bin. There should be a nice earthy scent, similar to fresh rainwater on the ground. A well-maintained ecosystem in your compost bin is important for this odor. Anything less than that nice, natural smell is a sign that you need to make changes to your compost pile.

3. Why does my compost smell like poop?

If your compost smells like poop, that's a sure sign you have too many greens in the mix. By green waste we mean waste rich in nitrogen, which is usually wet food leftovers that are thrown away. It is also possible that your pile is too wet. Both can be solved by adding extra dry and brown stuff.

4. What does it mean if my compost smells like ammonia?

How to keep compost from smelling + 5 odorless compost bins (13)

Compost that smells like ammonia is another sure sign that there is too much nitrogen in your compost pile. This happens because excess nitrogen (N) escapes from the the form of ammonia (NH3). Again, the best way to fix this problem is to add more brown stuff to your compost.

5. How long does it take for the compost to stop smelling?

The time it takes for the compost to stop smelling depends on the cause of the odor and how easy it is to fix the problem. If you fixed the problem and the smell is still there, you can always put a brown material on top to prevent the smell from spreading to the rest of the house.

6. How can I make odorless compost at home?

The best way to make odorless compost at home isfollow a guideabout proper composting. Any well-made compost will smell good. If you're just starting out and aren't sure if you're doing it right, you can rely on other methods, like using an electric composter like the Lomi.

If the only reason you haven't started composting is because you're concerned about odors, we hope we've convinced you that this won't be a problem! Compost usually smells good, but there are great ways to make sure it's odor free. One such way is with Lomi, which quickly and easily turns kitchen scraps into a wonderful mess. Moneywhat people sayon Lomi to see if it's right for you!


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