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The idea became my second brain.

I've been using it every day for 2 years to help me organize every corner of my life.

And in all honesty, if Notion disappeared tomorrow, I'd be lost without him.

Here you will find everything you need to knowperformanceand how I use the all-in-one productivity tool to organize my life.

How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (1)

First, let me say that I love Notion.

It has helped me organize my whole life in one place.

Very useful for a digital nomad!

I no longer turn my back on digital planning either. In fact, it might even become my favorite method of planning. But shhh, don't tell anyone I just said that!

Anyway, I hope this post gave you enough information about Notion and that you benefit from this nifty tool as much as I did.


  • What is term?
  • Why I use Noto
  • How do I organize my Notion workspace?
    • 1 | How do I organize my board?
    • 2 | How do I organize my weekly schedule?
    • 3 | How do I organize my to-do lists?
    • 4 | How do I organize my goals?
    • 5 | How do I organize my content calendar?
  • final thoughts

What is term?

So I talked about Notion and said how much I love it, but I didn't really explain what Notion is.

performanceis a digital organization and productivity tool that keeps all your ideas in one place without the need for multiple tools.

In short: “It is a workplace that adapts to your needs”. (group of matches)

With powerful features, the possibilities in Notion are simply endless.

You can customize your workspace to work with multiple templates for you, or start from scratch and create your own pages of databases and "Lego-style" building blocks.

Building blocks are the content you add to a page. Your block can be text, a to-do list item, a list toggle, an embedded image or file, etc.

And a database is the core of your organized workspace. Any content you type into Notion can be grouped into a spreadsheet, calendar, board, gallery, list, or timeline.

salient aspects of the term

  • Free to use
  • Available for iOS or Android and Mac or Windows
  • Customize your workspace with blocks, emoji, colored or highlighted text, images, and more.
  • Personalize your space by adding stock or your own images to the pages
  • One tool for everything
  • Copy and paste text and headings formatting etc. with no hassles
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Offline-Formular
  • Sync between devices
  • Work with your team with seamless and easy collaboration
  • Supports integrations so you can connect your favorite apps
How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (2)

Why I use Noto

As I mentioned above, Notion is likemy second brain

It's home to everything.

My Lists, Blog Calendars, Blog Templates, Email Marketing Calendars, Content Calendars, Book Appointments (yes, that's an underscore), Travel Plans, Notes, and more.

I have space to planmy whole "topic" week.

I finally have a place to record and track my annual goals.

And I also proudly display my vision board on my dashboard for me to remind myself of every day, along with my quarterly goals and daily intentions.

I literally use Notion to organize every corner of my life.

(Video) How I Use Notion for School | University Notes System for Back to School! 📚 (+ free templates!)

Yes, I'm already quite an organized person, but Notion takes things to a whole new level.

But my love for Notion didn't start well.

My partner first told me about Notion in 2019.

At the time he coped comfortably.Trello.

My Trello background was an image of a cherry blossom tree, and I had meticulously customized all of the guides and resources.

In short, it looked very, very girly and pink.

Anyway, I looked at Notion with its white space and just said "no".

"No way, not for me. Spaces scare me. I need something to work with.

And that was it.

Now I can't remember the exact reason, but a few months later I decided to give Notion a second chance.

I think I was in the middle of oneproductivity routine,feeling uninspired, uncreative, bored, restless and just need a shiny new tool to play with. So I downloaded Notion and started playing around with it.

And like a real 90's romantic comedy,we just clicked.

I fell in love and have been using Note ever since.

What made me leave Trello and find solace in the arms of Notion?

The endless possibilities of the workplace.

While Trello is just a Kanban-style board, Notion is so much more. I can organize my life on a table, calendar, board, gallery, list or even a timeline.

I love building things, I love puzzles, and Notion lets you create a unique workspace that works for you.

It's Lego for the ambitious and practical adult.

Honestly, it's likelythe best productivity toolI wear it because if it went away tomorrow, I'd be lost without it.

How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (3)

How do I organize my Notion workspace?

How I organize my Notion workspace is probably one of the questions I get asked the most. So I thought it would be helpful to summarize all the details in one blog post.

Here's everything you need to know about Notion and how to use it to organize your own life.

I encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference when needed.

(Video) How to Take Notes Productively (Notion Template Included)

So are you ready to become Notion's best friend?

Let's dive into…

1 | How do I organize my board?

The My Notion dashboard acts as the main hub of my workspace.

That's where I go when I first click the Notion desktop icon at the start of the day.

This is where my weekly planner, to-do lists and tasks are. But this is also where I enter my goals for each quarter, write down my personal intentions, and remind myself of my annual vision daily.

Basically I love my board. It's colourful, pure and very me.

I am happy to start the day.

Honestly, my productivity skyrocketed once I started using Notion as an organizational tool.

And my dashboard is where it all started.

Yes, the layout has changed since I've been using the app, but what stays the same is that everything I need on a daily basis is easily accessible from this main page.

No more flipping through countless pages in my notebook to find what I need.

And an even bigger bonus: Everything in Notion is also fully searchable.

All you have to do is hit CMD+F to search for something on that specific page, or CMD+P to search for something in your entire workspace.

How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (4)

2 | How do I organize my weekly schedule?

In mid-2021 I decided to give up my “go with the flow” attitude andtopic every day of my weekInstead of.

Example: Monday is admin day, Thursday is my writing day, and Friday is my content creation day.

This has been a huge productivity boost for me and has enabled me to manage my time more efficiently.

I was able to focus better and procrastinate less by matching my workload to my energy levels.

I now go into the week to promote my blog post and do other light administrative tasks, and do harder or longer tasks in the middle of the week when my energy is at its peak.

So how did I organize myself?My weekly planabout to?

First, I did a brain dump on a piece of paper of every single thing I did in a week. I then organized each task into a group with other similar or relevant tasks and assigned each group a day of the week.

Everything on that piece of paper was then transferred to Notion.

(Video) 👩🏻‍💻 How I Organize my Life + Business (using Notion)

I used a "desk" pad to write my general weekly assignments Monday through Sunday.

Also, I've broken each day into sub-categories for engagement, stories, and content.

So I know how much engagement I need to have every day, what I need for my Instagram stories and what content to post.

How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (5)

3 | How do I organize my to-do lists?

Notion has become my go-to tool for work task tracking and life management. Thanks to the easy-to-use To-Do List block, I can create a to-do list on any page and happily tick the box when I complete a task.

I keep tasks separate so I can easily keep track of them.

In one column I have "Business Tasks" divided into different lists; Priority, Brand + Blog, Website and Miscellaneous.

I use a Change Title building block to show and hide my tasks as needed. Because if you haven't figured it out already, I'm a complete nutcase and everything on my idea board needs to look aesthetically pleasing.

And in the second column I have a list of personal tasks that need to be done.

I then have a separate section where I keep random life lists like a reading list, a watch list (TV and movies), a travel list, a wish list, and a wish list.

They're organized into pages so they're well hidden and don't distract me.

How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (6)

4 | How do I organize my goals?

I've never been one to write down your goalslet alone defineFirst.

But using Notion has completely changed the way I look at goal setting.

I now enjoy planning my goals for each quarter and tracking them with the Timeline block.

I even dragged completed objectives into a "completed" column after completing them. So I can take a step back before jumping to the next finish line and really celebrate my small victory. For the same reason, I've also chosen to keep my achieved goals from previous years on my Notion dashboard.

And my goal tracker goes even further because I also used this site to write down the things I want to achieve in the next 5 to 10 years.

I haven't included all of my gate trackers in the picture as they are still personal to me, but I hope you can get an idea of ​​how I organize this area of ​​my life from the example below.

Each goal opens up a page with all the details about that goal and what I need to do to achieve it. As I said before, Notion is built on building blocks and the possibilities are endless. You can add and open new pages within another page that is on another page, etc.

Basically think of it as onerussian dollwith more levels constantly being revealed.

How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (7)

5 | How do I organize my content calendar?

Before I switched to Notion, I went through a long list of content ideas in my head.

I wouldn't plan ahead and leave content creation to the last minute.

It was a stressful and overwhelming way of doing things and I didn't usually post.

(Video) How We Organize Our Life in Notion | Second Brain

My social media life was definitely not organized.

But putting together a content calendar in Notion has improved my social media presence as I can now see my ideas and what I will be posting each week, including Stories and Reels.

And guess what? After I created my content calendar, social media wasn't as overwhelming.

Similar to my weekly schedule, I have divided my content calendar into days of the week.

the properties ofthe board in kanban styleIt allows me to see each graphical view, the publication date and content type, and a list of ideas that I can drag and drop to a specific day I want to publish them.

And I don't just use Notion to organize my social media content.

I also have dedicated sections where I organize my weekly blog posts and emails.

While everyone else uses Google Docs or Word to create templates for their written work, I do the same but in Notion. Because I like having everything in one place.

And because Notion has formatted text and headings, you can easily copy and paste them anywhere.

How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (8)

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How to organize your life with Notion | Thalia's notes (9)

final thoughts

and this isperformancein short!

I know that getting started with a new productivity tool and exploring its features can seem pretty daunting, but I hope this blog post has helped make things easier and offer you a little support.

I mentioned earlier that I was initially put off by Notion because spaces scared me.

But frankly, white space is the most valuable.

Because you can start from scratch and go with the flow.

Spaces keep things simple instead of logging in to see tons of awesome dropdown menus and features that don't make any sense.

And that's what Notion does: It makes things easy and breathable.

So don't worry if you still can't understand the basic components.

Just use the white space to take notes. Enter your thoughts.

And when you're done, press slash (a little shortcut I took) and click something in the list of options. This can be a title, a bookmark, or a to-do list.

Start small and play around with the features.

Most importantly, have fun organizing your Notion workspace!

(Video) How I organise my whole life in Notion.

Until next week,

♡ Thaliaxx

Disclaimer:Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will be rewarded at no additional cost to you. Any money made through affiliates is used to power my blog and newsletter.


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