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On PC and PS4: There's more than one way to get to the center of the galaxy in No Man's Sky, and we've got three methods to do it.

No Man's Sky: 3 Ways To Take You To The Center Of The Galaxy - Gameranx (1)

The mystery at the center of the galaxy is your ultimate goalNobody's Himmel, and reaching that far-flung point is not easy for even the most seasoned adventurer. While the center doesn't move and the game provides many helpful landmarks, there are several methods you can use to make your life easier. Check out our three paths to success that only deal withMinimal Spoilers, with each tab below.

So what about the center of the galaxy? We won't say too much, but it has to endNobody's Himmel. While the adventure is all about exploring and immersing yourself in procedurally generated worlds, there is something narrative about the edges of the universe. If you want to see how this game "turns out" you should get to the center. Check out what items you need (and how to earn them) in our guide's basic walkthrough, then scroll down further to find the three main paths to victory.

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How to get to the center of the galaxy

What is at the center of the galaxy? We won't say that here, you'll have to find the answers yourself, but we'll give you tips (and tricks) to help you get to the end without too much trouble.

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  • IMPORTANT:Choose'Atlas'Path instead of 'free' path -Use the atlas for orientationto help him obtain the necessary items to reach the center of the universe.

Before we get into the main methods, let's go through some basics. Traveling to the center of the galaxy requires a consumable fuel called Warp Cells. Warp cells power your hyperdrive, which you'll repair early in your adventure as you follow the waypoints. There are methods that will help you get to the center with fewer Warp Cells, but you'll always need these items no matter which path you take.

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With that in mind, let's talk about ithow to get warp cells.

  • If you choose the "Atlas" route, follow the quest markers to repair your hyperdrive. To charge your Hyperdrive you need Warp Cells.
    • Gather 200 Heridium and a Dynamic Resonator to repair the hyperdrive. The Dynamic Resonator can be purchased from an NPC vendor on a space station on the way to acquiring the Hyperdrive project.
  • Warp Cells can be crafted from 100 Thamium9 and 1 Antimatter.
    • Thamium9 is abundant in the asteroid belts. Blast small asteroids floating outside the space station to harvest this resource.
    • Antimatter can be purchased from NPC vendors or at trading terminals. Find outposts or space stations to buy/sell. Antimatter is an expensive item, costing around 20,000 units each!
  • To make warp cell creation easier, you need the antimatter blueprint.
    • Check all the waypoints that appear on your Galaxy Map after your first Warp Drive jump. One of the markers will lead you to the Antimatter Project.
    • Producing Antimatter requires 1 Electron Vapor, 50 Heridium, and 20 Zinc. Electron Vapor can be purchased from vendors for a significantly lower price (compared to Antimatter), or you can find a blueprint to craft it yourself. It's a random project, so be sure to check outposts and other civilized locations regularly. To generate electron vapor you also need the suspension liquid level and this level is also random.

Upgrading your Hyperdrive is also a good step forward. There are two main ways to find Warp Reactor upgrade plans.

  • Search the smoldering remnants of technology on any planet's surface. Look for launcher pod caches - they often contain blueprints for ship upgrades.
  • Stop at every space station you see and talk to the alien faction NPCs. Sometimes they ask you a favor: do it and if you're lucky, you'll win a ship upgrade blueprint.

That's all you need to know about warp cells. Now let's move on to the real meat and potatoesNobody's Himmel- Reach the center of the galaxy.

Method #1: Follow the Atlas Trail

No Man's Sky: 3 Ways To Take You To The Center Of The Galaxy - Gameranx (7)

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The basic route and the one you need the most Warp Cells for. Following the Atlas route is one of the guiding options you can choose when visiting the Atlas stations. You can also choose the "Center" route, which takes you straight to the center of the galaxy.

  • Atlas Path places waypoints and markers on the map of the galaxy, giving you many ways to explore or navigate to the center.

Why choose the path of the Atlas over the path of the center? We won't spoil it here, but there's a difference. The path from the center takes you straight to the center, but if you really want to unravel the mysteries of the galaxy, you need a special item.

  • hold on tightAtlas Stones. Following the Atlas Path will take you to anomalies and other Atlas Stone locations. Once you've found a total of eight gems, you're ready to reach the center of the galaxy.

This method is the most direct. As long as you collect enough Warp Cells (see tips above), there's nothing stopping you from reaching the center.

Method #2: Fly to black holes

If you don't mind getting lost, jumping into black holes is the quickest way to get to the center. These mysterious anomalies in space transport you light-years closer to the center, although where you end up is completely random.

Black holes are the best choice if you want to avoid wasting too many warp cells. Although you have no control over its trajectory, it always appears somewhere closer to the center of the galaxy. All black holes send ships to a random star towards the center of the galaxy.

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Stop at space stations along the way to refuel and prepare for your next leap into the unknown.

Method #3: Cheat your way into the middle

No Man's Sky: 3 Ways To Take You To The Center Of The Galaxy - Gameranx (8)

Tired of exploring and just jumping right into the center? If you want to skip gathering resources, you can use a save-game exploit to search for all the Warp Cells and Atlas Stones needed for the endgame. See how it works.

MONITORING:This exploit works since version 1.03

  • Place the items you want to cheat in your exosuit inventory.
  • Save your game. Save twice: You need a previous save file to load.
  • Being killed by a Sentinel on the surface of a planet.
  • Load a previous save file.
    • Your inventory should be the same as it was before you died.
    • A full copy of all items in your inventory will appear at the point of death.
  • Go to the killing place and pick up the idiots.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Transforms an Atlas Stone/Warp Cell into 2, then 4, then 8, and so on. This is the easiest way to get to the center of the galaxyNobody's Himmel. It also ruins a big part of the game: exploration. Choose wisely, traveler!

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