No Man's Sky Expedition 6 Guide: Ruined All Stages, Rewards, and Tips (2023)

After yesterday's newsOutlaws Updateforno man's sky, Hello Games activated Expedition 6: Blighted. As always, they all start on the same planet and share the same goals as they navigate the galaxy. The goals and materials needed are the same, but the way everyone gets there is a bit different. If you haven't played for a while, many of the first steps can be quite difficult without a veritable trove of units to buy your way out of any trouble. That's why we walk the expedition ourselves and smooth the way through all the initial processes so you don't have to.

Observation:the infested expeditionGuerraAvailable for six weeks, until the end of May 2022. Remember to claim your previous anomaly rewards after completing them! There is also always the possibility that the Expedition will return at some point in the future (as was the case with previous Expeditions). Meanwhile, Expedition 6: Blighted has been replaced by Expedition 7: Leviathan, which you can do instead.You can find instructions on how to do this here..

Phases and stages of the Blighted Expedition

There are five main stages in Blighted Expedition, each with five different milestones.Remember that each milestone comes with important rewards that will help you speed up your progress. This includes Resources, Warp Drives, and Ultimate Mods. Be sure to claim them before proceeding!

One thing we recommend on this expedition is to observe all five phases before leaving whatever solar system you happen to be in. Hello Games generally uses systems where all objectives can be achieved without the need to travel.

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Phase one

This expedition begins like most others. Fix your ship! However, before you do anything, you need to fix your Analysis Viewer. Gather 50 nearby carbons and create a carbon nanotube to repair it. After that, go to the nearby ship, go inside and save your game. Make sure you equip the illegal movement system upgrade it gives you, it makes traversing the planet much easier.

Now we have to repair the ship. To do this, you need a variety of materials, which are made from the most basic resources.Remember to use the personal refiner in your exosuit inventory!For your chromatic metals needs, use this analysis crosshair to locate a nearby copper deposit, mine it with the smallest beam possible (“R” on PC) to maximize the amount obtained, then convert and sort the amount needed with your personal refiner. You may need to install the terrain manipulator by pressing "E" in an empty slot if you haven't already.

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Once cast, prepare for combat before moving on to the next system. We recommend taking Sodium with you so you can charge up your shields.This battle is not particularly easy and in your starting shipIf you die, it's faster to restore all resources to gather so you can keep spinning in hopes of having the event again.

Although the game says that you need to fix the freighter's warp system, it doesn't. All you have to do is visit a red star system.The easiest way to do this is to get some nanites from the space station or Nexus missions and buy the anomaly upgrade for your ship.

If you want to repair the freighter's jump system, you'll need a few things, including aquantum computer, the recipe that you can buy on board the Anomaly or find it from the vendors on the planets. while you're thereResearch the cadmium unit upgrade for your spacecraftso you can get the cadmium the freighter needs. Interestingly, fixing this one requires you to complete the quest before completing the repairs.

The last thing you need is aWarp-Hypercore. They can be dropped as rewards for Nexus missions, found in manufacturing facilities or operations centers, or crafted. The Warp Hypercores recipe is hidden behind a not inconsiderable number of AtlasPass upgrades, which means you have to spend a significant amount of nanites.

  • The compass -Find your spaceship
  • clipped wings -Restore critical starship systems
  • release -Save a freighter from pirates
  • Red Sky -Visit a red star and repair the freighter's warp system.
  • Meeting point 1 –Arrive at the first meeting point.

Whoops! Complete the first phase and you will get theCrackling Starship TrailAdjustment.

No Man's Sky Expedition 6 Guide: Ruined All Stages, Rewards, and Tips (2)

phase of

Don't log out yet! The missing freighter we're looking for is on Tavisti Hosh, another planet in the Yukotyli system. You need to land in the general area and use the scan cross return mode to locate it. Once you find it, interact with the red orb and dig out a single cargo pod to get the information you need.

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It is important to activate this next step in Phase Three before logging out. Our location for The Last Piece, a nearby landmark, was on the same planet.At this point, someone has probably built an underwater base that should make things easier for you. Some kind soul had already built an underwater airbag for me. You should also auto complete underwater leagues.

For the Coveted Gravitin Balls of the Suns, humans farmed on Tavisti Hosh, butthese do not count towards the objective.They must be harvested from living plants in the wild. Look for the Aggressive Sentinels label – these are planets likely to have Gravitino Balls.To save time, go to the second meeting point. There is a planet called Ladforas where they are available.Remember that you need chromatic metal and sodium nitrate to install your Haz-Mat Grip.

You'll likely find a hacked system during your expedition, so don't worry about finding one just yet. However, we have plenty of nanites right now and can easily afford the Anomaly Research Stations conflict scanner.

  • Meeting point 2 –Get to the second meeting point.
  • A corrupt freighter -Find the lost freighter
  • lawless skyVisit a pirated system
  • Coveted Suns -Collect 16 gravitino balls
  • emerald dreams -visit a green star

Complete phase two and you will get theTerrible Captain Fahng poster planes, Outlaw poster planes,miPlan Resbur XIII.

No Man's Sky Expedition 6 Guide: Ruined All Stages, Rewards, and Tips (3)

phase three

If you haven't found a hacker-controlled system yet, install this conflict scanner and look for a system like the one in the image above.

As we mentioned in the previous phase, you must have already completed Leagues Under the Sea and The Last Piece. It only remains to travel to the third meeting point. Stop somewhere on the way in a deep ocean world and establish a base nearby. then you have toLook for sunken ruins, which are similar to their above-ground counterparts with three sealed chests, each rewarding a random Water Treasure. Exactly what we need for the last step!

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But first we need to build a Nautilon Chamber, which requires Crystal Sulfide and 100 Salt. Crystals can be found underwater in groups of three attached to volcanic vents. This takes 10-15 minutes if you're unlucky as they can be quite far away. Use your analysis view to make things easier as salt can be hard to find. If you can't find a planet that has it naturally, you can make it yourself in a medium refiner, by combining dihydrogen and oxygen.

No Man's Sky Expedition 6 Guide: Ruined All Stages, Rewards, and Tips (4)

A word of warning, when you enter the Nautilon it will tell you that there is no scanner installed to help you locate the ruins. The notification states that they can be purchased aboard the Anomaly. Take the advice of someone who has followed these instructions: don't do it.You already know the technology, you just need to install it.However, you will need a Sun Mirror, which you must either buy or build from blueprints acquired from... the anomaly.

Once you've done that, don't just scan with the "C" key like you would your spaceship. Instead, open the navigation menu with "X" so you can specifically search for an underwater ruin.If you find a shell on the way,take some time for thisswim and open itwith your mining ray. The Living Pearl interior is required along with the key you get when you talk to the liquid orbs.

  • Meeting point 3 –Get to the third meeting point.
  • submerged -Deploy the Nautilon submarine
  • The last piece -Find the pilot lost under the ocean
  • Underwater Leagues –It reaches a sea depth of 80 units.
  • Sunken Antiquities -Get a treasure of water from an underwater ruin

Complete phase three and you will get thefive different flag planes.

No Man's Sky Expedition 6 Guide: Ruined All Stages, Rewards, and Tips (5)

phase four

If you went ahead to see if you can still complete the main questline before continuing on your journey, I'm telling you here that you can't. The treasure hunt first requires you to reach the fourth meeting point before continuing. For the blue star objective, do the same as before and buy the anomaly blueprints. It's faster and easier than doing it with the capital ship they gave you.

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Your gut might think that the Sentinel Pillar is something the game will lead you to, but it's not. To determine the location of any of these units, you need to rage the Sentinel forces on a planet and defeat them all to the desired level 5. This will give you a Sentinel limit map, though they sometimes drop from Quads, Mechs, and Strays as well. When you find a salvaged vial, consume it for a chance to win one.

If you want to avoid trouble, navigate to the fourth rendezvous point. In this system, Akltsahiro, there is a planet called Ueensasc Dano where someone built a base on a sentinel pillar.Instead of looking for it, go to the space station and interact with the teleport terminal. Go to other bases and find the Sentinel Pillar which will drop you right in front of one. Once there, find the Frontier Archives terminal and select "Extract Weapon Tech". You don't have to take the multitool with you if you don't want to. The reset completes the milestone.

When you're ready to leave, follow the pirate map, which will lead you to a portal that will take you directly to Rendezvous 5.

  • Meeting point 4 –Get to the fourth meeting point.
  • fail limit -Kill 25 Guardians
  • return fire -Steal a Sentinel Pillar multitool
  • immensity blue -visit a blue star
  • treasure hunting -follow the pirate map

finish everything and winthe primitive Wayword Cube.

No Man's Sky Expedition 6 Guide: Ruined All Stages, Rewards, and Tips (6)

phase five

Now that we've come this far, things are really simple. By now, you've probably killed enough pirates. If not, go fight. If not, go to your frigate and interact with the terminal on the opposite side of the control room you entered.Here you can buy your first squadron pilot seat for 800 nanites.After that, you can recruit any NPC with a ship.

Make sure you complete the second half of the pirate map while you're here too. Collect the nearby Underground Keys, open the cache and get 7200 Activated Cadmium, Indium and Emery as a reward! In total, it's worth around 15 million units, which is nice if you need cash. You can also make it a lifetime supply of Chromatic Metal.

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On PC, you might have some issues with the last fold to the galactic center.Make sure your ship's hyperdrive is 100% full, because you won't be able to transport without it. Here you canDo yourself a favor and plug in a controller if you have one.I played with a mouse and keyboard for about 20 minutes trying to get the game to warp me. After I plugged in my controller, it took around five seconds. As you do this, keep the last system pointed and push the right stick in the direction of the line towards the galactic center. Hold this for about five seconds and eventually you will be prompted to do the final jump.

  • Meeting point 5 –Arrival at the last meeting point.
  • Inscription -Recruit a pilot for your squadron
  • Galactic Defender -Kill 32 pirates.
  • intergalactic -Explore beyond the galactic core
  • Breadcrumbs -set up your first base

finish everything and winthe Hunter of the Blight title, a Blighted Expedition badge,It's inBlighted Expeditions banner.

Completing the entire expedition will reward you withadaptation of Outlaw Cape.


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