No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (2023)

no man's heavenExpedition 8: Polestar appears shortly afterStamina update. Therefore, as with previous Expeditions, the content focuses on the star of the new content: Freighters! The main ship type has undergone a major overhaul, becoming a more mobile base for interstellar travel. Although there is much more to the new content in NMS Expedition 8.

Note:Like our previous No Man's Sky Expedition guides, we will update this document as each milestone progresses. Be patient as we continue to unravel the mysteries and mysteries of the event!

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Polestar is already unique among No Man's Sky Expeditions. However, it doesn't appear to be set to Survival difficulty, which has prompted manyBattle in Expedition 7: Leviathan.

However, this brings its own limitations. Players will "abandon crooked spaceships and build planetary bases". To fly across the galaxy, you must rely on a cargo ship. You can do this by going to your freighter's bridge and "Cargo ship warp mapfrom the center console in the navigating bridge (as shown in the screenshot above). Although actually Polestarlaunches you on a cargo shipfrom the beginning.

The freighter also has unique upgrades and modules, which is not uncommon for an expedition. Be prepared to collect different resources than usual to build them. You should toosee Salvaging Frigate ModulesThis is one of the biggest problems in the game.

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Expeditions are also typically broken down into five "phases," with subsets of goals along the way called milestones. The total number of goals per phase varies. However, this time there is only one optional milestone (in phase two) that requires entering another player's shipping base.

After all, Expeditions are temporary events. Typically, players have around six weeks to complete all objectives. After this time, the rewards will be available across your entire account. You can pick them up at Space Anomaly on the Nexus! However, this expedition will take a little longer. The term is two months, which means it is coming to an endsometime in late September.

While some previous expeditions were shorter, they were "reruns" of previous events, not entirely new like Polestar.

Starting with Expedition 8: Polestar, players can also chooseComplete the expedition early, which converts the save file to a "normal" No Man's Sky campaign. This way you can continue the basic story with all the game items and upgrades already acquired. Old expeditions have also been converted into normal rescue operations, although previously players had to wait in real time for the event to end.

NMS Polestar Expedition phases and steps

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Phase 1 – No Man's Sky Expedition 8: Nordstern

Polestar's first phase has just begunI'll speak to the captain of your freighter. You'll start the expedition right on the navigating bridge, where you'll be spending a lot of your time from now on, and the captain can be found where he always appears: up the short flight of stairs to the windshield. You sit in a chair at the control console. Select "Access Ship Log" and then... Done! So much for the first step.

CertainlyCollect the prize manuallyfrom the expedition menu. Just click on the colored badge that says "Claim your reward!" These rewards aren't just cosmetic or fun; Expedition milestone rewards include:It is necessary to perform a few more steps along the way. For example, they can give you blueprints or resources you need to craft items that you can use to solve future steps.

In this case we get extraStarship Inventory Bays,Salvaged frigate modules(used to upgrade a freighter despite the name),cargo bulkhead(used to upgrade the freighter's inventory) and two straps. Plus some purple color that is purely cosmetic.

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Speaking of resources, you actually start out with a few more in your cargo and starship inventory. Examine the freighter's inventory to find three damaged modules. We couldn't fix itatmosphere control unitWe used to, but thanks to the Wiring Loom from previous Milestone awards, we can now. Select the Atmospheric Control Unit and place resources in the damaged vents to repair it.

While there are many broken systems, this is the only one we can currently fix. It is also the only thing that is requiredAll men on deck' So you've already done step two! Get these rewards.

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During this time, you can also access the "Update Control" terminal at the large round table in the center of the room. Choose "Add additional storagereplace those partitions from earlier times with additional storage space. These last two steps already start filling up your freighter. It's best to start right away with opening the room!

Now it's time to “go ashore”. That means going into a cargo hangar to board a standard starship. After that, you can fly to a nearby planet.

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You could have just gone to the hangar. However, from todayStamina updateNo Man's Sky added a feature that now allows players to automatically move back and forth between the bridge and the hangar. Just step into the white circle of light on the bridge! You don't even have to press a button!

Jump in your spaceship and fly to a nearby planet. None of the worlds in this starting system are particularly hospitable, but you should probably pick one that doesn't mention:Aggressive guardsor something similar. Environmental threats are easier to defeat than killer robots.Just find some sodium.

Speaking of which, Planetside Milestone Rewards include:Improved threat protectionIMinebeam upgrade. Make sure you use them from your inventory and place them in your exoskeleton and multitool accordingly. The Threat Prevention upgrade should be in the Technology inventory to save space. You can safely do it tooMove your jetpack, threat protection, and life support to this tabto free up even more disk space!

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When you're on your first planet, be sure to stock up on essentials as well. Sodium, oxygen, ferrite dust, carbon, etc. These are all good. However, you want it especiallyTake some dihydrogen- Blue crystals with an "H" symbol after using the scanner. You will need two Di-Hydrogen Jelly to build the refinery room unlocked in this step. This totally requires80 Standard-DiwasserstoffCabinet!

But you really shouldCollect at least 120 Dihydrogens. You will need another unit of Dihydrogen Jelly to craft the terrain manipulator later. Not to mention that blue material is also usedfrigate fuelYou need the Milestone Called by the Stars for level 3.

When it comes to killing two birds with one stone, there are a few other later milestones you can get a head start on now. The engine of life demands itScan 20 planters; "Seeker" wants15 mineralsoutside; "Living in the open air," he asks25 animals. You can even complete Stardust, which is your questDestroy 50 asteroidswith your spaceship's weapons as you fly back to your freighter. It may seem like a lot, but it only takes a minute or two.

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In other words:scan everything. It will save you quite a bit of trouble if you do it immediately every time you land on a new planet. You might as well start the process now! Pets will probably be the most annoying,So prioritize them nowif you don't want to do everything yet. SimplyLook for red dotswanders over the horizon with the analytical viewfinder (as in the screenshot above). They are undiscovered animals to write in your diary.

This is also a good time to point out that most of the Expedition Milestones are achievable in No Man's Skyclosed. Milestones like the ones listed above do not require the achievement of earlier goals or even earlier stages.Please read this guide beforehandand find out what to look out for!

As already mentioned, it will soon be time to return to the freighter. Fly directly there or call your cargo directly over the planet by clicking on the “Call Freighters and Squadrons” tab in the NMS context menu.

Now we are building the refinery. This part might confuse some players as the endurance update changed the way base freighters work. However, the basics are the same as when building a base. You open the build menu, select the desired room type and place it.You just have to know where you want to go.

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After the last update, "Where to go" means "up the green stairs" as shown in the screenshot above. This is the door that leads to the actual part of your freighter - where you can build things like the Refiner Room.You need to craft two dihydrogen spheresIn your inventory, of course. I hope you caught some of the blue crystals I mentioned earlier!

Note that you can open the Create With menu"up" on the directional pad or "Z" on the keyboard. Once you've done that, select the Refiner Room and place it anywhere!

That completes A Well Oiled Machine, so grab these rewards. One such reward is the camp plan, which you can create instantly and complete instantly.super chargelandmark. When you find you don't have enoughgold and/or silverAnd you've never destroyed those asteroids. Just get on your ship and shoot at the rocks. They are loaded with silver, gold, tritium and sometimes even platinum.

When placing the refiner room, I also recommend placementgem pointAn item the game gives you near the base door. This allows you to manually save the gamewithout returning to his shipevery time!

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We should now have everything we need to fixCargo ship hyperdrive. The only things you need to do separately to complete the repair are two unitsAntistofhus. You will need Ferrite Dust (found in rocks on planets) and Oxygen, which you should be able to get from Planetside rewards. If you have used too much of that life support, you must leaveAerobic farming.

After repairing the hyperdriveInsert Warp Cellas fuel. You can also use the so-calledWarp-Hypercoreobtained from a well-oiled machine to ignite a sucker. However, you'll need to use the Warp Hypercores later to get the blueprint at the end of the Expedition for you to be able to do thisstay tuned for nowinstead if you prefer.

The starting point is hereto find the storm crystal: can be obtained from Bounties, Crystal Fragments mined in Dihydrogen Crystal Fields, Cargo Shipwrecks and most importantly.on planets with extreme weather during storms. For some, it may be difficult or annoyingly random. When I used to play Expedition, I would randomly find a lot of bounty crystals and wreck crystals. It's even possible to get full warp hypercore through bounties.However, the mileage can vary for everyone.

Either way, once you've selected the fuel, you're good to go!

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, you can use it to warp your freighterCargo ship warp mapon the center console of the bridge. Where you warp doesn't technically matter. Just jump to unlock the Start the Engines objective. However fFollow the green line on the expedition routewhich NMS sets as default. This will take you to the first meeting point required to complete this stage.

Aside from getting to the rendezvous (after a few more corruptions), the only thing left at this stage is building the interstellar scanner. This isn't a base item like the Refiner Room, but a module that goes into your cargo ship's inventory. The best in the technology tab!

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The first two crafting requirements are not overly complicated. you miss160 Chromatic MetalI70 magnetized ferrites. Both can be crafted through Refining in the Refining Hall you just built! First you need some ferrite dust, which turns into pure ferrite, which turns into magnetized ferrite. There's a good chance you'll already have as much ferrite dust as you need by the time you've mined the first planet. Just tap on the refinery.

Chromatic Metal is a bit more difficult. First you need to create a fileFilzmanipulatorModule for your multitool. Expedition 8: Thankfully, Polestar is starting off with the right plan, so all you need is the box stuff. That means another dihydrogen jelly and two carbon nanotubes (made of plain carbon).

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When the terrain manipulator is active, you can absorb certain large metal deposits on any surface of the planet.In this case, first of all, we need copper.However, magnetized ferrite is also found in such deposits. And like ferrite dust or pure ferrite, copper can be processed in a refinery.Copper is converted to chromatic metal.This is all extremely basic NMS stuff, but I'll repeat it here for newbies.

To find mineral deposits, raise the analysis sight and look for diamond symbols on the chess board. These symbols indicate by name whether the deposit contains copper, paraffin, etc. Copper isn't the only metal that produces chromatic metal. It's just the only one we have access to at the moment. We'll find it laterCadmium,Emerilla, IIndAlso.

Of course, there's a chance you've already collected all the copper and ferrite you need from the first planet. Remember, it's worth stopping in other worlds and scouring plants, rocks, and animals for milestones! You should also eat some dihydrogen to replenish what you previously lost. when you have suffered

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Find wiring harnessit is actually often more difficult. You cannot craft them or harvest them from planets. Instead you have toBuy them in the Galactic Trade Terminal. Such a terminal can be found on board every space station - for example in the system after the first hyperdrive jump. The problem is that wire mesh is often very expensive (at least for a fresh rescue like this). You may need to craft some quick units by selling some resources.

I recommend offloading some goldto the Galactic Trade Terminal to earn enough money for an additional loom. Gold is only marginally rare as it can be collected from every asteroid in the universe and even more can be found by opening itGold Nuggets(which also fall from asteroids).

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You can also use it while you are in the space stationspaceship equipmentTable on a nearby space station. Here you can use these fiveIncreasing the storage capacity of the spaceshipUnits you may have already received from Stardust Milestone. This gives you five additional storage slots on your baseship. Everything is free!

Once everything is in place and you have your scanner, you're good to go! That means walking through the stars. It's time to start warping (follow the expedition route on the Galaxy map) until you reach the first encounter marker. To do this, you have to leave the main ship again and fly the spaceship to the planet.

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Since the first encounter is a regular crashed freighter, it's worth looking for a regular one as wellcargo pods. These are large storage containers that can hold popular but still very useful materials such as spacecraft launch fuel and warp cell resources. They also have a (extremely rare) chance of droppingA salvaged frigate module. Which is great! Just be ready to run because the cargo pods will bombard youlethal radiationwhen you open them.

And that's it! You have completed level 1. Return to the freighter.

  • Log 1: crash- Read the first entry in the ship's log.
  • All men on deck– Repair of important cargo systems.
  • Planetenseite -Put your foot on land.
  • A well-oiled machine –Build a refinement room.
  • start engines -Warp with her capital ship.
  • super charge -Build a warehouse.
  • Galactic Catalog -Installer interstellar scanner.
  • meeting 1 -Come to the first meeting.

Forgive:You will receive some cosmetic items that you can finally build into your bases and/or freighters. They include:Pilgrim poster,Polestar-Poster, ITung transport poster.

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Phase 2 – No Man's Sky Expedition 8: Nordstern

This phase begins with another visit to the captain to read the logs. Interestingly, before you can do this, you'll have to do a few more warp jumps, which already introduces yousame system as the other venue. Do the jumps, read the log and get ready to fly back down.

One last reminder: scan all the plants, animals, and minerals you find there. Of particular note are the stalactites and stalagmites found in the underground caves. They are useful for scanning, of course, but alsothey always contain cobalt. You'll need cobalt soon. In particular, you also need to refine it into ionized cobaltOrbital Exoship Materializer. Blueprint for reading the second journal. You will also need something moreMagnetic resonatorswhose plans were presented in phase 1.

This meeting actually takes place underwater. So for those who haven't had many NMS water adventures, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, under water protection does not expire – under certain circumstances.Hypercold planets like this will continue to affect you.This means you should bring some sodium and/or ion batteries to refill your exoskeleton. The same applies to oxygen and/or life support gel. Your life support unit will continue to drain water underwater. In fact, it will probably deflate a lot faster because you canUse your jetpacks underwater to level upin any direction. The compromise is thisThe jetpack sucks water out of the life support module while swimming.

Now there is a third indicator to worry about. If you stay underwater for too long, a separate O2 bar will be deflated. You will not die immediately when it reaches zero! However,They periodically take shield damage and eventually health damage(same as life support and/or threat protection consumption).

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There are two ways to get around this. One of them is easyback to the surface. Your air knife fills up as long as you float on the water surface. The second method is to findKelp cherries: a resource only available underwater. It can be found in every body of water in the game, so there's quite a lot of it. It also has two functions. Candleweed can be mined to create Kelp Sacsor. You can approach it and manually interact with the plant to charge the air meter. This allows you to stay underwater much longer.

It's also worth noting that the second meeting place is another crashed freighter. This means more cargo pods can be claimed. Just be careful when doing this! The water should protect you from radiation, but you can still run out of air digging to open each hatch. Aside from Candle Kelp, we also don't currently have a way to manually charge this air gauge. So if you get too greedy and move away from safe areas, you will take damage.

At this point, I also met players who were exploring the crash site at the same time as I was. One invited me to join the team to complete the Hospitality optional milestone. This seems like a good time to mention itYou should definitely accept these invitationsor send them yourself.

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The reason is? Hospitality brings amazing rewards. For one thing, five million units is a lot of change. Just buy your firstCoordinates for an abandoned cargo ship. You will also receive all Atlas Passports: a level 1, a level 2 and a level 3.

However, the true reward is fullPortal-Glyphen-Set. Of course, finding them in No Man's Sky is a real pain. You must either complete one of the game's main story missions almost completely, or do dozens of warp hops in hopes of encountering travelers. It ignores everything -Clear one of the biggest obstacles in the gamein the directionto get a living ship. Especially new players who may not yet have a "main" store with lots of upgrades and resources should prioritize this goal.

Just notice itYou must release your own freighterLand on another player's capital ship. You can do this from the context menu (similar to summoning). If you don't do this, no friendly freighters will spawn, even if the target markers are still floating in space. Be polite and let each other take turns loading onto your ships!

Now it's time to perfect this cobalt. You will also need three Warp Cells (created fromantibodyIAntistofhus) and some gold. Note that you can also easily purchase the cobalt, ferrite dust, and oxygen needed for these items from a nearby space station. When you're short on cash.

When you're ready, launch the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser from wherever you want. it's all for"Drop protocol"! After all, you can use it to summon the Nautilon - aka No Man's Sky Submarine - and any other exocraft at pretty much anytime.

The next step requires returning to the world from the second meeting point. You can do that toofind another water planet,if you prefer it for any reason.

While upgrading your freighter a bit, now is also a good time to buildNavy command room. This requires a penny of gold, silver and tritium. Although it allows you to send your unique frigate on naval expeditions. Build the room, then talk to your navigator at the circular console on the bridge. They allow you to send your frigates to collect items.

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Actually, it is only necessary from level 3. Fleet Expeditionstake place in real time. Even if you're not logged into No Man's Sky! That means you can still progress on the Polestar Expedition when you're not playing. However, it also means thatCalled by the starsIf you don't do this, the milestone will become a bottleneck laterStart completing missions now. Fleet Expeditions can last anywhere from an hour to a full day (provided you don't shorten that time with consumable upgrades).

Back to the quest itself... We now have the Orbital Exocraft Materializer. However, we do not have an exocraft. We have to build it first.

NMS Exocrafts umbuilt up automaticallywhen you build their respective geobays. Or in the case of a submarine,Komnata Nautilona. This means that we have to land outside and open the base building menu. You can build a Nautilon Chamber underwater by spawning a Nautilon from the air.

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This requires three things:metal paneling,kristallines Sulfid, ISol. Metal plating is simple. Ferrite dust will do. Salt is a bit harder, but can be found in large quantities in underwater rocks. Just extract the mine radius as usual.

Crystalline sulfide is an outlier. You have to collect it from special underwater geysers. Thisappears when you use the analytics browserlabeled "crystalline sulfide". That's why it's hard to miss them. However, the geysers tend to emit deadly heat if you get too close.The screen starts buzzing and you hear a soft gurgling noise.That's your cue to withdraw. Deposits of crystalline sulfide can cause thissurprising amount of damageif you are near!

Just take your time and collectsparkling egg shaped gemsStay on the edge of the geysers. Once you have everything you need, you can build the Nautilon Chamber and move on! You are done here. Although you shouldStick with the extra saltThey collected for future projects.

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The next step in this quest requiresAminokammer. It is a do-it-yourself craft material. However, we don't have a plan for that. We can bring one inSyntheselaborabout the cosmic anomaly. This is a huge floating multiplayer hub that is usually introduced at the beginning of the No Man's Sky story. Expedition 8: Polestar hasn't gotten us here yet though.

Just jump into space with your spaceship andExpand the quick menu. A Space Anomaly can be spawned just like your Freighter (and now your Exocraft too). The Synthesis Lab is a kiosk in the back of the building, to the right of the research room. Right next to said shark-like NPCIteration: Eos. The plan will set you back250 Nanit-Cluster. They should have a lot more than some of the previous milestones.

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Again, most of the crafting elements of this structure are fairly simple. However, we have already dealt with the metal coatingcondensed coalcan be obtained by refining common coal. That means we only need a fewChlor.

You canfew clawsin No Man's Sky in several ways. Although for our purposes it's probably easiest to mix salt (leftover from a submarine ride) and oxygen. we just need20 total chlorineSo it shouldn't take long to get mixed in the refiner room.

All in all, these materials allow you to buildThe teleportation chamber- which allows you to jump directly between your cargo ship and the most recently visited space stations. And a replacement version. It's a handy device worth having.

The next step in phase 2 is technicalScan 20 planters. If you've followed my advice so far, chances are you already have or are about to. In this case, there are not many tricks. Just scan. Jump between different planets to give yourself more options. Also note that oxygen, sodium andInterpreterAll plants count. Like dangerous flora. You can also find other plantsunder water and/or underground.

The "actual" next step is to create the fileDouble cultivation chamber. This requires some basic elements, as wellLike. It is a special resource. That means it's animal excrement. You have to feed the animals Creature Pellets (made from coal) and then wait for them to shiver. Take a poo and it's your poo.


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However, you can skip this step if you follow my previous advice to scan everything again. Phase 5 milestone for life under heavenAwards 128 Faeciumto discover 25 unique animals. We're only 25 seconds from the vault, so that's more than enough to get through.

Build a double crop wherever you want (maybe it's time to build some more corridors) and you're done! That's it for Phase 2 of Expedition 8.

  • Protocol 2: I sort -Read the second entry in the ship's log.
  • Meeting 2 -Well, the second meeting.
  • Drop protocol- Construct an orbital exovehicle materializer.
  • freedom of the sea -Deploy the submarine.
  • through infinity -Build a teleportation chamber.
  • The engine of life -Discover 20 plants.
  • The air we breathe -Build a double growth chamber.
  • (OPTIONAL) Hospitality –Visit someone's cargo base.

Forgive:High gravity cargo ship route

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Phase 3 – No Man's Sky Expedition 8: Nordstern

Another new phase, another new ship protocol. Even if you have to travel again. Access the freighter's warp map again to get to the next rendezvous point. You can then talk to the captain to get the logbook before landing at the next pit stop.

It is also worth stopping at the space stations in betweenIncrease your storage spaceat the exoskeleton upgrade kiosk. However, this is not mandatory. I'm only mentioning this because you can only get one Exosuit slot upgrade per game. space station. Since you're on the road anyway, you might as well get yourself a new slot machine. Early upgrades are cheap and you should have some cash by now anyway.

Note that you can also easily teleport back to your freighter using the new teleport chamber.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (25)

The third meeting also takes place under water. However, we don't need to build another Nautilon chamber. We can do that insteadCall it directly from the context menuCourtesy of the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser. You can choose to search for cargo pods with a submarine like before, or just return to base. It depends on you! In any case, it's time to read this diary again.

Building A is nextSternextraktor. Crafting requirements are basic things that we've covered many times before, so I won't go into detail here. In fact, there's a very good chance you already have everything you need. The only possible exception is silver. They should probably rebuild from some nearby asteroids. Most cargo structures require materials, so it's a good idea to have more than you think you need.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (26)

After installing Stellar Extractorconstantly draws resourcesto you. Like Fleet Expeditions, it works even if you're not logged into the game. Remember to regularly scavenge for chromatic metal to use in crafting the warp cells that power your hyperdrive.

At this point you can probably start creating the file right awayScannerrum, Also. The only weird requirement is singleionic bacteria- which requires cobalt and ferrite dust. If you previously ionized all of your cobalt, you can return it to the base mineralrefining of ionized cobalt. You only need 10 items.

You can probably build tooGalactic Trade Space. (Perhaps now you can understand why we needed so much silver before.) We haven't looked at microprocessors yet, but they're easy to make. you just have to use it40 Chromatic MetalIa unit of carbon nanotubesTo all. And if you're about to run out of cash, covered farms are on the shelves. Enter one of them and interact with the plants on the walls to get them.

The next step, "Wing Commander", can be a bit confusing due to its wording. It really isn't that bad though. All you have to do is buy more relay seats.

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The “ship bay” mentioned is not a structure inside your freighter. In fact, you must use "Manage your fleeton circular office consoles.It's the orange hologram closest to your captain.Here you can also see the frigates that go on sea expeditions.

You also control your squadron here. These are NPC pilots who will help you in battle if you are attacked. We already have the entire guidehow to recruit a squadron in No Man's Sky, but to give the short version you have to do itAfter landing, talk to the pilots. Be it in the hangar of a space station, on your own cargo ship or in commercial companies. Just pick a dialogue option and ask them to join your squadron and they will! Assuming you have space, of course.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (28)

This is where the Manage Fleet menu comes into play. Click on it and then select “Manage Squadrons”. This shows four square padlock icons. These are the naves that Milestone refers to.You can buy them for nanite clusters.The catch is that each successful bay costs more than the previous one.That should be enoughbut after some previous milestone rewards buy three.

Once you have slots, just sit in the hangar, wait, and ask to "recruit" anyone who looks promising. This part is free!

This happy bunch will help you with the next step: kill some pirates. Chances are you've already reached (or are at least close to) that milestone. Pirates will attack you while you mine asteroids. They also occur regularly when flying with an impulse engine.

systems withhigher level of conflictalso has several pirates. You can see it withCrossed swords iconabout the systems on the galactic map while standing on your freighter (now updated). The higher the number, the higher the conflict level. Jump to any of these locations to engage in multiple battles.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (29)

Another way to force pirate battles is to simply accept the bounty. You can get them from the Mission Agent on the Space Stations or from the Nexus on the Space Anomaly. As shown in the screenshot above. This will bring up a skull-shaped target icon that you can fly to.

Here's a quick tip for combat in generalUse your rockets. Your starting starship is equipped with both a set of lasers and a set of missiles as "secondary weapons". It overheats after one shot, so you'll have to switch between the two weapons often, but you should always use the rocket launcher on the enemy's hull. This means that we will destroy their shields with a laser first. When it's overRockets are basically a single hiton most enemies in the game at this point. They are simply tuned to deal a lot more raw hit point damage than shields.

The reward for this mission is a set of upgrades that make Fleet Expeditions even faster.Install all three at once!You need eight full expeditions to complete this stage. Of course you can wait for itor you can proceed to phase 4 now.

It's time to make more leaps, find your next meeting, and read your next journal! Basically, you're done here for now.

  • Protocol 3: Homesickness -Read the third entry in the logbook.
  • Meeting 3 -Reach the third meeting.
  • Energy and Industry -Build the star reactor room.
  • lieutenant colonel -Recruit 3 pilots for your squadron.
  • defenders of the galaxy -Shoot down 16 pirates.
  • Called by the stars -Complete 8 Naval Expeditions.
  • far-sighted -Build a scanner room.
  • home decor -Build a galactic trading space.

Forgive:Burning barrel, data display, navigation archive

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Phase 4 – No Man's Sky Expedition 8: Nordstern

Chain. Meet. Read the log. The cycle continues. The only problem is thisYou need to fill up your hyperdrive. Do this by creating more warp cells orWarp-HypercoreIf you can.

The latter option requires a Storm Crystal to craft. These are fairly rare; They can be found during deadly storms on planets with extreme weather conditions. However, they are very rarely found in the degradation of dihydrogen crystals. Crystals sometimes fall approxCrystal fragmentsfor your gear. This crystal fragment can split, usually producing some additional dihydrogen. But once in a blue moonone will make a storm crystal.

I got lucky and found it early so I had a spare warp hypercore ready to take this screenshot.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (31)

You can also get these asNexus Rewards. Rewards and prizes appear every few minutes. That means you can stick with the space anomaly until you get lucky if you want. Chances of finding a Warp Hypercore here are probably better than finding a Storm Crystal through Dihydrogen mining. On the other hand:Warp cells work well.

You should already have completed several parts of this stage, Stardust and Seeker. The same applies to "gold like sand". Between killing pirates, naval expeditions, and general exploration, you have many opportunities to earn money. But if you're still low, just stick with it. More rewards are always goodmake money fast. Especially more pirates.

Asteroid mining is also a surprisingly lucrative business. Not because of silver, gold and platinum. At least not only because of that. What you really want to find is thisanomaly detectors.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (32)

These are rare consumables dropped from asteroids. However, despite their rarity, you can get a pack of them pretty quicklybecause it's so quick and easy to destroy space rocks. This makes them a common way to make money playing normal No Man's Sky. Expedition 8: Polaris is no different. When you find it, a prompt will appear on the screen.

If you have an anomaly detector,Activate it from your storage. Then start the Pulse Engine. Eventually you will get a notification letting you know about itdecrease in heart ratebecause something was discovered. These can range from special encounters with space monsters to livelier recruiting frigates. More often though, they're just special objects floating in space, waiting for you to do soShoot and mine them like an asteroid.

Artifacts from these cosmic encounters could be valuablehundreds of thousands of unitsin a train. This is in addition to all the money you can make selling gold and silver earned along the way. That's not a bad deal!

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (33)

It's a good time to do that, tooRecruit more frigates. This usually costs 1.5 million units or more, but it's worth the price as it allows you to complete Fleet Expeditions more safely - make even more cash and complete this phase 3 timed step.

To recruit a frigate, simply fly near an NPC freighter in space. Each frigate you can recruit will be marked with a colored diamond and a unit currency symbol. When you approach one of these marked frigates,You will receive a message from the welcome channel, which basically just means you need to open the quick menu. Select the "Spaceship Communications" beacon icon and the frigate will offer to join your fleet! At the expense of…

You can alsoRecruit ecological frigates with Dream Aerial. It's basically free, but it's also mostly random, so it's not a reliable way to build a fleet just yet.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (34)

We now come to a good clip. come on we have toFind a wrecked ship. Like most interesting planetary objects, you can find them usingPlanetkort. They can be purchased with navigational data from the cartographer on each space station. We have a guide for that in case you find yourselfrequire additional navigation dataAlso.

Above all, we want one thingPlanetary map (emergency cartographic data). This is based on a specific list of possible outcomes: including a possible shipwreck. ButDon't just explore every random set of coordinatesprovided by the charts. Instead, buy a stack of these and use them one at a time from your inventory. Planet maps canEnter only one set of coordinates for one location type at a timeonce. This means you can continue to use the charts to narrow down the list of possible outcomes until you get the result you want. In this case, a shipwreck.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (35)

Next to,Don't believe the lies on the charts. They'll often tell you that you can't use any other map because your map already has a certain type of location marked on it. That's due to an odd quirk in the way No Man's Sky pulls from the list of possible locations included in each map type. They always refer to the entire list of possible locations - not to the rest of the list of possible locations. That's funny.

basically? On charts with emergency card data, press the "Use" button until you finally see a red icon foralarm signal. It will always be either the destroyed freighter or the destroyed ship that we need. If you get Crashed Freighter instead,Keep opening charts until you get another distress beacon. Repeat if necessary. Personally, though, I got a crashed ship distress signal right away, so it could be scripted. That's good news for sure.

Oh, and make sure you take it with youThe repair kitYou have received from previous prices. They will be useful in the next section. You can also equip your freighter with a suitcase pack to access the inventory from anywhere and save yourself the hassle of carrying it around.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (36)

When you get to the ship, it's time to get it. This can be done by simply interacting with the damaged hull and selecting Collect Ship. Normally we would then have to craft some basic items to fix the damage.However, we have repair kits.

Click on the damaged pulse engine and/or activate the engine in the new ship's inventory. Then select defective components and select "Apply the repair kitas can be seen in the screenshot above. Once these two points are resolved, you can exit and return to your freighter! Don't worry about your old ship;will be in your hangarwhen you get there

Now, in the final step of this Expedition 8: Polestar phase, we have a choice.We must destroy one of our ships.Continuous.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (37)

You can do it by typingby flying the ship you want to destroy to a nearby space station. There is a large orange table with your ship's hologram floating above it. It is right next to technical suppliers. This is the Starship Gear Terminal - where you may already have permanently upgraded your starship gear. It's also a place where we can destroy those we don't want. However, a dead ship is not sold for units. Indeed it will be soconverted into salable scrapas you canThereafterSale at the Galactic Trade Terminal.

I personally sold my old ship. Despite the damage, the new one was an A-Class with significantly more potential storage space. However, the choice is yours. There are many other ways to queue ships (if you have the money).

With your newly created scrap you should be able to complete Stage 4 of Expedition 8: North Star on No Man's Sky! Now the final steps.

  • Protocol 4: No way back –Read the fourth entry in the logbook.
  • Meeting 4 -Reach the fourth meeting.
  • Stardust -Destroy 50 asteroids.
  • Recycling -Restore a wrecked ship.
  • Recycling -Recycle a spaceship to scrap.
  • Seek -Discover 15 minerals.
  • gold like sandEarn 9,000,000 units.

Forgive:Fleet Commander's Cloak

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (38)

Phase 5 – No Man's Sky Expedition 8: Nordstern

The last phase of this NMS expedition is very similar to the previous phases. Go to the meeting point and read the journal to get started.

Then 25 animals are technically scanned. If you've followed this guide, chances are you've already followed it. You probably already know this exercise. Search for red dots with the analytical finder and scan! A useful trick is thisUse the scanner room of your freighterFirst. This will display the basic details for each planet in the system in the Discoveries tab of the pause menu. Click on one of the planets here to see how many animals live on this world (and also how many you have already scanned). It will tell youWhich planet has the most wild animals?to discover everything in one place.

After that is "mission control". This means recruiting more frigates. As I described in the previous paragraph. Find the freighters, approach them and summon the marked frigates.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (39)

You might also be lucky enough to snag a dream antenna from one of the fleet's previous expeditions. In this case, you can get at least one bio-frigate for free. After that, you can also hunt more with anomaly detectors. Start your device and look for the message "Whalesong" to find another live frigate.

You shouldn't have too much trouble finding neutral freighters. But just in case, they often show up nearbyGrube Pasy AsteroidIright in front of the space stations. If you still can't find any, just try pulsing and stopping. One of these will occasionally drop by near you (with accompanying frigates).

If you're still having trouble, try a slight twist. Usually there is a new freighter near where you spawn after a hyperdrive jump.

Players who have already completed Expedition 7 may also want to knowClaiming Leviathan from Expedition rewards counts. Speak to Quicksilver's Synthesis Companion about the Cosmic Anomaly to obtain it.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (40)

Speaking of pulse, that's what we're going to do next. "Journal 5: HorizonsMilestone assigns the name to a deviceHomeworld Relay. Get into your spaceship, activate the device and then start the impulse engine. As if you were using an anomaly detector, a dream antenna, or an emergency message receiver. Eventually you will receive the order to stop the ship. then you canTalk to a giant object that appears in spaceby activating the "Starship Communications" tab in the context menu.

In this way we get an action planSingularitetsmotorModernization of the cargo ship. But it doesn't require anything that we haven't talked about before. You'll need Hypercore Warp, some Crystal Sulphide, and 120 Ionized Cobalt. Chances are, you already have it all.

Although the hardest potential item is Warp Hypercore. As mentioned above, they are assigned bysome Nexus rewards. You can also craft them using antimatter and storm crystals. Storm crystals are (again) found on extreme weather planetsduring stormsIwithin the crystal fragmentsobtained by dihydrogen crystal degradation. You can even get Storm Crystals as a rewardMission agent rewardson space stations. Finally you canFind them on abandoned freighters.

By this point, you should be able to purchase your first distress receiver - an item that spawns an abandoned freighter - from a scrap dealer on each space station. But you can also get it for freeIteration: Heliosabout the cosmic anomaly. However, you may have to speak to them twice to get the dialogue option.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (41)

This NPC gives away one free Receiver per week with every login. Not only on Expedition 8: Polestar! No Man's Sky players should definitely check out these pseudo dungeons. They are extremely profitable. If you need a refresher, there is a link to our Freighter Wreck guide in the Phase 3 section.

Once you have the Singularity Drive, you can move on. It doesn't matter if you have all your frigates and completed all naval expeditions or not! The device simply transports you to a faraway part of the galaxy—whereverFreighters and Frigates can still be found normally. You just have to talk to the captain. You will have a new dialog option asking you to enable the Singularity Drive.Tap on it and you're done!

You're almost done with No Man's Sky Expedition 8: Polestar. The only problem might be the pesky tier 3 milestone that requires you to complete eight Fleet Expeditions as it's limited by the real-time wait time.

To help you with this step,In fact, you can build multiple naval command centersOn board your freighter. This means that several "mini fleets" can be dispatched. Even if that means splitting the available frigates into smaller groups. Still, it allows you to complete missions many times faster since you can do them simultaneously.

When you're done, don't forget to claim your Expedition card rewards and congratulations! Everything is ready. In fact, new players looking for a "starter" save could do a lot worse than this one. You should now have some Quicksilver, some casha halfway decent starbaseand many more resources. Not to mention the Atlas Pass set and glyphs that you can get through the optional milestone. This gives you access to much more core content in No Man's Sky. Expedition or not.

  • Magazine of the 5 Horizons –Read the last entry in the ship's log.
  • Meeting 5 -Reach the final meeting.
  • life under heaven -Discover 25 creatures.
  • Mission Control -Expand your fleet to 8 frigates.
  • Deep Sleep Cruise -day contact.
  • Superluminal -Make a gravity sling.

Forgive:Seeker Title, Polestar Expedition Banner, Polestar Expedition Decal

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Guide - Polestar steps, rewards, tips (42)

Rewards for the NMS Polestar Expedition

Due to the way rewards are distributed through the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion, you may be able to see some of the No Man's Sky Expedition 8 rewards without first claiming them. Some of them are already mentioned in the patch notes. Here are some pictures from the companion magazine!

A complete expedition rewards the Helios Egg: floating, glowingjellyfish companion. It works almost the same as other companions that were available on some previous expeditions. But its nice!

And that's pretty much all we have in this No Man's Sky Expedition guide for now. Again, we'll update this article with other important information as it becomes available. Check back often for more NMS Expedition help if you need it to get through!


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