No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (2023)

no one is HimmelExpedition 9: Utopia is now available! New limited time mission is comingthe last update of "Fractal"with expanded VR support. Players have six weeks in the real world to complete the unique quests and reap the rewards. Many of them, likeUtopia speeder spaceship- are "exclusive" to this event and likely won't be available for long. However,SMNExpeditions tend to be some of the most challenging (or at least confusing) content in the game. That's why we've created this new guide to all the steps players need to take to get everything they need!

To use:Like our previous expedition guides, we will be playing the event at the same time as other players. This means that we will be updating this guide on the fly, starting with phase 1, transitioning to phase 2, etc. You might be ahead of us and have to wait if you're stuck on a specific milestone or other goal! If so, check back later for more updates on our Expedition 9: Utopia guide.


As always, this expedition is divided into several phases. Each phase is divided into milestones: specific objectives that can sometimes be completed in any order, but usually require you to complete a previous milestone to unlock the corresponding blueprints and/or resources for the next phase of the quest. Therefore, it is generally advisable to start with the first milestone of the first phase. At least until you start figuring out which goal needs what.

Our guide will follow these milestones and phases in "chronological" order, detailing objectives and rewards along the way. Milestone rewards are usually as simple as an Analysis Visor blueprint (which you need to scan objects). During stage rewards you get for completing themallMilestones within a stage: these are permanent unlocks that you can collect at any time.SMNSave the file you are creating (or already have). These are usually cosmetic in nature. Although they can be very useful, asthe utopia acceleratorobtained at the end of this expedition.

With that in mind, make sureAlways collect your rewardsby clicking on a completed milestone in your expedition menu! They often provide important resources and projects to further the event's mission.

With all that in mind, let's get started!

Fase 1 – No Man's Sky: Utopia Expedition

The first milestone in this phase is the "Foundation". Fittingly, this also includes building a beautifulliterallyBase. You need to build a base computer and build floors, a wall and some parts of a roof. That's because during Expedition 9: UtopiaYou cannot craft outside your home base.. That makes this the minimum requirement for this entire questline.

However, you don't need much to get started. Players start the expedition with a basic computer in their inventory. This means that all you have to do is open the basic building menu (Z on your keyboard) and place the computer anywhere it hasn't already been claimed by another player. You can then start building floors, walls and ceilings using the same menu.

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These last structures requireMoney: one of the most basic features ofSMN. You can get them from nearby mushrooms and other flora on the starting planet. While the analysis scope is needed to gather more advanced resources, things like coal and ferrite dust should show up when you set your sights on the appropriate type of matter. Then just fire your mining laser to get something. Speaking of ferrite powder, by the way,You will need some of this for the roof sections..

It's worth noting that your target log doesn't technically mention the ceiling, walls, and floor. However, each of them will be highlighted with flashing yellow boxes in the basic building menu when the game wants you to build them. However, all you have to do is build a very basic "house" consisting of four or five tiles, two or three tiles, and the necessary walls to support them.

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The next one, "Supplies", asks you to craft some new materials. You'll need them to survive the Utopia Expedition, as there are other special rules besides being able to craft only inside bases. Above all,Scratch protection can only be charged with ion batteriesjLife Support can only be charged with Life Support Gel. i can't useraw sodiumjraw oxygen, as so often inSMN.

Again, here are the specific steps for this milestoneNOneither in the expedition menu nor in the log menu (which usually shows your race goals). However, there is a useful trick to avoid this.

First go to the Shipping tab. Then click on the milestone you want to track. In this case it means "stocks". Then go to the registry menu. You should now see the Milestone you selected in the Side Quests section of the Quest Log. OyetIt doesn't show the specific features and steps needed to proceed. However, if you click on the desired quest icon in side quests and exit the menu to return to the world,You will always get an on-screen prompt telling you exactly what to do next.

In this example, when you click "Supplies" and exit the registration menu, you will be prompted to install a personal refiner in your exosuit's tech area. The refiner should be in your inventory when you complete the Foundation, as it was one of the rewards for this milestone. With that installed, you should make 100 Chromatic Metal by refining 200 Copper (also from "Foundation").

Each of these steps and all subsequent steps in Expedition 9: Utopia can be accessed in the same way. To reiterate, go to the Expedition menu, click on a milestone, go to the Record menu and click on the same milestone you selected in the previous window. Then exit the menu and find the instructions in the lower right corner of the screen.

For posterity, however, you mustMake four carbon nanotubes(one for your sweep scope and three for your boltcaster that can be installed on your multi-tool). You will also need more ferrite powder to create a set.shotgun ammo: essentially "bullets" for the boltcaster and a future weapon.

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By harvesting this, you can get some Dihydrogen, which is found in various rocks on the Expedition 9 launch planet. Assuming you scan them with your scope first. This is necessary forMake a unit of Life Support Gel– which, as mentioned above, will be important during this mission. Note that it is dihydrogenquiteeasier to find in the blue crystals scattered around the planet.You can find them by activating your scanner.(C on keyboard). Dihydrogen crystal fields are always marked with a blue diamond symbol in the world with an "H" inside.

Once the gel is made, you should be done with the "supplies"! Which brings us to the next milestone: ground control. There really isn't much to say about this step. Simply interact with your base computer and select the "Load Base" option. This will add your name and structure to theno one is Himmelonline database. That is all!

The next step isn't much harder; you just needbuild a geobay. These are the land launch padsSMNVehicles, also known as Exocraft. You can build them from the basic building menu, like you did during the "Foundation" milestone. I personally recommend Nomad Geobay as it's fast and you should already have most of the materials you need.

this requiresion batteries,Paraffin,jmetal cladding.You should already have most of these.when you collect your expedition rewards from the expedition menu. The only thing you need is the five plating units: you only need ferrite powder. Just remember that some of the rocks on this early planet produce pure ferrite, not ferrite powder, which cannot be used to make metal plates by default.

In System Link, the next step in our journey, we can see exactly why Exocraft is so valuable. It's time to find your ship!

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Just look at the horizon and find the little diamond-shaped icon with a spaceship icon (it will say "your spaceship" if you look directly at the icon). We have to go there. The problem is that it's too far away. So we must board our exocraft of choice and drive there. Don't worry: the exocraft will be built automatically when you build the corresponding geobay.

It should automatically complete the "Scenic Route" milestone on your way to the ship.All you have to do is fend off 2000 units in an exocraft.

When you get to the ship, you can use one to repair it.hermetic closure,Dihydrogeno-Gelatina, asmetal cladding, it `s somethingRainer Ferrit.

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You should already have the Condensed Coal needed to craft a Hermetic Seal with Planetary Link rewards. However, you can also create it by putting regular Carbon in the Personal Refiner. Same goes for pure ferrite - you can refine it from ferrite powder if you can't find any of the big rocks with the stuff already in it.

Once the repairs are complete, you can take off and head to the yellow diamond objective marker, which will take you to Outpost Alpha for Phase 1's final milestone... "Outpost Alpha". If you are not familiar with the more intermediate aspects of flying inno one is HimmelBy the way, note that flying in a planet's atmosphere allows you to fly faster and fasterActivate impulse engine(basically a form of super boost). You can also climb the outer edge of a planet's atmosphere (or just straight into space), target any mission marker, and activate the boost engine to activate a sort of lightweight "autopilot" that takes you right next to it. . to the marked location.

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However, in this case, the yellow mark is just an "approximate position". As you approach, look for a large metal structure with spaceship landing pads and several NPCs. But do not worry. It's huge and hard to miss.

After landing at the outpost, the yellow target marker will move to the location's mainframe. Interact with the terminal at the marker to complete this milestone and all of Stage 1.

Congratulations! Now it's time for phase 2. As always, don't forget to collect your rewards.

Reward:faction cartel plans; Night Squad poster plans; Planetary based poster designs

Fase 2 – No Man’s Sky: Utopia-Expedition

Phase 2 starts the same way Phase 1 ended: with a flight to an outpost. The only difference is that this one is on a different planet!

Fly your spaceship back into the outer atmosphere and point your nose at the nearest yellow target marker. Once you're high enough, you can activate the boost engine and autopilot to reach the Outpost Beta. Again, it's just aaboutLocation but also once again so close and hard to miss. Land and (re)interact with the file terminal to complete the first milestone of this phase: Outpost Beta.

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You should see an item in your inventory called "Utopia Supply Drop Beta." Open this in your inventory to get itOthersArticle. This is a launch chart. Using it will open up another new objective marker for you to follow. Then let's follow him to his "Personalised Recovery Zone"!

Here we need to get the "Target Scan Mode" of your Scan Viewer. Once you reach the last crosshair marker, the mode should automatically activate when you raise your scanning scope (as if you were scanning rocks, trees, or animals). This is basically a "target scanner" that makes it possibleSMNPlayers must find quest markers by following the yellow lines that appear at the edges of the spectator's screen.

In other words, if the lines on your display are pointing left, turn left. If they point right, turn right. Eventually, you're facing the right direction and you'll see four yellow triangles at the edge of the screen, along with the message "Target aligned". That means you can walk in that direction to get to where you need to be. You can think of it as a game between hot and cold.

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Once you've reached the location you want to hit in Target Sweep mode, simply keep your crosshairs open for a minute. A progress bar called "Completion Signal" fills up automatically and locks onto the target. At this point, you will also complete the “Assignment Beta” milestone! Now it's time to build another base for the "Settlement Beta".

This is where good old-fashioned coincidence begins to play a role. That's because we need to build a base computer, which requires chromate metal, which means at this stage of the shipmentKupferbergbau. This can be very easy or it can take a long time. It all depends on the luck of the draw.

Copper is found in large mineral deposits around the world. These points are always highlighted when you open the Analysis Viewer in standard mode and look for blue diamond-shaped icons with a cross in the middle. This could include anything from magnetized ferrite to salt and indium in different worlds. Although for now we are only interested in copper. Then, with the Analysis Viewer open, look around and find one with the correct label.

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If youit cannotIf you find one, you may need to pick a direction to walk a few hundred yards and look again. it's not coppermajorityCommon feature in the global beta, but quite plentiful. The biggest problem is finding enough stuff. You need 200 Chromatic Metal. This means we need 400 coppers (which can be refined into chromatic metal through your personal refiner at the start of the quest). You can findAHoarding the copper and having to dig another second to get the rest he needs.

That means a lot of walking, and remember you can't load your life support or threat protection with oxygen or sodium. Youto needLife support gel and ion batteries. As such, stock up on Dihydrogen Crystals when passing something (for the gel) and Cobalt for making Ion Batteries. Cobalt is almost always found in caves and underground.Specially designed for dismantling stalagmites and stalactites.

By the way, while hunting, you can also use the analysis scope to look for "bags of laughter", just like you find copper.You have to find five of them.for a later milestone, so drop by and collect them whenever possible to avoid some trouble.

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Speaking of ion batteries, you should have enough paraffin to build a second Nomad Geobay (if you decide to build one before and not throw away the minerals) and just zoom in on a vehicle. This also requires ion batteries or metal cases. Alternatively, you can build a Pilgrim GeobayRadish is dihydrogenated gelatin.Silver can be found in asteroids around the planet and in some stalactites in caves. Though it might be more trouble than it's worth.

If youAgainIf you find a copper deposit, you can suck it up with the terrain manipulator on your multitool. This dispatch should have one installed by default. The "G" key on a keyboard toggles the tool between modes: currently Mining Laser, Boltcaster, and Terrain Manipulator. Shoot the yellow metal with the manipulator and you should eat it right away!

Then just refine Chromatic Metal (and maybe 500 Pure Ferrite if you don't already have it from mining) and eventually build your second motherboard. Interact with the computer and select "Claim Base" as before to make it official.

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From there, all you have to do is “expand and beautify your base”. That seems to just mean building new stuff anyway. Personally, I used the Cylindrical Room and other items from the Large Structures tab of the base build menu because they use pure ferrite as opposed to the carbon requirements in the Timber Structures section.ferrite isquitemore common on superheated planetswhere this milestone takes place to make metal items easier to craft.

It doesn't have to be very pretty, just for the record. But youAgainYou need to load it from the base computer as before. This completes the milestone and we can move on to the next step!

This next step, "Ironclad", is absurdly simple. You just need to build the base part of the "Exosuit Utopia Station" (which you just unlocked the blueprints for during the last milestone. It requires a bit more chromatic metal and a bit of magnetized ferrite (which can be refined from pure ferrite). Build the endpoint, interact with it, and choose one of the available blueprint options. Justdon't choose thosehazmat glovesince this will unlock from the next milestone anyway. However, you must have enough nanite clusters, which are often used as upgrade one is Himmel— buy lots of different items.

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Well, before starting the next milestone, Spawn Protein, I recommend crafting some Creature Pills in your inventory. This is a pet food used to befriend animals, so after this milestone we will be “Adopt Companion”: “Company”. However, you cannot craft anything outside of bases during Expedition 9: Utopia.this includes pellets. If you have them on hand, you can now interact with, feed and adopt an animal while looking for snarling bags.

That's right, we are looking for the bags I mentioned before. If you've already found them while looking for copper, congratulations! If not, you can find them the same way we find that specific mineral. The only difference is the icon.

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The Humming Sac marker is a type of...egg...and brain that resembles the Facehugger pods fromalien. Bags look like this, but they're not dangerous. In fact, you have to interact with them to open them and collect the Pearl albums inside. You can see them in the screenshot just above.

Five seems like a lot to collect. However,no one is HimmelHum bags are oftenfound in groups of three or more. So look around carefully to see if there are several in one place. You should also look down when looking for them with the Analysis Viewer, as they are usually found in cave systems. Finally,Make sure you get those bills.! This is what really triggers the completion of this milestone;NOjust open the bags.

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When you're out, take the Creature Pills from earlier to the first animal you come across. Fauna is always marked with red dots (if you haven't already scanned) or a green footprint icon (if you've scanned) in your analysis viewer, just for the record. Then interact with them once to "offer food" andinteract a second timeto select the "Adopt as Companion" option. This completes the penultimate milestone of this level!

Now, to complete the stage, just climb a volcano! just right?

It's actually something like that. At this stage of the expedition, there are volcanoes all over the planet. All you have to do is walk and climb over the side with a jetpack. The complicated thing issurvivorthe process of landing in the caldera of the volcano itself. you will drinkFestivalHeat damages very quickly, so you need to be ready for a comeback as soon as possible. Fortunately, it only takes a split second to unlock the Caldera Milestone.

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Note: if youAgainIf you die, you can still get your resources from your dead body. Although some of their technology is damaged and needs to be repaired. Not to mention you have to fly back to the volcano's crater and interact with his corpse to get his stuff. It's not easy, so be very careful and get out of the crater as quickly as possible the first time. Though I probably don't need to warn youNOdie in a volcano...

And this will serve for phase 2! The game should immediately take you to the first milestone of Phase 3: Outpost Gamma.

To forgive:holographic buddy planes

Fase 3 – No Man's Sky: Utopia Expedition

This milestone should look familiar to you by now. Just get in your spaceship and fly to the next destination marker. If you run out of Pulse Engine fuel, you can refill it with tritium, the most common resource mined from asteroids. Outpost Gamma will be another large tower with a computer terminal in the center for you to log in.

That's it for this milestone! You will receive another Utopia Supply Drop that you can open in your Exosuit inventory. This will generate the Settlement Coordinate Range item which you can use to create itOthersnew search tag. This is also how you did it in Phase 2. Land on the mission icon and pull out your scan scope to look for the objective's location. Then, get close enough and "lock on" it, keeping your crosshairs open where you aim.

The downside this time is that this is a planet withhigh sentinel activity. This means you have to build your base while fighting and being targeted by deadly robotic drones. For now, if necessary, you can hide from them by digging a hole in the ground with the Terrain Manipulator and resting there. The Sentinels will finally cancel your mission and you can get back to work!

You can also use the cloaking device you get when you find your next base location and complete the Milestone "Gamma Mission" to hide in plain sight.

Speaking of which, the next step is "Settlement Gamma". Maybe you're already seeing the pattern... Time to build another motherboard and build another little house. This could also mean finding more copper like you did before if you don't have the chromatic metal you need.

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Another thing that can help keep the Sentinels away from you is to build a simple base. Coincidentally, that's what you'll have to do next anyway, so quickly set one up using wood walls and ceiling boards. So you can always hide in it if the heat from the gunfire gets too strong. Just make sure you build a door. Maybe some lights too.

Once you have built enough base partsjAfter uploading the location via the base computer, you've completed this milestone! It's time for "Advanced Mechanics".

Again, this is a repeat of the last phase. You only have to drop oneportable exocraft research station. That is all! That is the goal. Congrats on doing that I guess.

How can you guess the rewards?jThe next landmarks then lay underwater. This process can be simplified by building a Nautilon chamber (basically a geobay for your sub) once we get there. But for that you need both.salt and crystalline sulfur. Salt can be found in many forms, including underwater, but crystal sulfide isa craft material only underwater, so we're going to have to swim a bit anyway.Building a Nautilon is completely optional..

You're probably better off jumping into your spaceship and flying to the beach. Then just start paddling until you find some fish. Their locations are random (they like to swim), but finding three different aquatic creatures to scan and completing Fauna Marine shouldn't be too difficult. The same goes for Magenta Flora, which only requires thatScan eight underwater plants.

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The only slightly tricky milestone here is harvesting three "living pearls". However, this is almost identical to harvesting Albumin Pearls in Phase 2. The only difference is thatWe hunt cannon shells(indicated by diamond-shaped icons with seashells in the middle). Approach the shells, shoot them once with your mining laser to open them and get the pearls inside. Simply!

On the plus side, Sentinels don't carry water. They will leave you alone as long as you are underwater and/or far enough from shore. You can also use your jetpack underwater to get around. Although this depletes your life support faster than normal.

Now we only need two materials, which this time can only be found on land:star onion and pulse beans. Luckily, it's not hard to find either. You can locate them with the scope of analysis as shells, humsacs and copper deposits. Again, a good deal of luck is involved here. But you must be able to choose an address and walk or drive during the search.

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I say "walk" and not "fly" for two reasons. One is that Sentinel ships areruthlessand there is no good way to get rid of them at this stage of your expedition. Grounders can still be avoided by hiding underground in their base or fleeing with the cloaking device.

The second reason is that pesky build limitation.It's easy to get stuck in the middle of nowhereif you forgot to bring your starship launch fuel! If you decide to take your ship somewhere to look for vegetables and run out of starter fuel, you can no longer craft without building a brand new base. That's 200 Chromatic Metal down the drain at best; At worst, that means digging for copper while being attacked by Guardians. It's easier to use an exocraft or just get close to your base.

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You need to be close to a base to build a nutrient processor anyway. This is where you can drop Star Bulbs and Impulse Beans to make Bitterwseet Coacoa and Pilgrim's Tonic. However, you must first convert your Star Bulb stock to a Pilgrimberry stock.ThenYou can put the berries back in the processor to make the tonic, similar to how ferrite powder turns into pure ferrite, which turns into magnetized ferrite.

That's it for the Milestone Local Delights and all of Phase 3! On to the next one (and a very familiar set of opening targets).

To forgive:Fit for fearsome visor

Fase 4 – No Man's Sky: Utopia Expedition

Outpost Delta Milestone works the same as Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Fly to the next planet's outpost and collect your goodies from the friendly computer. It might look a little different to you this time around (it was a talking galactic trading terminal for me), but the basics are the same. You will collect another set of planetary coordinates from another supply drop.

Likewise, "Allocation Delta" and "Settlement Delta" are exactly the same as the three counterparts above. Fly to where the destination marker tells you to go, follow the instructions in the analysis viewer and build a basic computer (with a small house to develop your new home). Also, don't forget to charge it.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (19)

Surprise surprise. It's time to build another Utopia station! This time it's the Utopia Multitool Station, which requires 40 Chromatic Metal and 25 Silicate Dust. Gathering these resources, building this base part, and interacting with the terminal will instantly complete the milestone called "Omni-Tool". In fact, you don't even have to buy any of the upgrades the station offers.

Conveniently, chromatic metal can be found in many of the local rocks. No need to collect or refine copper! Silicate powder is even easier to obtain. In fact, unless you remove it, you should now have more than enough. This is the feature you get every time you use the terrain manipulator on regular terrain. like the excess dirt you collect when collecting copper. If somehow you don't have enough, just turn the switch on and point... basically anywhere. Well, maybe not straight to heaven.

The next milestone, An Acquired Taste, is divided into three parts. You needCactus meat, maggot core and strips of meat. The first two can be found the same way you find the game's more unique features, such as: B. Armored projectiles. Just turn on the analytics viewer and look for the right icon.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (20)

Cactus Meat can be harvested from any Echinocactus that, like the previous vegetable, has a wheat-like icon. However, despite what the objectives in your log say, you will need to walk and interact directly with the cacti. You cannot disassemble them.eggs whisper, on the other hand,Againyou owe myThis releases a larval nucleusdrop and roll so you can pick it up. However, it will also summon a swarm of deadly alien scorpions that you should probably kill quickly or flee.

for these two stepsjHungry vines, I recommend building another geobay. A pilgrim or nomad exocraft will climb the many mountains of this barren planetThenmuch more bearable.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (21)

Speaking of which, you can kill two birds with one stone by checking out the next two milestones: The Cleansing and Parasites. If you select the previous destination, you will receive a new time you get in your spaceship- Take it to a ruined base full of Whispering Eggs to harvest their larval cores. This last objective, however,Activate your oscilloscope's target sweep mode- going to Hungry Tendrils in giant wormholes. Destroying them will extract Flesh Ropes while also completing the technically final milestone of Phase 4.

However, this is my suggested order of operations here:

  1. Collect "The Cleanse" coordinates from your ship by selecting the landmark
  2. Fuel your ship's launch engines and/or vessel launch fuel for starships
  3. Go to coordinates
  4. Destroy three Whispering Eggs and collect the falling Larvae Cores
  5. Defend yourself against the monsters that appear.
  6. Enter the ruined building and interact with the terminal to reach a future goal
  7. Look for Echinoacactus in the area to harvest if one is nearby.
  8. Back to base
  9. Use Target Sweep mode (and an Exocraft if you like) to find hungry tendrils
  10. Keep an eye out for more cacti (if you haven't found any yet)
  11. Destroy wormholes and spawn enemies to harvest Flesh Ropes
  12. Return to base once you have all three materials.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (22)

EUmaximumI recommend youuse or buttonWeapon obtained from Outpost Gamma rewards in Stage 3 by fighting Abominations and Giant Worms. It is one of the most effective weapons inno one is Himmeland bugs are fixed quickly.

In the meantime, if you're still having trouble finding cacti, driving a Nomad will help you find hard-to-reach places without wasting Starship Launch fuel. I have personally found them growing almost completely horizontal on a cliff. I was only able to reach them because the exocraft carried me up the stairs and "stuck" to the wall far enough for me to land there.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (23)

Then build another nutrient processor to complete an acquired taste. You needRefine harvested cactus meat into cactus nectarand thenRefining nectar into processed sugar. In the same way, you must transform the Beef Ropes into Gelatinous Membrane by putting them in the processor yourself. Then combine the gelatinous membrane with the larval nuclei to create Nightmare Sausages.

Once that's done, place the processed Sugar Sausages and Nightmare in the Processor.simultaneouslyto finally createentranhas xaroposas. This completes the "An Acquired Taste" milestone.

As a side note, all of this will take up a lot of inventory space very quickly. You can click "Access to the ingredient storee” at the bottom of the nutrient processor menu to open a special inventory window that contains all the food ingredients ready for you. I recommend doing just that and cleaning your exosuit once you have the Sirupy Viscera you need. That said, you should keep things like Chromatic Metal and Carbon thatit couldGo to the ingredient shop, but you'll probably need something more important later.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (24)

If you've already accessed the records at the Infested Outpost, you're now ready to leave this barren, vermin-infested world once and for all. We will board a spaceship and head to the local space station to complete The Cleanse. Not to mention the rest of Phase 4!

After selecting the target, the usual space station icon will be replaced with an "egg" marker labeled "Minor Signal Echo". But the usual rules apply. Just fly to the mouth of the station entrance and you'll land there automatically. Just like in the screenshot above.

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Once inside, interact with the specially marked terminal. It's basically the only thing about the place. Then purchase the discs that appear in the "Buy" window to learn a little more about the history of Expedition 9: Utopia. This also concludes Phase 4. It's time for the final steps!

To forgive:Robo-Guardian's Companion Egg

Fase 5 – No Man's Sky: Utopia Expedition

Another planet means another outpost, another set of coordinates, and a faster base to build. Let's do the same as in stages 1-4 to complete Outpost Epsilon, Assignment Epsilon and Settlement Epsilon. We're so close to the end now...

The last new terminal you need to build, the Utopia Ship Station, is a bit strange because it requirestritio. this is a featuremainly acquired from asteroids in space(as mentioned earlier in this guide). So it's likely that you harvested some time ago when you loaded up your Pulse Engine. However, if you're outside, just jump out of the atmosphere real quick to find something. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds to farm 25 units of tritium.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (26)

As before, you don't have to buy an upgrade either. All you have to do is activate the station and view your products. However,You need to buy the Hyperdrive blueprintsfor a later milestone, so it's best to do it now. Anyway, it only costs one nanite cluster during this expedition.

The next milestone "Eyes in the Mist" isn't much harder. You only need to scan a few animals on that particular planet - six in total. Remember ifnot scannedFauna appears as red dots when the scan viewer is active. There must also be many specimens in this particular world among birds and animals. So look for flying creatures in the sky too.There is no need to check caves or bodies of water.this time. Everything must be in sight.

The next milestone, Seismology, may confuse some new players. However, veterans probably already know exactly what to do. We just need to install a lifting device upgrade on the multitool. for that you needtwo harnesses, three magnetic resonators and a quantum computer.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (27)

The last two items can already be crafted in your inventory. Although they require some intermediate materials: antimatter, magnetized ferrite, ionized cobalt, a microprocessor and chromatic metal. We've seen quite a few of them during our run through Expedition 9: Utopia so far. However, to reiterate, magnetized ferrite is refined from pure ferrite, which in turn is refined from ferrite powder. The chromatic metal is then refined from copper.

Antimatter, on the other hand, consists of chromatic metal and condensed carbon (this is the refined form of carbon). And the microprocessor needs a carbon nanotube: that can also be made from pure old carbon. Finally,Ionized cobalt is the refined form of cobalt, which, as already mentioned, can befound in stalactites and stalagmitesin caves.

It's also possible that you only found some of these items during normal gameplay. Personally, I had already found most of the craft items I needed by looting Sentinels. Check this out before wasting time and resources creating!

Speaking of things you should already have, let's talk electrical harnesses.These cannot be incorporatedno one is Himmel. However, you should have already received several of them in phase 4. However, after using, selling or discarding all of them, you can get another one by flying back to the space station. Then simply interact with the same terminal that provided the Utopia Logs during The Cleanse. It should now function like a normal galactic trading terminal.someone who sells electrical harnesses.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (28)

at least withnoAfter that, you will finally be able to install the lifting device update on the multitool. Note that you can remove any updates that are already occupying slots in the tool by hovering over them and also using the Dismount command.In case all upgrade slots are full!

Eventually, this will reveal several new modes for the Analysis Viewer (similar to Target Sweep mode). Just lift the visor and changeto the rightmost optionin the list of available modes. This is the “Gas Inspection Mode”. What can you say because it says so on the screen. It also works almost the same as the Target Sweep mode. The distance lines and numbers on the screen will guide you to the gas hotspot you need for "Seismology".

You do not need to do anythingswindlernor the access point. Just get close enough, lift the hood in gas search mode, and leave it open until you're done lifting. This will trigger milestone completion! It also means that we only have one step ahead of us. It's time to leave this solar system.

It's also time to build the hyperdrive we bought the previous projects for. Simply click on an empty technology slot on your spaceship and select "Hyperdrive". This way we can create it as if we had just created the lifting device in the multitool.

We need125 chromatic metal and five chips(which also require Chromatic Metal). Then there's a good chance you need it.Find another copper depositand wet it with your terrain handler. You will actually needfurtherChromatic metal to create the necessary antimatterflammablethe unit Grab a bunch now if you don't already have a reservation!

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (29)

With the hyperdrive in place, you can create a warp cell in your inventory. This first requires an antimatter shell, also made from simple oxygen and ferrite powder. Combine it with some antimatter to create the cell, feed the new fuel into the hyperdrive and blast off to the stars.

Once there, you can either open the Galaxy Map tab from the quick menu ("X" on your keyboard) or jump directly to the map shortcut ("M" on your keyboard). Then just select any star within the range and choose "Warp". The exact destination does not matter.

That is all! now you're doneno one is HimmelExpedition 9: Utopia. Be sure to collect your rewards accordingly (both in this save filejwhatever your main).

Reward:Title: 'Dignitaries of Utopia'; Utopia Expedition decal blueprints; Utopia Expedition Banner Adjustment

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (30)

Fase Final – No Man’s Sky: Utopia Expedition

Her "final stage"SMNExpedition is not actually a phase. It's just one place in the Expeditions menu to keep track of all your awesome rewards. Each of the six badges represents the most recent gifts for the entire account you've unlocked for that save, as well as all past and future saves. you can alwayscatch them again at the space anomalyin conversation with Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.

The sixth and largest badge on this screen, simply called "Utopia", is the most important. This will give you access to the Utopia Speeder starship reward. This is a special ship type that is brand newno one is Himmel- Players can navigate through planet atmospheres at higher than normal speed.

No Man's Sky Expedition 9 Guide: All Utopia Stages, Rewards & Tips (31)

(Video) Complete Speeder Showcase + Damage Potential | Expedition 9 Utopia Rewards | No Man's Sky

Scanning the badge will warn you that by default in your Expedition 9: Utopia save file, you will not be able to access this reward because you don't have enough space in your inventory. But do not worry. All you have to do island on the nearest space station first.ThenGo to the expedition window and try to claim the speeder. It should work perfectly this time, allowing you to first "Compare" and then "Claim Ship (Free)" or "Exchange" to use the ship right away.

The Utopia Speeder is an extremely well-equipped S-class starship, so it's well worth using in place of the one you had for the rest of the expedition. Also works great on each player's fleet in their main memory!

Thanks for taking the time to read our one is HimmelExpedition 9: Utopia. We hope we helped you make the whole process a lot easier! Be sure to check back for another Expedition Guide and any benefits you may receive in the future.


How do you get the leviathan in no man's sky? ›

After Leviathan is received in the Expedition save, it can be acquired from Quicksilver Synthesis Companion in any other save.

Can you complete old expeditions no man's sky? ›

no, it is not possible unless HG bring them around again like they did at the end of 2021 with the Exp 1-4 redux ones... 13 ABR 2022 a las 12:35 p. m.

What are the rewards for the community expedition no man's sky? ›

Rewards for these expeditions include the Exotic Wingpack customisation, the Helios and Quad Companions, and the legendary Leviathan Frigate – along with much more!

Does expedition reward all saves NMS? ›

As with previous expeditions, when Polestar concludes, this save conversion will happen automatically. Polestar's limited edition rewards can be redeemed across all save games from the Space Anomaly's Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.

Can you claim Expedition Rewards on a different save? ›

Rewards earned from Expeditions can be redeemed for free on other saves in any game mode by visiting the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion on the Space Anomaly. Transfer your hard-earned Golden Vector to your primary save!

How many living frigates can you have? ›

A player can own up to 30 frigates - this includes traditional frigates, and expedition reward frigates such as the Normandy and the Leviathan, once they command a freighter. Frigates can then be sent on expeditions to other star systems.

Can you get the Normandy in no man's sky? ›

To get the Normandy in No Man's Sky, players have to complete the Beachhead Expedition, which consists of five phases. Each phase also has its own tasks and rewards. Each step can be completed by following the objectives shown in the Expedition tab.

Is no man's sky map endless? ›

In fact, it's almost unfathomably large. Your character wakes up on one planet, but No Man's Sky has 255 entire galaxies' worth of planets to explore, totaling up to more than 18 quintillion worlds. It would take you nearly 585 billion years to see them all.

Are there multiple endings to no mans sky? ›

There is alternate ending in No Man's Sky - You just got to follow the Atlass Path while collecting Altass Stones. This way uncovers story of Atlas and is alternate way of completion - "My journey is complete.

What gives you the most money in no man's sky? ›

Find Trade Terminals in Space Stations, Outposts and Shops. Mine Precious Metals from asteroids in space, or use the Analysis Visor to locate valuable resource deposit on planets. The Mission Board on Space Stations is a good source of income. Visit the Mission Board to find available jobs.

How do you get the golden vector in NMS? ›

This is a ship that can only be obtained by completing all the phases and milestones in the Pioneers expedition. The ship is a golden version of the Alpha Vector, a model of which came in the No Man's Sky Collector's Edition box set.

What is the expedition bonus? ›

After you complete 12 of them, you'll be granted a bonus for your next Expedition. Playing with the Expedition Bonus active increases the chances of getting rare items and Power Stones, so use them to fill your pokemon's slots, and get some Strong Bingo Bonuses.

Do Expedition Rewards carry over to my main save? ›

Yes any items you gain will Carry Over. Also, Awards are available to your other Saves.

Are Expedition Rewards account wide? ›

Account-wide data such as cross-save Expedition rewards are now cloud synced, allowing access to these items across multiple systems when transferring save data via Steam Cloud or PlayStation Plus.

What do you get from the Leviathan expedition? ›

Rewards include new posters; a Whalestalker Cloak; a juvenile cosmic leviathan suitable for construction within a base; and a chance to come face to face with the fully-grown Leviathan itself… PvP will default to off during this expedition.

Can you combine more rewards points? ›

Can I pool my points with other More Rewards members or link cards as a household? Members living in the same household can link their cards together to collect points faster.

Can you use two chick fil a rewards? ›

Only one item can be received and redeemed per Chick-fil-A One® account per offer. Was this answer helpful? Still have a question?

Can you put Exocraft on freighter? ›


Players who own a freighter may now build an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser. This powerful new technology allows you to summon your Exocraft whenever your freighter is present in the current star system.

Can you tame aliens in no man's sky? ›

The creatures you meet can be tamed and trained to travel at your side, communicating with you via your exosuit, allowing you to detect how they're feeling as you feed and play with them.

How many ships can you own? ›

Players can now own up to nine starships, giving ship hunters the opportunity to collect a more diverse fleet of ship classes, colours and designs. Additionally, players may now switch their primary starship while within their freighter hangar.

Can your frigates be destroyed? ›

Damage control

If it stays and is damaged again, it will be destroyed. The chance that a frigate will be damaged depends—at least in part— on the difficulty of the expedition relative to the strength of the fleet. Expedition difficulty and fleet strength are measured by their respective star ranks.

Is a frigate more powerful than a destroyer? ›

In general, a Destroyer is heavier, carries more firepower, and is slightly faster than a Frigate. Frigates also tend to have more of a focus on anti-submarine missions. However, both classes are frequently multi-mission capable.

Can you adopt flying creatures in no man's sky? ›

You can only tame those that land sometimes, like beetles or butterflies. You can also tame the flying fish and saucer creatures. Basically anything that is near the ground you can tame. The high flying birds and snakes you can not tame.

How do you get a living freighter in no man's sky? ›

Players must run fleet missions to be able to encounter them. The Dream Aerial can be obtained from a blueprint as a reward for these missions. However, it is not guaranteed to be given. Once the item is in the user's grasp, they will soon be able to undertake a mission where these living frigates can be encountered.

Can I go to the sun in no man's sky? ›

You can fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another, and every star in the sky is a sun that you can visit.

Can you be a pirate in no man's sky? ›

The smuggling mechanic ties into the update's core theme: the fact you can now play as a space pirate. You can buy illicit goods in outlaw systems and sell them for a hefty profit in a regulated space, as long as you're able to smuggle them in. Sentinel drones will be on the lookout for illegal wares, however.

Can you save all the Normandy crew? ›

At the end of Mass Effect 2, you face potentially losing all your squadmates, the Normandy Crew, and even Commander Shepard. You can ensure that you and your squadmates survive by completing all loyalty missions and choosing the right people for the job when it comes to the Suicide Mission specifics.

What number is 18 quintillion? ›

The universe of “No Man's Sky” is gigantic with over 18 quintillion – or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 – possible planets to visit.

Is no man's sky the longest game ever? ›


While that number may seem impossible to even comprehend, it's actually a quintillion (18 zeros), and means that, at least unofficially, No Man's Sky must be the biggest game ever made – and we're sure the Guinness World Record will follow in time. It dwarves even the biggest competition.

Does Earth exist in NMS? ›

Prime Earth is a planet in the star system Prime Sol on the PS4 version of No Man's Sky universe.

What happens when you reach the center of the galaxy in no man's sky? ›

A final spoiler warning here, before we continue, just in case. Reaching the galactic core will send you to an entirely new galaxy.

Will no man's sky have cities? ›

Inhabited planets all across the universe now have procedurally generated towns full of space folks on them. There are quite a lot of new building pieces too.

Can you get rid of ships in no man's sky? ›

There technically is no way to sell ships in No Man's Sky. At least not directly. You need to instead convert them into trade materials which you can then sell at any Galactic Trade Terminal. You can do it at just about any normal space station, too.

How do I claim my NMS drops? ›

Unlocked rewards should be claimed on Twitch within 24 hours. They can then be found in-game in the Quicksilver store aboard the Space Anomaly, which is summonable on your first sojourn into space after you have established your first base.

How do I activate expeditions on NMS? ›

Start a new game from No Man's Sky's main menu. Upon clicking on it, they will find a number of options like Normal, Survival, and more. From these, pick the Community Expedition tab and when prompted, initialize the expedition.

What are the rewards for Expedition 3 NMS? ›

Achieving each milestone results in substantial rewards in the form of Expedition Patches, Items, Blueprints, Exosuit, Starship Upgrades, Units, and Nanites.

How do expeditions work NMS? ›

Expeditions, if you're unfamiliar, are something like No Man's Sky's stab at live-service-style seasonal content, serving up limited-time, curated experiences that condense and reshuffle the exploratory space sim's various systems into a series of progression-based milestone challenges.

What do you do with a claimed ship in NMS? ›

The player can choose to claim and repair it, or exchange it for a better one at a Space Station or an Outpost. The crashed ship can be exchanged for one of the ships already owned, or, if fewer than nine ships are already owned, it can be added to your starship collection.

What happens if I reject this being NMS? ›

If you reject the being, you get the egg back and the next pulse event will be mother ship again (unless they very recently changed something). With a manual save you'll find a ship every 4 minutes or so, rejecting the being every 45 seconds to a minute.

How do I claim my living ship from NMS? ›

To obtain the first Living Ship, a player will need to purchase a Void Egg from the Space Anomaly for 3,200 Quicksilver, then complete the Starbirth quest.

What is the max money in NMS? ›

The maximum number of units that a player can accrue is 4,294,967,295 (approx 4.3 billion) (being FFFFFFFF in hexadecimal, thus being an overflow error) after which the number will not rise any further. It will NOT wrap around to zero.

How long does Leviathan expedition take NMS? ›

Shattered memories all point towards an encounter with an ancient space creature, The Leviathan – but will Travellers succeed in reshaping history, or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past? The Leviathan expedition begins today, and will run for approximately six weeks.

What does the Atlas do in NMS? ›

The Atlas is the massive data recovery and storage system that informs players on the many planets, moons, flora and fauna that can be encountered throughout No Man's Sky.


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