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answer 1

Answer: Mechanistic


Mechanistic organization is a type of structural design that describes the structure of an organization in terms of a centralized and formal type of network.

It is inherently rigid and tightly controlled through the use of various types of specializations, a high level of formality, and a limited amount of data or network information.

The main feature of the mechanistic organizational structure is that it is a highly centralized authority.

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Slack, the collaboration hub that connects people from different organizations, strives to focus its products and people on making work life easier, more enjoyable, and more productive. This term best describes Slack



mission statement


The company's mission defines the reason the company exists. what their business is (what product or service they offer), their goal (or goals), and how they will achieve those goals. It should also consider the needs they serve (the target market).

Suppose Kenji wants to use $3,000 of his savings for a financial investment. One way to make a financial investment is to buy stocks or bonds from a private company. Suppose NanoSpeck, a biotech company, sells stock to raise money for a new laboratory, a practice called _________finance. Buying shares of NanoSpeck would provide Kenji__________ company. In the event that NanoSpeck gets into financial difficulties, __________ will be paid out first. Suppose Kenji decides to buy 100 shares of NanoSpeck. A) NanoSpeck makes a profit when Kenji buys 100 shares, even if he buys them from an existing shareholder.

B) Anticipation of a recession that will sap corporate profits across the economy is likely to cause Kenji stock to fall.

C) An increase in NanoSpeck's perceived profitability should increase the value of Kenji stock.



Selling stock to raise money is a practice called equity financing. Stocks are equity. Equity consists of assets less liabilities.

The shares would give Kenji a fractional ownership of the company. The size of the holding depends on how many shares he buys.

When NanoSpeck runs into financial trouble, bondholders get paid first, not shareholders. Unlike stocks, bonds are liabilities and not equity. When a company goes bankrupt, it must first pay off its liabilities, and if there is any money left, it pays out the shareholders.

A) Wrong - when Kenji buys shares from another shareholder, the proceeds go to the shareholder and not to NanoSpeck.

B) True – The value of stocks largely depends on economic expectations. If the economy is expected to enter a recession, the value of Kenji stock will most likely fall.

C) That's right - if the market thinks NanoSpeck is financially sound, Kenji's shares in Nano Speck are likely to appreciate in value.


Studio Films is considering buying new film equipment for $150,000. It has a lifespan of 5 years and has no residual value. The new equipment is expected to increase sales by $115,000 annually. Annual additional cash operating costs are expected to be $40,000. The simple rate of return for equipment is _______%.



30 %


First, determine the present value of net operating cash flow.

Net cash flow from operations = Income - Expense - Depreciation

Payback = Initial Cost/Lifetime = 150,000/5 = 30,000


OCF netto = 115.000 – 40.000 – 30.000

Net cash flow from operations = $45,000

Annual Return = Annual Net Operating Cash Flow / Initial Investment

The initial investment is given as $150,000

Return price = 45,000 / 150,000

= 0,3

The percentage is 0.3*100 = 30%

Let's say Balin has $100 left over to invest in an opportunity that pays off for every $100 invested, $120 when things are going well, but only $80 when things are bad. If leverage allows Balin to borrow $90 for every $10 invested, what are his win and loss rates if he borrows the entire amount to invest in the option? A. 20 percent profit; 20 percent loss.B. 33.3 percent profit; 50 percent loss.C. 200 percent profit; 100 percent loss.D. 1100 percent profit; 100 percent loss.



C) 200 percent profit; 100 percent loss.


There is a 50% chance that the company will make money (20% profit) and a 50% chance that it will lose money (20% loss).

Balin borrows $90 and invests $10 of his own money.

50% chance of winning = $120 – $90 = $30 (200% win)

50% Chance for Tab = $80 - $90 = -$10 (100% Tab)



The correct answer is: cyclical deficit.


A cyclically-adjusted budget deficit can be defined as a budget deficit that occurs when the economy is operating at full potential or when there is full employment.

This is due to the economic slowdown, not changes in fiscal policy. Economists use a cyclically-adjusted budget to assess the impact of fiscal policy.

With a cyclically adjusted budget deficit, fiscal policy is expansive.

Which items are most likely to be highly flexible? (Check all relevant boxes). A) Apples
B) jewelry
C) Vand





Price elasticity describes how sensitive the demand for a product is to a change in price. A product is price elastic when a small change in price results in a large difference in demand. A product is price inelastic if a change in price does not result in a significant change in demand.

Apples will be more flexible in price. An apple is a fruit with many alternatives. As a fruit, the apple competes with many others. A small price increase will prompt consumers to consider other fruits. If the price goes down, demand is likely to go up.

Water and gasoline are essential commodities. We need them to survive. A price increase or decrease leads to minimal changes in demand. Jewelry is a luxury item. They are bought for their worth and value. Changes in price do not affect their demand.

Employees who find termination procedures fair tend to continue to support and trust their employer.





Employees who feel employers treat them fairly will always support them. This applies to both good consequences (salary increases, rewards, etc.) and bad consequences (dismissals, fines, salary cuts, etc.). This concept of justice in power applies to almost everything we do in our lives.

For example, you're playing baseball and you realize that the referee is obviously biased against you, making you feel disappointed, maybe even angry, and definitely not enjoying the game. The same applies to our teachers and how they treat all students, our parents and how they treat our siblings, etc.

What kind of competition is characterized by differentiated products? A) Oligopoly
B) Monopolistic competition
C) Perfect competition
D) Monopoly


The correct answer is: B) monopolistic competition




It's things like brand name shoes. Nike, Adidas, Jordans

Temporary investments, such as securities trading, are a. recognized at fair value and recognized at fair value b. Carried at cost but carried at fair value c. recognized at cost and recognized at cost, i.e. stated at cost but valued at the lower of cost or fair market value



Correct Answer: B. Carried at cost but reported at fair value.


Investments in stocks and shares or socially significant shares are recorded at historical cost. Other investments such as bonds, debentures, certificates, etc. are settled at their nominal value. However, in case of differences between the latter and historical costs, these differences are controlled by additional investment valuation sub-accounts, especially in the titles where the difference exists, so as not to violate the basic accounting standard “valuation or valuation” presented. For this purpose, discounting items for depreciation or a depreciation surcharge are used.

In the case of a monopoly, the socially efficient level of production is when marginal revenue equals marginal cost. Average revenue equals marginal cost. The marginal revenue equals the average total cost. Average revenue equals average total cost.



The correct answer is: Average revenue equals marginal cost.


In a monopoly, the socially efficient level of production is a level at which average revenue equals marginal cost. At this level, the price paid for a product reflects the additional cost involved in producing that unit of product.

But the monopolist maximizes profit by producing at a level where marginal revenue equals marginal cost. This starting level is below the socially optimal level and results in weight loss.

Fred offers to sell Dan his scooter for $400. Dan agrees to buy a $400 scooter if he can't find one he likes better. This is example a(n):



an illusory promise


An illusionary promise is a promise that is not a valid contract. It is unenforceable due to the lack of reciprocity. In general, acceptance must reflect the offer for a valid contract to exist. Dan didn't actually take up the offer because he put the stipulation, "if he can't find anyone he likes better," which is very ambiguous and not definitive.

Write-off of bad debts is necessary because, among other things, when recording bad debt expenses, it is impossible to know which specific accounts will not pay. B. Bad debts that are written off must be consolidated into a separate account. C. Liability occurs at the time of the credit sale. D. Management must accumulate all credit losses over the years.



A) It is impossible to know which specific accounts are not making payments.


Even large companies that conduct credit checks on buyers asking for a sales credit can make mistakes and sell products to a person or company that won't pay them. Even lending banks sometimes lend money that cannot be repaid.

Oftentimes, you can estimate what percentage of your sales is bad debt based on past experience, but you're guessing (or guessing).

The only way you can be 100% sure of paying back all your sales is if you don't sell anything on credit and only accept cash.

How much money (in millions) did Littleland have to borrow to fund its government spending in 2010?


Littleland needs to borrow 1 million in 2010 to fund its public spending.


Budget deficit = total consumption + total income

Total Spending = Education + Social Security and Social Security + Health Care + Defense + Debt Service + Other =

Total Income = Income Tax + Sales Tax + Corporate Tax + Social Security =

Budget deficit

Therefore, Littleland's 2010 budget deficit was $1 million at $300 million. This means that Littleland's expenses in 2010 exceed its income in 2010 by 1 million DKK.

A budget deficit means that over a period of time the government has invested more money and bonds in households than it has taken out of taxes.

Global technology company Motorola has drawn negative headlines over allegations that its workers at a ________ factory in China are overtime workers who have been working up to 15 hours a day in poor factory conditions. Motorola and other companies involved in China's manufacturing industry have hired inspectors to ensure contracts are honored and workers' safety and rights are protected.



The correct answer is made-to-order.


Contract manufacturing is a business model in which a company approaches a manufacturer with a design and requests a contract to manufacture a specified number of units at cost. The contract manufacturer's costs are based on labor, material costs and process difficulties, while the company's focus is on design, marketing and sales. Typically, hiring companies solicit bids from multiple vendors and go through the bidding process before making a final decision on a contract.

In your rental agreement, identify the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant. Working equipment, basic house cleaning, bug removal, lock and window repair



Responsibility of the owner:

  • Working Equipment: Repair or replace defective equipment unless renter is responsible for misuse
  • Elimination of bed bugs: The owner must ensure habitability, so any type of bed bug or other infestations by insects or animals must be eliminated.
  • Repair of locks and windows: Repair or replacement of defective locks or windows, unless the renter is responsible for the misuse

Tenant's obligations: (besides paying the rent)

  • Working Equipment: Renter must operate equipment properly
  • Basic cleaning: The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness and renovation of the house
  • Securing locks and windows: The tenant must use these sensibly


Ownership Responsibility:

Repair of locks and windows

functioning units

Responsibility of the tenant:

basic cleaning

Removal of bed bugs



If Ron agrees to use the "book and hold" method to increase the current month's sales and thereby the company's sales, what document used by investors, bankers and others will reflect that fact?



This question is incomplete, here is the complete question:

If Ron agrees to use the book-and-hold principle to increase the current month's revenue and thereby the company's revenue, what document will investors, bankers, and others use to reflect that fact?

a) Cash flow statement

b) balance

c) Proof of Income

d) accounting equation

The answer is d)


Book and hold has long been a controversial topic in accounting and financial reporting because it leads to unrealistic overstatements of sales and earnings. It consists in capturing the revenue generated at the point of sale, immediately, without having to wait for the goods to be delivered to the customer.

The same can be done to reduce consumption so that the amount spent seems insignificant compared to what you actually consume. The practice of "reservation and possession" is considered unethical. However, given the large stakeholder impact of “pretty” numbers in financial reports, accountants and other relevant staff may feel the need to use this method.

Since income is the metric most affected by this practice, the income statement is the answer. The balance sheet reflects the structure of assets, liabilities, and equity, while the cash flow statement relates to the outgoing and incoming cash flows and thus reflects the company's liquidity and not earnings. The accounting equation isn't even accounting, so it's irrelevant to the question.

accounting equation

Further clarification

Accounting is the measurement, compilation, and safeguarding of information that helps managers, investors, tax authorities, and other decision-makers allocate decision-making resources to businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

The basic accounting equation is the ratio of a company's assets, liabilities, and equity, since every business transaction involves at least two business accounts.

The basic accounting equation, also known as the balance sheet equation, is the relationship between a company's assets, liabilities and equity. It is the basis of pairwise billing. For each transaction, total debt equals total credit. This can be said even further.

The basic accounting equation also includes some elements which are as follows:

  1. activate
  2. Passive / Passive
  3. capital / equity
  4. income
  5. Cost
  6. private (drawing)

In business operations, incoming and outgoing transactions are possible. Revenue is the capital gains realized through the sale of goods or services. On the other hand, the burden is the loss of property as a result of sacrificing income. Income aims to increase capital while expenditure aims to reduce it.

Learn more

Accounting definition: brainly.com/question/14001843

Accounting equation element brainly.com/question/14001843


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The average of the credit scores are u=690 and o=14. Which statement must be true? A. Z690 is within one standard deviation of the mean.

B. Z690 is 1 to 2 standard deviations from the mean.

C. Z690 is 2 to 3 standard deviations from the mean.

D. Z690 is greater than 3 standard deviations from the mean.


Z690 is 2 to 3 standard deviations from the mean.

Option C


The credit rating is the actual number that understands and determines the credibility of the buyer. This assessment typically uses the customer's credit card history.

Lenders use the FICO score to assess a person's likelihood of being able to repay their debt. Individual FICO scores range from 300 to 850, and the higher the score, the more financially reliable or affordable a person is.

The FICO grading model was developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation, also known as FICO, and is used by money-related organizations. Although there are other credit scoring frameworks, the FICO score is by far the most widely used, simplest, most valuable, and more visible.

Buyers can score high by maintaining their cards on time and keeping liabilities low for a long time. In short, your credit rating plays a very important role in a lender's decision to offer you a personal loan.




can confirm as the correct answer

When selling a property, who is usually responsible for inspecting the premises for physical or mechanical defects and insect infestation?





The home buyer has the following obligations:

  1. The apartment is handed over under the control of the regular house inspector and, if necessary, by special inspectors
  2. Negotiate with the seller responsible for the repair
  3. Complete your mortgage package
  4. Buy home insurance
  5. Configure the tools

The seller has the following obligations:

  1. Keep the home in good condition until the buyer takes possession.
  2. Negotiate with the buyer who will be responsible for the repair.
  3. Notify utilities of the sale and set a deadline for maintenance.

In a large city, two taxi companies have all the permits that the city issues to operate taxis. Consumers don't care which taxi company they choose - if they decide it's worth taking a taxi, they choose the nearest taxi company.



This situation can be classified as a duopoly


A duopoly is similar to a monopoly, but instead of one vendor, there are two vendors who share overall market power and control. Both companies essentially offer the same product or service. There is competition between the companies, but it is not mandatory that both companies choose to coexist. Customers are forced to choose between one company and the other.

In this case, there are only two taxi companies and customers don't really care which company they use as they both offer similar services. Neither company even bothers to offer better service to gain more market share.

The demand curve for a monopolist is -, while the demand curve for a perfectly competitive firm is -. This is because a monopolist is the only producer in the industry, so the monopoly firm's curve matches the market demand curve, while a perfectly competitive firm produces in a market with competitors



sloping; horizontal line; individual demand; a large number of competitors


A monopoly is a single producer in a market with no close substitutes. It is a price maker and therefore has to deal with a descending demand curve.

However, a perfectly competitive firm faces a horizontal demand curve because it is a price taker. There are a large number of companies in a totally competitive market. These companies produce homogeneous products. This means that no single company can influence the price level.

In a monopoly, the individual and market demand curves are equal because the firm is the only producer in the market. On the other hand, in a fully competitive market, the market demand curve is downward because the firm is dealing with a large number of competitors.


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