Ranking Popular Canned Soups From Worst To Best: Puree (2023)

Ranking Popular Canned Soups From Worst To Best: Puree (1)


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It's a good idea to stock your pantry with canned soup, whether you're planning your next meal or restocking your pantry for emergencies. The soups are affordable.It will last in your pantry for years., and the best soups taste very, very good.

It's not just hoarders buying canned soup. In 2018, the 11 best-selling soups in America were oversold420 million doses- with Campbell's Mushroom Cream tops the listAlmost 80 million cans sold.

With so many canned soups to choose from at your local grocery store, choosing the best canned soup can be a confusing task and requires a lot of trial and error. But instead of dealing with those headaches, we're making things easier for you by listing the most popular canned soups you can buy. Soups are ranked from worst to first, so grab and grab a spoon and get ready to start spooning.

15. Chunky Chunky Cheeseburger-Suppe de Campbells

Some people say that Campbell's Chunky Hearty Cheeseburger Soup tastes like a runny version of a cheeseburger.mc donalds. However, that really does give this soup a lot of credit. A McDonald's cheeseburger tastes like a gourmet meal compared to that inedible meal.

Although McDonald's isn't exactly known to thosequality of your meat, the meat in Campbell's Chunky Hearty Cheeseburger Soup is just disgusting. Cheese tastes like briny water and your taste buds will be surprised to find that this cheeseburger soup contains potato chunks. In fact, potatoes are in second place.list of ingredients, just behind the water.

Other low points of this soup are its neon orange color and the fact that it comes out in a huge, disgusting lump when you pour it out of the can. Campbell's Chunky Hearty Cheeseburger Soup is like finding a half-eaten cheeseburger on the sidewalk, digging some old fries out of the gutter, and tossing them into a blender with some nuclear orange wastewater. stay away Distant.

14. Schmuddeliger Moore Beef Stew

You might as well have grown up eating Dinty Moore soups. Her cans are recognizable and her soups created many fond memories.in the last 80 years. Sadly, Dinty Moore's Beef Stew is not what it was five or ten years ago.

The problem hits you right between the eyes as soon as you open the can. Dinty Moore beef stew went from being one of the meatiest stews to a nearly meatless dish. Remember those big chunks of meat from your childhood? Well, those pieces were replaced with smaller, less flavorful pieces of meat.

Also, Dinty Moore beef stew used to have equal amounts of potatoes and carrots. But nowadays there are more potatoes than carrots. To make matters worse, the potatoes aren't as textured as they used to be, and the carrots you find won't surprise you.

13. Well yes! Chicken Soup

Campbellthere is a Well yes! Line of soups that are marketed as a healthier alternative to their other soups due to their usereal ingredientsand the elimination of all artificial flavors. Although not all of Well Yes! the soups are badPumpkin Apple Soup is Surprisingly Decent, by the way), yes! Chicken noodle soup is a disgrace to Campbell's good name.

Of course, this soup may not have artificial flavors, but the problem is that they forgot to add flavors, real or artificial. The chicken is minimal and manages to be practically tasteless. Mass at the Well Yes! Chicken noodle soup is a very light egg noodle made with a mixture of quinoa flour and wheat flour.other ingredientsThese include beans that don't taste like anything, runny tomatoes, and round pieces of orange that look like carrots.

Should you buy this soup? Well, no! That would be a waste of money.

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12. Rao's Italian Wedding Soup

Field of Raohighly rated marinara saucethis is just one of the best things you can find anywhere in the world. They have become a trusted brand when you want quality. Rao soups hit shelves for the first timein 2019, it has to be very good, right? Tragically, this is far from the case.

Rao's Italian Wedding Soup consists of beef meatballs, pork meatballs, spinach, carrots, onions, and noodles in chicken broth. They are impeccable ingredients andRao transparent soup cupit makes you look classy and can make your mouth water.

With the first bite you will see the main problem: this soup has too much salt. Technically, one serving of Rao has Italian wedding soup.more than 30 percentthe amount of sodium you should consume per day. Your taste buds will think the percentage is even higher.

Maybe one day this company will learn how to make good soups. In the meantime, stop thinking about buying Rao's Italian Wedding Soup.

11. Wolfgang Puck Chicken Meatball Soup

Ranking Popular Canned Soups From Worst To Best: Puree (6)

While Wolfgang Puck Chicken & Dumplings Soup won't cost you an arm or a leg, this soup is definitely more expensive than the competition. Considering the connection with the world famous chef.Wolfgang Puckand the delicious image on the can, your expectations will be high. But willing to remain dissatisfied.

While Wolfgang Puck Chicken & Dumplings soup isn't bad, it's painfully average. The chicken in this soup is stringy and not of the expected quality. Also the amount of potatoes in the soup is disappointing; It is obvious that the potatoes are used as a filling. The few "dumplings" you find in the soup are actually just lumps of slimy dough.

The general taste is also watery. You will need to spice things up with your own seasonings to enjoy this soup. Wolfgang Puck has many good soups, but this is definitely not one of them.

10. Amy's Organic Lentil Soup

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Lentil soup is something you might think can only be delicious if you make it from scratch in your own kitchen. While there are plenty of horrible lentil soups on the market that try too hard and add too many unnecessary flavors, Amy's Organic Lentil Soup is a go-to option and consistently performs above average. There are better soups out there, but this one is perfect for a cold day when you just want to stay inside and relax while a hot soup gently warms you up.

In addition to lentils, Amy's Organic Lentil Soup contains celery, onion, carrot, and potato.all these ingredientsthey are organic and the soup is free of gluten, soy and lactose. If you are vegan or vegan this soup should be in your kitchen cupboard.

If you're looking for a spicy soup, you've come to the wrong can. While there are a lot of seasonings involved, they add depth to the overall flavor of the soup rather than any kind of seasoning.

9. Healthy Choice Chicken Rice

Choose Healthy Chicken with Rice does a lot of things right. First of all, it is probably the healthiest soup on this list, as the name suggests. A 15-ounce can hasnur 220 kcaland four grams of fat. It is also relatively low in carbs and sodium, while being high in protein. You don't have to feel guilty about eating even two cans of this soup.

Second, Healthy Choice has very good vegetables. The celery and carrot are tender, but not melt-in-your-mouth soft, and bursting with flavor in every bite. And finally, the broth of this soup is very good. If there is any left in your bowl, feel free to drink it right away.

The downside to the healthy chicken rice choice is the chicken. While there is a fair amount of chicken, both the flavor and texture are disappointing.

8. Progressive Southwestern Black Bean and Vegetable Soup

Buying black bean and vegetable soup Southwestern Progresso style at the local market is a bit of a risk. At the end of the day, you can be perfectly happy with your decision... or you can regret it. The reason for this is that once you open a can of this soup, you never know what you are going to find.

If it's hot, Progressive Southwestern Black Bean and Vegetable Soupis loaded with red peppers, peppers, corn, tomatoes and cilantro. All these vegetables are mixed with the chicken broth and black beans to create a winner. Add a dollop of sour cream and you're in soup heaven.

Unfortunately, there is another scenario that can happen. Sometimes when you open this Progresso soup, the vegetables are in short supply. Instead of being a commendable soup, it basically becomes a bowl of black beans in broth. When that happens, it's really heartbreaking.

7. Heinz Creme Tomato Soup

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era Heinzmanufactures ketchup since 1876and your ketchup is from afarAmerica's Most Popular Ketchup. With over 140 years of experience, we know this company knows tomatoes. Because of this, it's no surprise that Heinz Tomato Cream Soup is both very good and very underrated.

When you think of tomato soup, you probably don't think of Heinz, but that should change. While it's different from the tomato soup you're used to, it's very popular in Europe, especially the UK. Give it a try and you may never go back to traditional American tomato soup. By comparison, this soup from Heinz has a richer, more real tomato flavor.

Finding Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup in the United States can be a daunting task. But you'll find the effort was worth it, and Heinz won't just be your ketchup after all. He'll also turn to Heinz for tomato soup.

6. Carne Vegetal Campbell's

Carne Vegetal Campbell´sIt has a classic flavor that hasn't changed a bit over the years. While the meat comes in small pieces in this soup, the chunks are hearty and flavorful enough to make up for it. To add even more meaty flavor to this soup, Campbell's Beef Broth is incredibly flavorful.

Vegetables are also abundant. Find green beans, carrots, snap peas, celery and more at Campbell's Vegetable Meat. Since all the vegetables have been bathed in the meat broth, they taste especially delicious.

The only thing that will slow you down in this soup is the sodium. Drinking a can of this can be challenging as you eventually get tired of the salty taste. You won't be surprised to learn that one can of Campbell's Plant-Based Beef provides nearly an entire day's recommended sodium intake. It is best to plan to eat no more than half a can at a time.

5. Bar Harbor Clam Chowder

If you have a love affair with New England style clam chowder, especially clam chowder made in Maine, you will love this chowder. Bar Harbor's clam chowder tastes so good you'll think you're in an expensive restaurant.

Bar Harbor is a corporationMaine-based, so there's a good reason this clam chowder is so authentic. It tastes homemade and is perfect to eat on its own or to add to your favorite seafood recipe. There are potatoes in this soup, but not an overwhelming amount that will spoil the flavor.

However, it should be noted that Bar Harbor clam chowder is chunkless. It has a lot of flavor, but you won't find chunks of clams or lobster. If this is how you like your soup, you'll need to look elsewhere or go the extra step to add your own seafood.

4. Advanced Minestrone

The Progresso Minestrone is the best Progresso soup you can find, hands down. They always used the same recipe and the quality of the soup has not deteriorated at all over the years. If anything, it has only gotten better over the years.

When you open a can, your attention goes first to the penne pasta. Progresso puts a generous amount in each tin and each batter has the perfect texture. There are also a number of beans and chickpeas that will catch your eye.

The real star of the show, however, is thegreat variety of vegetables. Progress Minestrone has celery, carrots, green beans, spinach, peas, and potatoes. The base of this soup is tomato paste, which enhances the flavor of the vegetables.

While many soups leave you wanting more, you'll be surprised that Minestrone Progress can pack so much goodness into one humble can.

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3. Amy's Thai Coconut Soup

While coconut soup hasn't been discussed much in America, Amy is on her way to change that thanks to Amy's Thai Coconut Soup. This is so good you'll use your fingers to scrape every last drop out of the bowl and into your mouth.

In Thailand,Tom Kha GaiIt is a very popular soup, especially in the north of the country. It's basically coconut chicken soup. The vegetarian version of this soup is called Tom Kha Phak, and that's what inspired Amy's Thai Coconut Soup. actually she says"tom kha phak" na lata.

In addition to the pleasantly sweet coconut milk, this soup also contains carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, onions, mushrooms, garlic, tofu, and many other natural, vegan, and plant-based ingredients. Even if you have timid taste buds that don't like a good adventure, this coconut soup is so delicious it's worth taking a chance and trying it out.

2. Wolfgang Puck Tomato Basil Bisque

While their aforementioned Chicken Meatball Soup was a disappointment, Wolfgang Puck's Wolfgang Puck Tomato Basil Bisque more than makes up for it. This goodness lives up to the hype and is worth every penny of the asking price.

Wolfgang Puck Tomato Basil Bisque is not your average tomato soup. Contains real pieces of organic tomato to make it healthier. It also has a distinctive flavor of sweet basil and cream that perfectly balances all of the competing flavors. if you have anyfresh creamsObviously this is a great addition to this soup. A bullet on top really works.

There are many good Wolfgang Puck soups you can buy at the store, but this one is amazing. You wouldn't think tomato soup could be this exciting, but all you need is one can to convince you.

1. Campbell's Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

Campbell's has a history thatdated 1869. Even though they have had a lot of competition in the last 150 years, they can still lead when it comes to having the best canned soup you can buy.Campbell's Classic Chicken Noodle Soupit deserves to be at the top of this list because it contains the tastiest chicken pieces you can find in any soup, egg noodles that can brighten even your dullest of days, and a broth you'll happily sip through a straw all day.

If you want even more chicken in your soup,Campbell's Classic Chunky Chicken Noodle Soupis the solution to your needs.

Whichever variety you choose, these Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soups set the standard for canned soups.

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