Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (2023)

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (1)

You're probably here because you're looking for ways to reduce your own carbon footprint.Avoiding food wasteIt's a great way to do this, but is the lomi composter the best way to do it? Well, that depends.

NOYou have to buy Lomidepends on your living situation, your personal wishes/needs and your current composting solutions. In this article, we will discuss why lomi is worth it and when it isn't. In the end you will know whether to buy lomi for yourself or not.

Here's everything we cover, but feel free to jump to the section you're looking for:

  • What is Lomi?
  • Lomi, who should: 11 reasons why you need one
  • How does Lomi compare to its competitors?
  • So is Lomi really worth it?

Before we get into the details of when to buy lomi, let's start with what lomi really is and isn't.

What is Lomi?

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (2)

Lomi is aelectric composterthat can turn leftover food into dirt in less than a full day. Lomi achieves this by heating, aerating, and mixing his organic waste, which accelerates the material's decomposition. Electric composters are not a replacement for backyard composting, but they are a fantastic alternative to landfill.

What Lomi can do

What Lomi can't do

  • Compost your leftovers in less than 24 hours if you don't have the time or space for traditional composting
  • Compost approved bioplastics that couldn't be composted in a garden pile
  • Provide a more sustainable solution to your food waste than sending it to landfill
  • Supply your plants with nutrient-rich soil every day
  • Provide a safe and easy way to reduce food waste
  • Act as a substitute for traditional composting methods.
  • Offers a better net carbon footprint than backyard composting
  • Compost the same amount of organic waste as a garden compost heap

Now that we have a good idea of ​​what exactly lomi can do and understand that it's not just a replacement for traditional composting, we can discuss why lomi would be the best choice for you.

Who Should Buy Lomi: 11 Reasons Why You Need One

If traditional composting methods are the most eco-friendly option for dealing with food waste, then why bother with lomi? In fact, there are a few reasons you may not be able or want to compost the traditional way. In these cases, Lomi is a great way to reduce your environmental impact.

1. You don't like dealing with the smell of organic waste

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (3)

When composting is done well, it emits awonderful earthy smell. But getting it perfect every time isn't going to happen, especially for a beginner. If something is wrong, this smell can become acidic very quickly.

That's not a big deal when you're composting outdoors, but it's awkward when you're composting indoors, to say the least. Think of spoiled food, ammonia or even poop odors permeating your entire home. If you can't handle it, we won't blame you. Lomi offers an odorless way to compost indoors, so you don't have to worry about bad smells.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You love the smell of leftover food and junk in your house!

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2. You don't have time to compost.

Traditional composting takes time, both actively and passively. You'll spend time sorting kitchen scraps, shredding a stack of paper or leaves, layering compost and turning it over every once in a while. Depending on your composting method, it will take timeone month to over a yearto get to the finished product. That's a long time.

We're all busy people, and some of us just don't have the time to maintain a successful compost pile every week. Some of us have gardens that can't wait to get the necessary nutrients from the compost for a year.

IsThe Lomi food composter takes all the time out of composting. All you have to do is make sure the leftovers aren't too big and then press a button. So you wait less than a day for the nutrient-rich soil to feed your plants.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You have time to maintain a traditional compost bin and you can wait until the composting process is complete.

3. Would you like to teach your children ecological habits?

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (4)

Children are information sponges and with the right tools you can teach them almost anything! We all know that it's important to teach them good habits early in life. So it's a fantastic idea to show your kids the composting process.

However, with the slow process of traditional composting, it can be difficult to demonstrate the entire process in an easy-to-understand way. Instead, you can use Lomi as a teaching tool to show you the early stages of the composting process in a single day. With Lomi, you can then develop a daily composting habit with your kids.

you can also lookit is videoto see an example of how Lomi can be used in an educational setting.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You don't have children, or if you do have children, you don't want to teach them ecological habits!

4. You want an easy-to-use composting solution

Even if you have the time and knowledge to compost the traditional way, it still takes time and effort. After working all day, taking care of the kids, and taking care of yourself, you might not have the energy to compost.

With the Lomi Compost Machine you don't have to bother. Simply fill the lomi with your kitchen scraps, put the lid on and press a button.

Do not buy Lomi yes:Do you have the energy for traditional composting or do you have someone to share the work with?

5. You want an unlimited supply of nutrient-rich soil for your plants.

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (5)

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One of the best things aboutLomi is how fast you can decompose organic waste. Because the longest cycle lasts less than a full day, you get a constant, unlimited supply of nutrient-rich dirt. This is absolutely fantastic if you have indoor plants, outdoor plants or aGarden that could use these nutrients.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You or your loved ones don't have many plants that can really make regular use of this nutrient-rich soil.

6. You do not have access to an outside area

A traditional backyard compost bin really is the best way to let Mother Nature do her job and turn all your organic waste into enriching soil food. Unfortunately, the basic requirement for this is a backyard to work in. Anyone who lives in an apartment, and most people who live in the city, just don't have enough space in the backyard for compost.

If you can't compost outdoors, you can compost indoors or send your waste to a landfill. Indoor composting presents more challenges than outdoor composting, so Lomi makes indoor composting a much more affordable option.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You have easy access to the year-round outdoor area. It's really better if you can use that space for standard composting methods.

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (6)



Lomi enables you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in less than 24 hours. Improve your plants and reduce waste.

7. Your current solution for kitchen waste is to send it to landfill.

Today, many cities are asking their residents to separate their compostable waste from their recyclables and other waste. The compostable materials that go into the green bin go to the industrial sites where they are composted for use by local farmers, right? In many cases yes, but they still existTons of organic waste going to landfill.

If the green bin is currently your only solution to food waste, Lomi is absolutely a step in the right direction. It will be a quick, easy and no-fuss way to reduce the negative environmental impact of food waste.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You already have other composting solutions that work for you, whether you compost yourself or take your kitchen scraps to a community garden.

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8. Worms cause nausea.

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (7)

When you have an outdoor compost pile, all sorts of beneficial insects come in there. Worms are particularly useful for breaking down organic waste. If you don't like bugs, or especially earthworms, you might have thoughtindoor compostingit was the solution. You may not have realized that vermicomposting is still one of the most efficient forms of indoor composting. If you can't stand the idea of ​​having worms in your house or having to sift them to get your compost, Lomi could be a great option for you.

Do not buy Lomi yes:Worms don't bother him. Vermicomposting is a quick and effective method of indoor composting and will be more environmentally friendly than lomi.

9. You want to avoid rodents or pests in and around your home

As we mentioned earlier, compost can end up smelling really bad. If you have an outdoor compost pile, this isn't necessarily a problem. However, problems can arise when these unpleasant odors attract rodents and other unwanted pests into your home. Even if it stops smelling, getting rid of these pests once they're there can be a test in itself.

With Lomi, you don't have to worry about attracting pests. The filter and quick cycles that Lomi uses prevent odors from escaping and causing problems.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You don't have to worry about rodents or other pests. For example, you might have another solution that keeps your compost from smelling.

10. Are you looking for an easy way to compost bioplastics?

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (8)

While bioplastics are technically compostable, they cannot be composted using traditional methods. They need an environment that industrial composting systems can provide that we can't replicate in a home compost pile.

Although,Lomi can really break down your bioplastics. So if you generate a decent amount of bioplastics at home that you want to compost, getting a Lomi would be the perfect solution.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You don't have or get many bioplastics to compost at home.

11. You want to support a company that takes sustainability seriously

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (9)

Businesses have a much greater impact on the environment than individual households. Against this background, it is more important than ever to support companies that recognize this fact and do everything possible to minimize their own carbon footprint.

and for,Sustainability is everything, and that's why they worked so hard to become oneclimate neutral company. Pela's biggest dream is a zero-waste future, and the company is currently working to remove 1 billion pounds of plastic from the waste stream by 2028.prevents over 587,000 pounds of plastic from entering the waste stream, are on the way to make this dream come true.

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If supporting companies like Pela is important to you, that's also a good reason to hire Lomi.

Do not buy Lomi yes:You cannot afford to support sustainable businesses or you already support local green businesses and organizations. If you can afford it, we also encourage you to donate to local environmental organizations.

How does Lomi compare to its competitors?

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (10)

Lomi is the latest ecological product developed byFor the.Pela's mission is to help themselves and others make a positive impact on the environment. You created Lomi for this very purpose, so you can turn greenhouse gas producing waste into something productive for the future of the earth.

Lomi is not the only electric composter on the market, but definitely the best choice when it comes to efficiency and sustainability. Here are four ways Lomi stands out from its competitors:

  1. Lomi comes to your home with Neutral Climate certification:Pela has aligned its production and distribution methods to reduce environmental impact wherever possible. Where this is not possible, they buy verified carbon credits to offset any remaining carbon emissions. Your Lomi home composter iscompletely climate neutralwhen it arrives at your door.
  2. Lomi uses less energy than conventional cookware:On average, your oven uses 2.3 kWh per hour of operation, and the shortest rinse cycle uses at least 1.0 kWh. In comparisonLomi is remarkably energy efficient, with only 1.0 kWh for the longest cycle (20 hours).
  3. Lomi talks about approved bioplastics:Lomi is unique in itsCompostability of bioplastics, which is also not possible with conventional composting.
  4. You can choose between 3 different cycles:Lomi offers three different cycles depending on how you want to use it, allowing you to customize how much energy you want to use. One of the cycles even has an energy saving mode. So if you don't intend to use the finished product in your facilities, you can break down food waste quickly and efficiently.

this is lomiin realityIt is worth it?

Should you buy Lomi? 11 things to consider before buying (11)

Lomi work? When that happens. And Lomi is totally worth it for the right people in the right situations. As we have mentioned several times here, nothing beats traditional backyard composting. But where that's not a practical option, Lomi is a fantastic alternative. Don't take our word for it, see some of the comments below orCheck out Lomi's review page!

The main benefit of Lomi is reducing the mess and odor of our food and dish waste.

- Mary Jane D.

It's worth the wait. Use for a month. Very impressive. We were looking for a condo composting solution (I have a large rooftop deck with lots of trees and plants so I have a use for it, plus the green bin in our condos is horribly gross). The end product is truly amazing. It usually ends up smelling faintly of onion soup mix.

- Maureen R.

Two teenagers constantly eating kids is no joke when it comes to food waste let me tell you. Admittedly, as kids get older, food waste drives me nuts. As a family, we absolutely loved turning our household food waste and anything compostable at the end of our days into literal SOLO with this (really) AMAZING machine designed by some smart pioneers.

- JaclynR.

(Video) Lomi Electronic Composter Honest Review | Is it worth it?

If you're convinced that lomi is your best option, great! you can easily findLomi is available online today. If you are able to compost traditionally and prefer it, that's wonderful too! There are many resources on our blog forhelp you start (or continue) your composting journey.. Whatever you decide, we are happy to help you on your way to sustainability.

Written by: Serena Simpson


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