Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (2023)

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Reviews by Juneau2058
Skagway1550 reviews
Ketchikan1450 reviews

Heart of Alaska

Ice Road 260 reviews
Victoria140 reviews


Whale Watching Tours 890 members
Vancouver 252 reviews
Sitka143 reviews
Seattle62 reviews
Haines39 reviews
San Francisco21 reviews

Wardowa Bay


Alaska is one of the most fascinating places on earth.

Alaska, the largest state in the United States, is home to 17 of North America's 20 highest peaks, over 100,000 glaciers, 3 million lakes, 6,640 miles of shoreline, 33,904 miles of shoreline, and over 70 potentially active volcanoes. In addition to being one of the few places to see the Northern Lights, Alaska is home to famous destinations like Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park and Glacier Bay. From the majestic beauty of Alaska to the amazing diversity of wildlife, this is a truly unique place.

Cruising on a cruise ship is just the beginning of your Alaskan vacation. Alaska's sheer grandeur and splendor can only be fully experienced on a tour of Alaska's shores. Whether by air, land, sea or seaplane, exploring the wonders of Alaska Tours and Tours will be an unforgettable experience.

At Shore Excursions Group, we offer a wide variety of unique cruises around Alaska, providing our customers with affordable ways to experience the best of Alaska. We've even made it easy for you to design an itinerary for an Alaskan shore excursion by making choicesMultiport-PaketeThis includes three of our most popular tours at a reduced price.

We offer three different types of Alaskan vacation packages - Value, Active and Adventure - to suit your personal travel style. Or you can create your own itinerary by choosing custom Alaska tours and cruises for each port you visit based on your interests and budget.

Get inspired by Alaska sightseeing cruises


Swim in the spectacular, glacier-strewn Lake Mendenhall on one of our Juneau excursions, crossing the world-famous 2.5-mile-wide lakeMendenhall GlacierOr experience a whale-watching cruise and see a humpback whale up close. Other tours of the Juneau coast include a city tour or a gold panning adventure where you can relive Juneau Gold Rush history by panning for gold, then enjoy a delicious roast salmon at Salmon Creek.


Ketchikan spectacularMisty Fjords luftturIt is a must-see experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Misty Fjords National Monument encompasses 2.3 million acres of pristine wilderness that is a must-see by seaplane. This is the only way to truly admire its majesty – high cliffs, sawtooth ridges covered with characteristic mist, blue lakes, endless waterfalls, icy saltwater fjords and miles of glacier-carved canyons. Inside oursSaxman native villageand Ketchikan City, visit the world's largest collection of totem poles and hear the legends and stories about how and why they were made.


In Skagway oursHelicopter Dog Sledding AdventureThe day trip begins with a helicopter ride to the Glacier Sled Dog Camp, where you'll share this adventure with 80 Alaskan Huskies, hear unique personal accounts of the Iditarod and backcountry experiences, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Feel the excitement when the team is connected and then go for it! We also offer many cross-Alaska tours to the Yukon Territory from Skagway, including horseback riding and dog sledding. Or enjoy an exciting rafting trip down the Chilkat River across the famous riverChilkat Bald Eagle Reserve, the world's largest concentration of bald eagles in North America.


For our active customers, we offer a variety of hiking, biking, kayaking and zip-off cruises from most of our Alaskan ports. For our fishing enthusiasts we have many options including salmon fishing, halibut fishing, boat fishing, skiff fishing, fly fishing or spin fishing. Our fishing trips operate in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka.


For our fishing enthusiasts we have many options including salmon fishing, halibut fishing, boat fishing, skiff fishing, fly fishing or spin fishing. Our fishing trips operate in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka.

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Alaska isn't the only travel destination in the Eastern Pacific. If you are looking for a warmer adventure, aHawaii KystudflugtIt could just be a ticket

Alaska Shore Tours, Cruises and Excursions

Wildlife and Outdoor Tours:

  • Walbeobachtungstour in Alaska

Domestic and city tours:

  • Heart of Alaska

Excursions along the coast:

  • Astoria

Active/outdoor tours:

  • Haines
  • Icy Road

Various excursion offers:

  • Juneau
  • Ketchikan
  • Sitka
  • Skagway

Advantage and multiport packages:

  • Multi-Port-Alaska-Pakete

City tours through the west coast port:

  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Vancouver
  • Victoria

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (33)

Tour of the city of Juneau and the Mendenhall Glacier.

February 16, 2023

This was an excellent tour, small group with a very engaging and knowledgeable driver. He showed us around Juneau with a few photo stops and we had plenty of free time to hike the glacier!

Reporter: Joyce Hogendoorn

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (34)


February 10, 2023

I loved the exterior, it was exciting. COMFORTABLE.


Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (35)

I'm so glad we did!

February 4, 2023

This trip really exceeded my expectations! We arrived in the afternoon of September 2022 and easily found the meeting point down the hall. We waited about 25 minutes before we all got on the bus. The marina was about 20 minutes away and our bus driver was informative and fun along the way. The boat was quite big and they said it was brand new and it looked like it too! It was very cozy and warm and there was plenty of room to spread out. We saw at least a dozen humpback whales, mostly tail/back divers! The guides were very knowledgeable and gave us a great tour. One of them had a folder with information about the whales we had seen and was able to tell us their names and migration patterns which was really cool. For the best experience, be sure to bring binoculars and dress warmly as it's quite chilly out on the water. On the way back we stopped on the main road near the river and snapped a photo with the Mendenhall Glacier in the distance which was an added bonus.

Latest: Kelly West

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (36)


28 January 2023

Save on computer

Seneste: Pam Schulz

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (37)

View of the glacier - sea kayak

19 January 2023

Excellent trip. We saw eagles and sea creatures and it wasn't as cold as I expected. The hot chocolate at the end was lovely.

Most recently: Lisa Godfrey

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (38)

Juneau and Mendehall Glacier Tour

14 January 2023

We really enjoyed the trip. Check in was easy on foot and the driver was very attentive and gave us lots of information about the bus transport and gave us plenty of time to explore the glacier!

Reporter: Joyce Hogendoorn

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (39)

Whale Watching near Juneau

1 January 2023

I originally booked a tour for a small group of 20 people (we had 11 in our group) but it got cancelled. This tour was supposed to hold up to 40 people, but we were the only ones! All were great! Our bus driver chatted as we drove, pointed out the highlights and stopped twice for photos - at Mendenhall Glacier and the Bronze Whale Fountain. The boat was wonderful - a very fast jet powered boat. The captain and naturalist gave us so much information! We saw dozens of white-tailed eagles fishing. And there were whales - two at a time. For over 45 minutes we watched the whales break, dive, roll and flirt with us. On the way back we saw a lot of killer whales! While I'm sure wildlife tours are unpredictable, we were fortunate to see so much.

Latest: Eva McGuigan

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (40)

Great adventure

December 9, 2022

We enjoyed our little trip to the Yukon and the dog camp. Grøden gave a brief overview of the races she participates in, we took a short walk with a small team of dogs and then saw the puppies waiting to go home. The Emerald Lake was the highlight for me - it was a beautiful mountain lake!

Latest: Deborah S

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (41)

Knowledgeable and interesting

30 Listeopada 2022 r

Mark has great food and a great experience in San Francisco. On his trip he visited some great restaurants and was able to impart knowledge about the owners, the cuisine and the cultures that influenced the menus. In addition, he showed us some of the murals in the Mission District and their history. I highly recommend this tour.

Reviewer: William Gohlke

Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (42)


25 Listeopada 2022 r

It was a great experience and I enjoyed it


Top 10 Coastal Alaskan Tours, Tours & Cruises (43)


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